Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thalitha'amak (Short Character Bio)

At a young age the shaman read Thalitha'amak’s fate. It was well known among his tribe. Everyone admired him for it. Everyone expected great things of him. Everyone but him. Thalitha'amak simply wanted solitude. Himself and the hills. Perhaps a nice female goliath on the other side of those hills… But certainly not any grand fate etched into his skin from birth.

So he changed it. His skin, his life, and his fate. He wrote himself a new fate and inscribed it into his skin.

The tribe was shocked. The shaman infuriated. He was shortly thereafter exiled. He walked away with no regrets following a new fate that only he knew.

Saturday Jan 30th

Ran sprints today. 100m sprinting followed by 100m walking. Total of 2 miles combined with 1 mile of sprinting.

Helped pickup a basketball floor and put up a stage for my workout tonight. Yeah its light but time has been at a premium this weekend.

EDIT(realized I didn't post friday's workout):

Friday Morning did PT with ROTC. Did a mix workout circuit:

Run 50m do 20 Mountain Climbers
Run 100m do 20 pushups.
Run 150m do 20 crunches.
Run 200m do 20 squats.
After 2nd time jog 400m
Do 20 squats.
Do 20 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 jumping jacks
Run 50m sprint.
Do 20 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 jumping jacks
Run 200m sprint.

This sounds like a lot but honestly felt less intense then the 40 min of 100m sprints we did Wednesday.


He looks like a cross between an alley cat, a thin man, and a rat. At six foot he’s a fairly tall biped covered in brown fur with a white tigerstripe pattern, a characteristically furless rat tail bobs behind him. Brownish yellow eyes glance back and forth as he heads down the hallway to his room.

An odd looking figure at best, he is wearing a fine black vestment underneath which he is wrapped in a ghostly cloth. A plain cloak and worn gloves complementing dark leather bracers. There are two small weapons sheathed on his shoulders and a bag on his back between them. Intricately knotted and woven green vines wrap around his feet. His head is adorned with a simple tattered cloth band. A small wooden turtle hangs on a rope from his neck. Another carved wooden frog hangs from his right wrist.

Alone in his room, he checked quietly for any observers before sitting down and taking off the two wooden animals. Placing them before him he started to talk in his native tongue.

“Hey….. its me again….I failed to die at least two more times. No, I’m not cheating. I know the rules. I didn’t push too much. I just played it loose. Like we used to.

I miss you a lot. You would have laughed so hard today. I lost my head. Yeah, literally. Some dumb spell hallway as if we were in the Magic Lady’s house again. Had to be un-spelled to get it back. Also was paralyzed…just screaming there paralyzed without my head. Haha. You would have been rolling on the floor at me.

Still refuse to learn to disarm the damn traps. I don’t care how close that comes to breaking your rules… I’m not going to learn it now when it does you no good. I should have learned it back then…..then…..then you’d be able to be here laughing at me.

I’m so sorry.

I miss you.

I’ll catch up to you one day. Until then… I love you….”

After a long long moment of silence, he puts the wooden animals back on. Then taking out a dagger he draws two more cuts onto his tail…they heal before they have barely started to bleed but the scars stay there blending in with dozens of others.

“Two more. I’ll find you one day love….”

He sheaths the blade and stretches out on the floor under his bed. A few moments later he’s asleep.