Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some things.

Druid solo is more fun then I expected so far. I'm still a little put off by the slowness that is bear killing speed but cat should fix that.

I'm disapointed in how this week went exercise wise. I didn't walk almost at all and I didn't lift weights. However I'm still on track to have lost half a pound if I don't do anything tomorrow to suddenly up my average. In the past 4 weeks my average weight for the week has been as follows: 197.2857143 196.8857143 196.2571429 195.8666667(this week).

This weight is in pounds. We weigh ourselves every morning monday-sunday and calculate the average. My original goal was to lose a pound a week. I'm not hitting that. But I am losing almost exactly half a pound a week.

Now I don't really care about my weight. I'm not an athletic person...I'd rather be thin and bellyless sure but I've never been too motivated to change anything. However keeping up with it on a constant basis has been a huge help. By keeping it on my mind I treat it like a minigame and can use the goal as a motivater for not eating that bite size snickersbar my coworker keeps offering.

Ultimately I'd like to see my weight hit 180. This is where I was during college. When I met Wulfa I was 185 and holding steady but shortly after we got married I jumped to 195 and then after Orclette was born I wavered between 200 and 205. Right about the 190 range my belly starts showing up. Bleh.

So I started walking more....but now its getting 'warm' and I nolonger have people willing to walk with me. I probably need to start walking alone but I haven't quite crossed the threshold of desire for exercise vs dislike of doingthings solo.

The panda movie led to this:
Wandering Moose Style: The unstoppable force. Slow, but amazingly powerful this style focuses on determination and will.
Racoon Water Style. Curious and adaptive. This style starts off with light investigative attacks that lead an opponent into the inevitable trap.
Sand Lizard Style. Slow but wearing. This style does not result in flashy damaging moves but wears an opponent down with strikes that poison the will to resist.
Pine Martyr Style. A curious development from Southwestern Mountain schools this style accepts blow after punishing blow, like a forest filling up with deadwood.....then the student unleashes a hurricane of a forest exploading into flame after a long lack there of.
Roaring Grizzly Style. Offense with little defense. This style attacks in a rage, landing punishing blow after punishing blow.
River Moccassin Style. Silent with a flash of light. Students of this style hang back studying their opponent, then they dive in with a single blow to strike at weakness.

To all my friends on Drenden. I haven't forgotton you. I was not on for very long 1hr or so on thursday and the last two days have been my new druid. I'll be back on my shaman soon.

The offical verdict -at this time- is that my Druid is my new main for Kael'thas.... I won't be playing any other toons over there and no more bloody alts.

My shaman is still my only toon on Drenden.

And pox is still on wednesdays. So I've got 5 days to split between my Druid and my shaman(I don't play sundays due to RL things). And as my Shaman is more fun when he has blue xp I will likely only play him one day a week(Tuesday or Monday) to take advantage of the blue. The rest of the time I'll be trying to get my druid past the deadzone(30-50).

Well thats it....I'm still wired but I should be able to fall asleep now.

Friday, June 6, 2008

An Update of a Cluttered Mind.

So many projects so little time.

My little hunter now has 249 agi unbuffed and the survival instant cast sleep. I love that spell, 12 seconds of lemme alone followed by a nice 300 poison.

My Earthen Triad Shaman is 61 and is rocking the house.

My level 20 Sidhe Devils Shaman is level 20 and driving me batty. She's getting parked.

My Pox Arcanum Druid is level 28 and starting to be awesome. Awesome. Just Awesome. The FPS change of actually getting a video card(Radeon 9200 128mb) has been huge.

My level 8? 9? Sidhe Devils Mage for pvp purposes is stalled. Just not enough time to play her.

My level 40? 42? Orc Warlock is on a pvp server and looks UGLY.

Most of my projects are me trying to find a toon I -like- playing on alliance side. The hunter levels crazy fast and kills things but fights are 90% autoshot for me because even with just auto shot I can pull hate right off my cat. I crit a seems like way more than 20% and my crits cause my damage to go from 80ish to 200ish.

