Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I played my Shaman monday night. I enjoyed myself quite a lot. Dinged 61. We re-arranged our Study and well...everything is much nicer now. I like the way the house is laid out. Orclette likes playing swirl the curtain. She holds the edge and pulls it back and forth while stairup up at the top.

I'm pondering what I want to play tonight. Whether to spend more time on my Horde Shaman or to work on a Sidhe Devils toon. I love the Sidhe Devils but I feel like I have too many alts there and like I cannot keep focused. Two weeks ago I was complaining I was bored with my hunter now I'm wishing I had never made any alts. /sigh.

Not sure.* Partly I was reading BBB's site and pondering what it was I enjoyed about WoW. I came up with a bunch of things.

I like making my characters look cool. If I level and suddenly my new gear makes me look ugly then I either want to speed level past it or stop playing and just wear my old gear. I'm very very vain about how my toons look.

I like read the 'story'. I like wandering around and imagining I'm really over there---->

I like listening to friends. Hearing Ess or Wara or Daxe or Ash or Nas or Sligblaster or Kitz is just fun. If I could lurk during Kara runs I would do so in a heartbeat just to hear voices I know chatting. I used to hang out with these girls that lived next door to me all the time just because I wanted to hear the idle daytime chatter of others.

I like talking to friends. I love it when someone asks something about shaman and I can flood them with my minor knowledge. I love discussing battle grounds with Ess. I love chatting about healing with Fulr while fishing.

I like helping others. I want to hit 70 for this reason most of all. I have in my mind the idea that once I'm 70 I can just sit and ask people "what mats you need?" and go farm them for them. Or help them with quests endlessly.

I am sorta like partying/raiding. As long as the mobs are hard and the chance that we're gonna die is pretty high. The biggest thing I've learned from pox is that when you party with people you know.... well instances in wow are for the most part INSANELY easy. Not sorta easy but... wow this is almost boring kinda easy. And then you pug and want to kill yourself it is so hard. Its amazing that a level 38 pug can wipe in SM but a level 30 5 man can clear the place. Think about it.

What I don't like about raiding/partying is I get bored towards the end. Not sure why, but my attention span has dived in the last few years. Minus farming which is just solitare.

I really really like battlegrounds. Its like halo/CoD but with swords. And time limits(of a sort)[not counting WSG].

Well, thats it. Thats where my WoW cheese is. And even if it goes away I don't think I will be going to AoC or War. More likely I'd just stop playing MMO's. I don't have a comp that can run any of the new MMO's and I would only play them if Wulfa did.**

Well there you have it. I ran out of subject and will now leave this to post on Wednesday mornin.

*If you are asking what it is I'm not sure about.... well I'm not sure.

**I'm not even close to thinking about quitting. I was just thinking about BBB's article and wanted to list out what would happen if my cheese was moved or ran out.


Ess said...

You know, I almost popped into vent last night on the off chance that you guys might be there to chat. Next time, I will. The cool thing about vent is that we don't need to be playing on the same server in order to be social while we play. :)

Dammerung said...

Yep! P.s. If I'm on and not on vent beep me. Now that my computer doesn't crazy lag I have no excuse.