Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some things.

Druid solo is more fun then I expected so far. I'm still a little put off by the slowness that is bear killing speed but cat should fix that.

I'm disapointed in how this week went exercise wise. I didn't walk almost at all and I didn't lift weights. However I'm still on track to have lost half a pound if I don't do anything tomorrow to suddenly up my average. In the past 4 weeks my average weight for the week has been as follows: 197.2857143 196.8857143 196.2571429 195.8666667(this week).

This weight is in pounds. We weigh ourselves every morning monday-sunday and calculate the average. My original goal was to lose a pound a week. I'm not hitting that. But I am losing almost exactly half a pound a week.

Now I don't really care about my weight. I'm not an athletic person...I'd rather be thin and bellyless sure but I've never been too motivated to change anything. However keeping up with it on a constant basis has been a huge help. By keeping it on my mind I treat it like a minigame and can use the goal as a motivater for not eating that bite size snickersbar my coworker keeps offering.

Ultimately I'd like to see my weight hit 180. This is where I was during college. When I met Wulfa I was 185 and holding steady but shortly after we got married I jumped to 195 and then after Orclette was born I wavered between 200 and 205. Right about the 190 range my belly starts showing up. Bleh.

So I started walking more....but now its getting 'warm' and I nolonger have people willing to walk with me. I probably need to start walking alone but I haven't quite crossed the threshold of desire for exercise vs dislike of doingthings solo.

The panda movie led to this:
Wandering Moose Style: The unstoppable force. Slow, but amazingly powerful this style focuses on determination and will.
Racoon Water Style. Curious and adaptive. This style starts off with light investigative attacks that lead an opponent into the inevitable trap.
Sand Lizard Style. Slow but wearing. This style does not result in flashy damaging moves but wears an opponent down with strikes that poison the will to resist.
Pine Martyr Style. A curious development from Southwestern Mountain schools this style accepts blow after punishing blow, like a forest filling up with deadwood.....then the student unleashes a hurricane of a forest exploading into flame after a long lack there of.
Roaring Grizzly Style. Offense with little defense. This style attacks in a rage, landing punishing blow after punishing blow.
River Moccassin Style. Silent with a flash of light. Students of this style hang back studying their opponent, then they dive in with a single blow to strike at weakness.

To all my friends on Drenden. I haven't forgotton you. I was not on for very long 1hr or so on thursday and the last two days have been my new druid. I'll be back on my shaman soon.

The offical verdict -at this time- is that my Druid is my new main for Kael'thas.... I won't be playing any other toons over there and no more bloody alts.

My shaman is still my only toon on Drenden.

And pox is still on wednesdays. So I've got 5 days to split between my Druid and my shaman(I don't play sundays due to RL things). And as my Shaman is more fun when he has blue xp I will likely only play him one day a week(Tuesday or Monday) to take advantage of the blue. The rest of the time I'll be trying to get my druid past the deadzone(30-50).

Well thats it....I'm still wired but I should be able to fall asleep now.


gt said...

No more alts? .... /shock

Its weird you mentioned exercise... recently I began jogging and doing some light yoga... in the beginning it was really a chore but now that it has been daily routine for a month I feel quite chipper.

If you are doing a lot of walking this might be a helpful tip: PODCASTS. The only thing that gets me through my jogging sessions sometimes is the fact I have a huge subscription of WoW/Geek/Gamer related podcasts that I always try and keep on my iPod. I like getting all my news in the audio format and can't focus on listening to them in any other timeset except boring commute or exercise.

If you are walking alone you could also setup useful errand related relay points a certain strong distance away from the house or incorporate it into the commute?

Good luck with your goal. And good luck with not making more alts. >.>

ailtia said...


Any if you need/want any help I wil be glad to help when I am on.