Friday, November 19, 2010

For those that are curious

Last post isn't as funny as you think it will be. But I had no post ideas and hadn't posted in a while.

It ends with Book losing his bookend and Jess chasing skirts...

[21:24:20][G] [J1:80]: grats again you nuts

[21:24:22][G] [J2:80]: best part

[21:24:24][G] [J1:80]: brb AFK

[21:24:25][G] [J2:80]: you won't even know it's me

[21:24:36][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:24:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: *sigh* this take so long(skinning)

[21:25:11][G] [B1:80]: FLY around with your new bird self, FFS.

[21:25:13][G] [B1:80]: Whiner.

[21:25:14][G] [Dampanza:80]: can't

[21:25:27][G] [Dampanza:80]: skinning level 61

[21:25:28][G] [B1:80]: Oh, right. Noted.

[21:25:30][G] [B1:80]: Enjoy.

[21:25:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol you're taking the words out of my mouth

[21:25:32][G] [J2:80]: muahahaha

[21:25:41][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: love you Damm.

[21:26:03][G] [B1:80]: I love all my mates. But it's the best to take the piss out on them.

[21:26:29][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah on them isn't as effective as in their cheerios

[21:26:50][G] [B1:80]: True--but that is just gross.

[21:26:53][G] [J2:80]: you love pissing on your mates?

[21:26:54][G] [J2:80]: dude

[21:27:03][G] [B1:80]: LEARN THE MEANING.

[21:27:37][G] [B1:80]: "pissing on" is much, much different than "taking the piss out"

[21:28:01][G] [B2:80]: (B2): The latter sounds even less sanitary

[21:28:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: bah why bother learning.... just pretend they are the same things

[21:28:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: he wants to take the piss out of his mates

[21:28:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: see!

[21:28:57][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm still having issues with the cheerios thing ... bad mental picture

[21:30:35][G] [B1:80]: Have Frosted Flakes instead, much more sugary.

[21:30:54][G] [Dampanza:80]: white stuff in your pee means cholera

[21:31:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol if I did my kids would want some and then we'd be knee-high in sugar rushes

[21:31:22][G] [Dampanza:80]: speaking of sugar.. afk snickerdoodle icecream

[21:31:29][G] [J2:80]: that's... good to know damp

[21:31:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm not related to him.

[21:32:00][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: :)

[21:32:06][G] [J1:80]: I always knew that

[21:32:08][G] [B1:80]: No, no you're not.

[21:32:17][G] [B1:80]: If you were...I'd worry.

[21:32:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:32:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: well, his ancestors are from Arkansas ...

[21:32:41][G] [J2:80]: worse, you chose him

[21:32:53][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol I'll pass that along:)

[21:32:54][G] [J2:80]: :-|

[21:33:00][G] [B1:80]:

[21:33:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: if anyone is from Arkansas it's quite a lovely area of the country

[21:33:40][G] [B1:80]: Yes.
[21:33:56][G] [J2:80]: you saw a butterfly

[21:33:59][G] [J1:80]: it does not mean cholera it means drink more water:P

[21:34:08][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:34:17][G] [B1:80]: Water is lame.

[21:34:20][G] [J1:80]: *makes note never scroll back*

[21:34:43][G] [J1:80]: Ugh I thought so too, then I got my system used to drinking enough

[21:34:56][G] [J1:80]: now if I don't drink hurts

[21:35:07][G] [J1:80]: grats again

[21:35:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: congrats to all once again

[21:35:14][G] [B1:80]: I have you covered J1. In theory.

[21:35:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: I've been told... that if you drink enough food coloring... before a drug test...

[21:35:21][G] [K:80][F]: thanks

[21:35:24][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can pick your color of results :P

[21:35:27][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ack

[21:35:38][G] [J1:80]: lol

[21:36:22][G] [B1:80]: CrazyGradGirl is in the living room again. I made dinner again...but I am nearing my limit.

[21:36:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: so today our daughter was watching Damm play Call of Duty and suddenly bursts out with "Yay killing!"

[21:37:23][G] [B1:80]: I will begin producing children in the hopes they meet.

[21:37:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: not sure CrazyGradGirl would be in the mood if she's banished you to the kitchen.

[21:38:11][G] [B1:80]: CGG sleeps a lot...

[21:38:21][G] [Dampanza:80]: thats just WRONG

[21:38:35][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: dude you'd be sleeping on the couch for years to come

[21:38:37][G] [B1:80]: Not when you're married?! Right?!

