Friday, January 9, 2009



Running shoes not steel toed work boots.
Running pants not blue jeans with full pockets.

Today's run = 1m 11:38 2m total: 25:16.

Freakin pumped.

Turns out that I may have drill tomorrow after all. NMSU requires me to have a document signed by my commanding officer saying I'm in the military for them to give me and wulfa instate tuition. I've been told I can't go out to my unit until I've be granted drill status. They can't grant me drill status until I'm in the drill-status-system. So since I need the document by Monday.... the RSP Sargent is working on it, and I may have drill tomorrow. To bad my times are still very very sucky. Freakin awesome that they are about 3 min faster than my original times.

Shower time now. Adios.


Squirrelz said...

Congrats and good luck getting that tuition worked out.

Nighthawque said...

Grats on the shoes, it should be much better now with the proper footwear. The only time I run in boots is when I am being actively shot at (or mortared). Keep up the good work!