Friday, January 9, 2009

I love running, but still .....

I don't talk about it all the time, like Damm is starting too. I am thrilled that he's turning into a runner. Once I'm baby-free we can run together. Until then I'm pretty much concentrating on not throwing up when I'm able to make it out the door. The morning sickness is better, but it's still there. I tried to take a prenatal vitaming last night and threw up everything I had eaten that evening. I'm more energetic than I was but I still spend quite a bit of time lying down. Going to work absolutely depletes me. My daughter thinks I'm completely boring because I never seem to have enough energy to play with her like grandma does. It'll pass, though. I know it will.

Happy news: I finally made lvl 77. I can fly! Totally makes the game funner. I also owe my bro-in-law Moon a huge thanks as he got Wulfa the Merrymaker title, the only one that I really really wanted to have. I was too sick to do it though. Happy days :D Still not making it on much but as I'm feeling better I'm making more of an effort: I totally miss everyone and it makes my evening/day to chat with all my guildies.

I really didn't have much to say. I just wanted something purple posted.



Running shoes not steel toed work boots.
Running pants not blue jeans with full pockets.

Today's run = 1m 11:38 2m total: 25:16.

Freakin pumped.

Turns out that I may have drill tomorrow after all. NMSU requires me to have a document signed by my commanding officer saying I'm in the military for them to give me and wulfa instate tuition. I've been told I can't go out to my unit until I've be granted drill status. They can't grant me drill status until I'm in the drill-status-system. So since I need the document by Monday.... the RSP Sargent is working on it, and I may have drill tomorrow. To bad my times are still very very sucky. Freakin awesome that they are about 3 min faster than my original times.

Shower time now. Adios.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ID cards

I now am the proud owner of the ugliest photo of me ever. PFC Dammerung couldn't decide if he was going to smile or make the serious face. So now he looks like he's got something wrong in his gut.

Today's Run = 1m 12:51 2m total: 27:24 Very glad to see the overall time down to my lowest yet.

School doesn't disburse loans until monday. So no new apartment until then. Boo.

Shroomage needs to talk to Wulfa about her address next time she see's Wulfa on. Wulfa can explain.

School starts Jan 14th. Have I said that already? Prolly not. Anyways we're starting to get -really- excited. Next week we have all sorts of crazy things to get done.

I'm not in the military's arcane matrix yet so no drill this weekend. My first one should be next month. Not like its a real drill until basic... but still.

Oh...and looks like the Army is going to dress blues. The pictures I saw looks fairly nice.

Well, I think thats everything for today. Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and New Years. Hope Babybarr isn't sick anymore.

Oh almost forgot... tomorrow is the College Football National Championship... ie: most important football game of the year. Who are you cheering for?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Only a mile

Ran only one mile this time. Wind burn all over my face. Ick. Should have run 2 but had to take a bathroom break at the one mile mark and didn't feel like going back out into the windy cold after that.

Time 12:54 using the 1min/2min cycle. I think if I hadn't been sick allday yesterday I would have been back to 12 min.

Anyways. That is all.