Friday, June 6, 2008


So last night was possibly one of the funnest nights I've ever had in WOW. Let me 'splain.

Logged on to do my auctions. Turns out Nas and Squirrelz were about to run Ishi the Squishie through the Underbog and asked if I wanted to come along. I asked Dammy with pleading eyes and he very graciously agreed to put Orclette to bed (this is still not an enviable job as she usually does not think sleep is a good thing). So we go through, Rysteranch providing additional DPS, and everything was downed pretty quickly. But I'm sure everyone here knows far more about all the instances in the game than I do. I just don't pay attention to that stuff. It's not what makes the game interesting. I like the people. And the peeps were fun. Although I've never partied with Squirrelz, Nas, and Dax before so I felt like I was in an interview (this being The Thing That Scares Me Most) the entire time-not their fault, you understand, it just is what it is. So I spent most of the time doing exactly what Rysteranch was doing, and since he's the greatest hunter of all time, that means I was too =)
After Coilfang (correct name? I hope so ...) Squirrelz and Nas took us through the Slave Pens. They're pretty quiet. Very serious. We were there to kick butt and take names. Although Nas demonstrated a Boomkin dancing, which I had never seen before. Very. Very Scary. And Squirrelz dancing was just a funny sight ...... Eustace joined us halfway through and everything was taken down easy-peasy. Ishi and I each got some nice upgrades, completed a few quests, and we're out of there.

So then Eustace asks if I have any quests I need help with. There were, in point of fact, several that said "group". The time was then 10 p.m., when I usually sign off and fall exhausted into bed. But I had a 70 wanting to help, so I asked for more coffee and went to it.
Eustace's partying style seemed to mesh perfectly with mine (i.e. I hate taking the lead and prefer to follow and shoot-which is why I like hunter so much =) and several quests got done right quick. Then we decided to take on Gurlok, or something like that. Can't remember the dudes name in Nagrand. Got the skulls necessary to summon him, I did the honors, and he stomped me for half my health. Feigned death, Eustace took aggro, and the next thing I saw was him flying through the air. I was stomped soon after that and we end up in the graveyard. Go back to collect our bodies because we didn't want a HUGE repair bill, turns out the Ugly was still there. A bit more prepared this time we managed to down him (ha! take that!). 4 quests completed that I was thinkin' I'd have to wait to complete. Not bad at all. But it was 11 p.m., and my brain was starting the shut-down process. And I don't think it's started again.

And I left a part out of my story. When your GM tells you in advance that he'd like to run you through an instance it might be a good thing to know which instance you'd like to do. It's not like this is hard work on my part-Dammy loves researching that stuff so I let him do it for me. And he told me what I should do, but I forgot the name already. I'm smart, however, and he wrote it all down for me so I can consult my list and sound like I know what I'm doing =)
Another side not: I need a macro that targets the target of my tank. I was going through a complicated series of clicking on tank's pic, clicking on his target, and sending my pet out. Does having a macro make this more efficient? I really know nothing about macros.

And I'm done, partly because I've run out of stuff to say and partly because Orclette is pulling my pants down and poking things .....


Valyre said...

What you want is an assist macro. It lets you select the target of someone by assisting them on their kill. It's pretty easy as shown below:

/assist Name

For for example, if Fozec is my tank I'd have a macro like this:

/assist Fozec

Then stick that macro on your bar, tie a key bind to it, and you're ready to roll.

One tip is it's normally better to actually assist another dps than the tank. This is because the tank will bounce between multiple targets while he's trying to keep aggro on everything. You don't want to chase him around, making his job harder and your dps less efficient.

Pick out a dps'er that you trust to know which target is good for killing and assist off them. Just be careful if you use someone that has to crowd control something. You don't want to pop a sheep or break an ice trap.

Nasirah said...

First off, Coilfang is techinically the name of the whole place. Underbog was the one we did first.

And regards to the whole assisting thing, normally we would be marking things with skull, X, etc, and you'd know which one was supposed to be killed next. We were just doing the "take Squirrelz's target" way because we were such an overpowered group. He didn't have to juggle targets to stay ahead of healing aggro because he didn't need heals. And even if anything did go wrong, we would have easily been able to handle it. So, not the best example of group dynamic in instances, but there you have it.

And yes, I'm usually pretty quiet when I run instances. And I'm also usually pretty quiet when I don't know someone as well. So put those two things together and you have a pretty silent Nas on Vent.

Daxenos said...

One of the methods I used was clicking on Squirrelz's picture, then pressing "f", which for me is target of target.

Another method I used was clicking on any mob in combat and pressing "f" twice. Squirrelz would come up the first time and the current target would come up with the second press. did great!! I wasn't watching too close, but I did notice your kitty running back and forth from the fray, which is a good thing!

I also noticed that you were quick to send your pet back in for the next mob. Excellent pet control! It's important for us BM hunters to have our pet doing damage as much as possible due to a significant portion of our DPS comes from them.

Like Nas said, we were totally overpowered for the instance, so the group dynamic wasn't a big deal. And...I wasn't watching you! I just happened to notice those two things I mentioned, but for the most part, I was working to keep up with the awesome Boomkin!

Beowulfa said...

@ Nas & Dax: I figured that was the case (the tanking situation), I was just mentally practicing and trying to act as if it were the real deal. And a quiet Nas is still an awesome Nas-absolutely no criticism intended =)

and @ dax again: yeah, doing the "f" button did work well-thanks for mentioning that.

Beowulfa said...

and I forgot to add:

@valyre: thanks! that looks so easy I think I can do it!

Anonymous said...

A quick note about the assisting. I find it all out easiest to just have "Target to Target" turned on. It's in your interface options. Example with it on: I click the tank, whatever he is focusing on has an icon directly below his icon. So I'd click that mob icon.

Let's say I want to start to dps whatever the mage is dps'ing. I'd click the mage - which would show the target that he's on. And so forth.

It makes it very easy and you don't ever have to worry about macro's :)

eustashius said...

hey wulfa!
It was a blast. I wrote up my take about last nite here:

- eust

Nibuca said...

My pet attack macro:

/target [help] targettarget
/cast Hunter’s Mark
/petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target
/cast [pet:Boar] Charge
/stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists]

How it works:
If my target is friendly to me, use his target instead (nice for when there’s a big bear butt in the way or if you want to assist the tank).
Put Hunter’s Mark on my target
If my pet doesn’t currently have a target, sent my pet against my current target.
If my pet is a boar, cast Charge (which I’ve taken off of autocast so it won’t break my traps).
Stop the macro if my pet doesn’t have a target.
(If my pet does have a target) Call my pet back to me and tell him to follow me.

Hit once to attack target (or tank's target) hit again to call pet back to your side.


Kat said...

The designated person to assist is not always the tank. Typically the tank is tabbing through multiple targets to not let the squishes die. >.<

Just ask/know in the beginning who is dictating kill order if you don't put the charms up. Which it sounds like you did. =)

Congrats on the great runs!