Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things that are cool.

Warships in space. Space pirates and super-enhanced imperial commandos(aka Ninja).

Magic/Political settings that are based on colors/symbols/houses. Moon/Sun. Black/White. Order/Chaos. House Tannon/House Verces.

Societies fictional or non-fictional where everything you do or say has double/triple meanings and every day actions are bound up in endless ritual.

Lizardfolk. Ratfolk. But not Catfolk or Fishfolk.

Runes. Particularly glowing ones. That are also tattoos. Also, circuits imbedded in skin.

Societies where loyalty to clan/family/leader is the highest virtue. Where the goodguy wins by being loyal in an innovative way.

Stories where everyone involved has a nickname. ie: Strings, Fiddler, Smiles, Bell, Bent, Blend, Hedge, Kindly, Limp, Mallet, etc.

Dots and Hots. Nuff said.

Rocks. Wind and rocks. Dry places. Shaded dry places. Like old mines. In the desert.

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