The SD shaman was inspired by my post a few weeks ago about wanting to be 'told' what to play. Well it turns out that I dislike leveling shaman. I keep wanting my lightning bolts to slow mobs or hold mobs and I want an AOE lightning cast that traps mobs for a few seconds so I can run away and blast again.....basicly I want my Ele shaman to play like an ice mage. I want my Enh shaman to play like a rogue and I want my Resto shaman to automatically be level 70.(on alliance side... I -like- my Orc Shaman). So she's getting parked for a bit while I try something else.

BBB's post about his newest project made me want to rip my warlock out of retirement but he's horde and pvp. And I'm wanting something alliance. So far on alliance side I've crossed off hunter, warrior, paladin, shaman. My level magelet I might try tonight. Or a rogue. A nice combat rogue.

But *right now* what I'm most tempted and scared of trying is a druid. You see the only druid I ever played past 12 is Trif my pox druid. Now I -love- trif....because he's a fun tank. But I'm not sure I'd love druid solo. And I'd be tempted to do something silly and level resto...leveling as the wrong spec makes sadness. But maybe I could dual druid with wulfa once she gets her hunter to 70 and all.

Silly me.

Me and wulfa have this conversation (with the character names rotated) on a daily basis. She smiles and nods and doesn't believe a word I say. Her reason is: "You are just going to change your mind". My thought is well.... but my comments are true at the time. *Right now* I'd rather not ever play my alliance shaman ever again. *Right now* I think my hunter is boring. *Right now* I'm incredibly tempted by druid and warlock(druid mostly).

Who knows.

The only consistant toon I have ever done was my Orc Shaman. And he only leveled because I was under very strict orders not to play -anything- else. I may need to do this again. Unfortunately I cannot drop down to -just- one toon. Pox needs their tank, and I'm enjoying both ET and SD. Still I think I should clear off my alts on Kael'thas and pick a class and give Wulfa directives to not let me level -anything- else on that server, or else.

TJ has awesome stickers. But no headband. And I have a THEORY. You see several major interweb spiders are trying out this new thing where they slow down major interweb flies right? So they saw the TJ fly and said AHA yer getting a little big for your britches so BOOM yer gonna be slow. But the CIA also saw that she was ordering ANBU masks and ninja toys and said "OH NOES" she's setting up a secret ANBU ninja clan we need to slap her down! So they forced the INTERWEB spiders to slow down not just her BUT ALSO ALL OF HER ORDERS!. So her stickers took 6 months and her headbands -still- haven't come even though they are "being processed". Whose fault is this? This is your fault interweb. With out all you readers making her into a BIG fly she would be a starving little small fly and wouldn't be under the Spider CIA investigation for being a Ninja ANBU fly.

Sad how the real world works isn't it.

Well thats all for today folks.


So last night was possibly one of the funnest nights I've ever had in WOW. Let me 'splain.

Logged on to do my auctions. Turns out Nas and Squirrelz were about to run Ishi the Squishie through the Underbog and asked if I wanted to come along. I asked Dammy with pleading eyes and he very graciously agreed to put Orclette to bed (this is still not an enviable job as she usually does not think sleep is a good thing). So we go through, Rysteranch providing additional DPS, and everything was downed pretty quickly. But I'm sure everyone here knows far more about all the instances in the game than I do. I just don't pay attention to that stuff. It's not what makes the game interesting. I like the people. And the peeps were fun. Although I've never partied with Squirrelz, Nas, and Dax before so I felt like I was in an interview (this being The Thing That Scares Me Most) the entire time-not their fault, you understand, it just is what it is. So I spent most of the time doing exactly what Rysteranch was doing, and since he's the greatest hunter of all time, that means I was too =)
After Coilfang (correct name? I hope so ...) Squirrelz and Nas took us through the Slave Pens. They're pretty quiet. Very serious. We were there to kick butt and take names. Although Nas demonstrated a Boomkin dancing, which I had never seen before. Very. Very Scary. And Squirrelz dancing was just a funny sight ...... Eustace joined us halfway through and everything was taken down easy-peasy. Ishi and I each got some nice upgrades, completed a few quests, and we're out of there.

So then Eustace asks if I have any quests I need help with. There were, in point of fact, several that said "group". The time was then 10 p.m., when I usually sign off and fall exhausted into bed. But I had a 70 wanting to help, so I asked for more coffee and went to it.
Eustace's partying style seemed to mesh perfectly with mine (i.e. I hate taking the lead and prefer to follow and shoot-which is why I like hunter so much =) and several quests got done right quick. Then we decided to take on Gurlok, or something like that. Can't remember the dudes name in Nagrand. Got the skulls necessary to summon him, I did the honors, and he stomped me for half my health. Feigned death, Eustace took aggro, and the next thing I saw was him flying through the air. I was stomped soon after that and we end up in the graveyard. Go back to collect our bodies because we didn't want a HUGE repair bill, turns out the Ugly was still there. A bit more prepared this time we managed to down him (ha! take that!). 4 quests completed that I was thinkin' I'd have to wait to complete. Not bad at all. But it was 11 p.m., and my brain was starting the shut-down process. And I don't think it's started again.

And I left a part out of my story. When your GM tells you in advance that he'd like to run you through an instance it might be a good thing to know which instance you'd like to do. It's not like this is hard work on my part-Dammy loves researching that stuff so I let him do it for me. And he told me what I should do, but I forgot the name already. I'm smart, however, and he wrote it all down for me so I can consult my list and sound like I know what I'm doing =)
Another side not: I need a macro that targets the target of my tank. I was going through a complicated series of clicking on tank's pic, clicking on his target, and sending my pet out. Does having a macro make this more efficient? I really know nothing about macros.

And I'm done, partly because I've run out of stuff to say and partly because Orclette is pulling my pants down and poking things .....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Postful of Pictures

So, a long while back I promised photos of my Orclette and of my awesome Hunter T-shirt. They are finally here.

A view from the front. Isn't it pretty?

And a close-up.

This is what is emblazoned on my butt.

And though I didn't model the t-shirt because I never like photos of me, here is a photo that I love. The dudes holding me are my brothers.

And the grand finale, my Orclette. Isn't she cute?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ahem. I have an announcement.

When I absolutely have to I can make my point very succinctly. But I'm a chatty-kathy and this is my blog so you're going to hear the long, round-about explanation of my announcement.

I've always had a bathroom scale. I like to weigh myself everyday. And when I got married I was around 135 pds. Got pregnant and was paranoid about every pound gained and freaking out that I would never be my regular size again. I needn't have worried since I dropped 30 pounds in the first 2 weeks. But I've not fit into the same size clothing because as you moms out there know the scale might say good things but your butt just doesn't fit into your jeans. So I've been recording my weight again (I stopped during pregnancy because it was just too painful) and the weight has been slowly coming off. Then Dammy decided he wanted to lose a few pounds since he gained the "I just got married" poundage and "my wife is eating for 2 and I am too!" poundage. BTW, he's losing weight faster than me. Mutter. Soooo, the scale says 132 now. It's going to have to drop to 130 because I don't like 132. It's not divisible by 5. And my jeans have been way too loose for a while now, but we've been spending our money on other things and I haven't gotten around to buying a new pair. But today they were really, really bugging me so Orclette and I went shopping. Pre-baby I fit into 10-petite, 8-regular. Today (drum roll):

SIZE 8-PETITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

That just totally makes my day. Not because it means I'm thinner. I'm only losing weight because I run a lot faster when I'm thinner and I want to improve my 1/2 marathon time (Read: kick butt!) and qualify for the Boston (Read: BEAT EVERYBODY INTO OBLIVION). No, I'm psyched because I finally am a size-8 in both petite and regular jeans. The discrepancy was irking. Now everything is symmetrical (yes, I'm slightly OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for those of you who have trouble with acronyms). And there is a tiny part of me that is jumping up and down because I'm thinner than when I got married.

And that was my announcement.


I played my Shaman monday night. I enjoyed myself quite a lot. Dinged 61. We re-arranged our Study and well...everything is much nicer now. I like the way the house is laid out. Orclette likes playing swirl the curtain. She holds the edge and pulls it back and forth while stairup up at the top.

I'm pondering what I want to play tonight. Whether to spend more time on my Horde Shaman or to work on a Sidhe Devils toon. I love the Sidhe Devils but I feel like I have too many alts there and like I cannot keep focused. Two weeks ago I was complaining I was bored with my hunter now I'm wishing I had never made any alts. /sigh.

Not sure.* Partly I was reading BBB's site and pondering what it was I enjoyed about WoW. I came up with a bunch of things.

I like making my characters look cool. If I level and suddenly my new gear makes me look ugly then I either want to speed level past it or stop playing and just wear my old gear. I'm very very vain about how my toons look.

I like read the 'story'. I like wandering around and imagining I'm really over there---->

I like listening to friends. Hearing Ess or Wara or Daxe or Ash or Nas or Sligblaster or Kitz is just fun. If I could lurk during Kara runs I would do so in a heartbeat just to hear voices I know chatting. I used to hang out with these girls that lived next door to me all the time just because I wanted to hear the idle daytime chatter of others.

I like talking to friends. I love it when someone asks something about shaman and I can flood them with my minor knowledge. I love discussing battle grounds with Ess. I love chatting about healing with Fulr while fishing.

I like helping others. I want to hit 70 for this reason most of all. I have in my mind the idea that once I'm 70 I can just sit and ask people "what mats you need?" and go farm them for them. Or help them with quests endlessly.

I am sorta like partying/raiding. As long as the mobs are hard and the chance that we're gonna die is pretty high. The biggest thing I've learned from pox is that when you party with people you know.... well instances in wow are for the most part INSANELY easy. Not sorta easy but... wow this is almost boring kinda easy. And then you pug and want to kill yourself it is so hard. Its amazing that a level 38 pug can wipe in SM but a level 30 5 man can clear the place. Think about it.

What I don't like about raiding/partying is I get bored towards the end. Not sure why, but my attention span has dived in the last few years. Minus farming which is just solitare.

I really really like battlegrounds. Its like halo/CoD but with swords. And time limits(of a sort)[not counting WSG].

Well, thats it. Thats where my WoW cheese is. And even if it goes away I don't think I will be going to AoC or War. More likely I'd just stop playing MMO's. I don't have a comp that can run any of the new MMO's and I would only play them if Wulfa did.**

Well there you have it. I ran out of subject and will now leave this to post on Wednesday mornin.

*If you are asking what it is I'm not sure about.... well I'm not sure.

**I'm not even close to thinking about quitting. I was just thinking about BBB's article and wanted to list out what would happen if my cheese was moved or ran out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I likes her.

Things that are cool.

Warships in space. Space pirates and super-enhanced imperial commandos(aka Ninja).

Magic/Political settings that are based on colors/symbols/houses. Moon/Sun. Black/White. Order/Chaos. House Tannon/House Verces.

Societies fictional or non-fictional where everything you do or say has double/triple meanings and every day actions are bound up in endless ritual.

Lizardfolk. Ratfolk. But not Catfolk or Fishfolk.

Runes. Particularly glowing ones. That are also tattoos. Also, circuits imbedded in skin.

Societies where loyalty to clan/family/leader is the highest virtue. Where the goodguy wins by being loyal in an innovative way.

Stories where everyone involved has a nickname. ie: Strings, Fiddler, Smiles, Bell, Bent, Blend, Hedge, Kindly, Limp, Mallet, etc.

Dots and Hots. Nuff said.

Rocks. Wind and rocks. Dry places. Shaded dry places. Like old mines. In the desert.

On Stretching

Two words: Child's Pose. If you don't know what that is, you should.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Marathon. Of Epic Proportions. In WOW.

The Gist of the Thing.
I completed a marathon session of World of Warcrafting and got Wulfa from being barely lvl 63 with no rested xp to lvl 64 all in one day.

A Disclaimer.
I am not a gamer. I have never done all-nighters buoyed by cases of Dr. Pepper and Doritos, like my hubby and his brothers. 2 hours is pretty much my limit unless I'm partying. So even if you saw what I called a "marathon" and scoffed because you do that everyday, to me it was still a HUGE deal.

Why Would Someone Run a Marathon?
So in RL I've run 2 marathons, 2 halfs, and numerous smaller distances. I became a runner the day my mother chased me around the soccer field because I ran 10 steps and then quit because it was too hard. Since then I've always had some sort of physical challenge looming before me, from playing 5 full-length soccer games and stopping the bruise-counting at 20 because it was too depressing, to winning my age category in my first half marathon, to giving birth to Orclette. I do it because I can. I do it because I'm one of the few (although that number is growing) who can say "I've run 26.2 miles." I do it to push myself to the limit. I do it for the post-race meal of the largest bacon cheeseburger man can make, steak fries with ranch dressing, and a really large Dairy Queen Blizzard. So, why did I do the WOW marathon? Because I wanted to push myself. Because I could. Because I have a sugar daddy who keeps on finding me all this cool gear that I really want to wear (you know who you are! and I am ever so grateful =).

The Beginning, which is when you ask yourself why, why, why am I doing this?
I got maybe 1 hour into playtime and was ready to take a break, but I had set a 150,000xp goal for myself and was determined to reach it. So I pushed on. In RL, I would've cranked up the volume on my ipod (did you know that some races are banning ipods and the like? That's just criminal) and imagined myself back in olden days wielding my sword against the barbaric invaders and winning the day for my side. In WOW I wielded my crossbow and axe and began to settle into a nice killing rhythm.

The Midde, which is not too bad, all things considered.
The middle part of the marathon is always the easiest for me. You're warmed up, you don't have 26.2 miles looming ahead of you, and you're not yet tired. In WOW I had almost 300,000 xp with 350K left to go, I had several quests lined up, I was ready.

And then THE WALL.
Around mile 18-20 something called THE WALL hits you. And then hits you again. And then again, leaving you bloodied and questioning your sanity because you keep on running into it. Dammy kindly consented to put the Orclette to bed because if I had tried I would've fallen asleep with her. I was in Terokkar, finishing quests as fast as I could, steadily getting more tired and more frustrated because the stupid things wouldn't die as fast as I wanted them too. And then I see the question mark not too far away, so I run over to it thinking I had finished a quest I didn't know about. There was nothing there. And then I remembered that there was an underground area nearby, the inhabitants of which had recently killed me. I didn't want to go back in there. But it was xp. And I needed more xp. So I headed on in, killing all in my way, even the respawns which seemed to pop back up the minute I thought the area was cleared. Got to where the question mark was, realized I had to trigger a quest item first, watched the sparklies go up into the air. My job was to defend the big tree dude against all comers. I did fine with the first wave, but the second wave combined with respawns nearly got me. It got my kitty, but I feigned death and they believed me. And I cried. I don't normally cry. Didn't cry at my wedding, didn't cry when Orclette finally was born, didn't cry when 911 happened and my mom told me that my grandparents had been flying that day and she couldn't remember what plane it was. But this made me cry. So I asked for help (there having been a previous guild discussion wherein I was told that if I needed help to not hesitate). And BBB and Doodle came to my rescue. In my fatigued and frustrated state it was like the cavalry had arrived with blazing trumpets and flying banners (remember how tired I was at this point. I don't normally see things this way, although it was awesome they were coming to help out). They cleared everything while I watched ("Wulfa! You can shoot things, you know!" "But BBB said he liked to kill everything!"). Once the quest was done I thanked both of them. And BBB said something along the lines of "np, that's what friends are for."

I lost it. I completely lost it. He called me his friend! Waterworld the movie had nothing on me at this point.

When you have killed THE WALL.
So after that the wall broke and I was good to go for the last bit of the race. Finished a few more quests, turned 'em in, and watched the light flash around me. Lvl 64!

The Post-Race Chow-Down
This is where I equipped all my new finery, and it really was very pretty, very feminine armor. And they had my favorite stats: agility and intellect. And I trained Aspect of the Wiper which I absolutely LOVE. I don't carry around massive amounts of Draeneic Water anymore!

And the well-deserved rest.
And that is where I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

And this is where Orclette is tugging on your jeans and crying and you realize you have to stop typing and see what she needs/wants.