[21:38:45][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hahahahahahahahaha

[21:39:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: when are her finals?

[21:39:04][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Are you kidding? I know what is going on. I'd be dead before thinking that.

[21:39:20][G] [Dampanza:80]: before thinking about finals?

[21:39:32][G] [B1:80]: I don't think about Finals. I eliminated them.

[21:39:37][G] [J2:80]: I'm so lost in guild chat

[21:39:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:39:44][G] [J2:80]: bookley's having kids

[21:39:50][G] [B1:80]: Hers are around the 15th of Dec. or so Wulfa.

[21:39:55][G] [J2:80]: dammy's sleeping on the couch?

[21:39:55][G] [B1:80]: No--I am not.

[21:40:02][G] [K:80]: lol

[21:40:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: possibly

[21:40:09][G] [B1:80]: I would--if they could meet Dammy/Wulfa's kids and play CoD.

[21:40:10][G] [J2:80]: and J1 punched a general?

[21:40:12][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ouch that's a ways to go

[21:40:32][G] [J2:80]: or seduced

[21:40:34][G] [Dampanza:80]: no J1 is paying a general 100$ a quarter for grades

[21:40:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe my daughter is going to lead any boy quite a song and dance.

[21:41:08][G] [B1:80]: I kinda want daughters. *IF we do the kid thing.

[21:41:09][G] [J1:80]: hey hey what wait!!

[21:41:28][G] [J1:80]: I do NOT sleep with a GENERAL my man WORKS for a living

[21:41:36][G] [Dampanza:80]: *cough*

[21:41:38][G] [B1:80]:

[21:41:38][G] [Dampanza:80]: ouch

[21:41:42][G] [J1:80]: *runs*

[21:41:44][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: it's got a tough entrance examination ... but once you pass it it's great

[21:41:53][G] [B1:80]: Now I'm* lost.

[21:41:55][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol J1

[21:41:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: kids

[21:42:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: you have to give birth ...

[21:42:09][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: entrance exam!

[21:42:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: hey I'M learning how to tell working guys "yeah thats good sarge lets do that"

[21:42:21][G] [J1:80]: finals = birth

[21:42:21][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm way to immersed in school, aren't I?

[21:42:49][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Ok. No worries. No kids. I will not reproduce.

[21:42:56][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah kids are FUN

[21:43:08][G] [J1:80]: thats the part that cracks me up, it's the enlisted that tell the officers what works, THEN the officers say "hey go do this!"

[21:43:14][G] [B1:80]: Yeah, YOUR kids are...but these guys know me. It's a bad idea.

[21:43:16][G] [Dampanza:80]: they stick their hands deep into their diaper and THEN into your mouth to wake you up

[21:43:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and hit you over the head

[21:43:40][G] [Dampanza:80]: and rack you

[21:43:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and pull your shirt down

[21:43:49][G] [Dampanza:80]: and pee in your pillow

[21:44:03][G] [B1:80]: Sounds awesome. Can you get clipped online?

[21:44:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:44:17][G] [Dampanza:80]: I could mail you scissors

[21:44:22][G] [B1:80]: I have some.

[21:44:29][G] [J1:80]: rubber bands

[21:44:39][G] [J1:80]: you know how the castrate bulls right?

[21:44:42][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:44:51][G] [Dampanza:80]: cool... take a big long swig of your choice.... tighten a few rubber bands on...and CHOP go the scissors.

[21:44:56][G] [B1:80]: Well...sometimes J1. We just cut 'em.

[21:45:06][G] [Dampanza:80]: just make sure they aren't child safety....because you'll have to saw a bit

[21:45:13][G] [J1:80]: you take all the fun out of my life bookend

[21:45:18][G] [B1:80]: My teeth just grit.

[21:45:24][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: rofl

[21:45:31][G] [B1:80]: BOOKEND?!?

[21:45:38][G] [B1:80]: If you tell Ruune that, I'll stab you.

[21:45:40][G] [J1:80]: *looks innocent* wha?

[21:45:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can't bee bookend... you are chopping bookend off....

[21:46:00][G] [J1:80]: rofls

[21:46:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:46:09][G] [B1:80]: Hate. AoE hate.

[21:46:20][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I bet Ruune would love a pair of bookends for Christmas ...

[21:46:20][G] [J1:80]: *scratches the ears*

[21:46:55][G] [B1:80]: The worst part is my wife and Ruune are BFFs now.

[21:46:59][G] [J1:80]: I realize...I have no idea how college works

[21:47:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: haha that's awesome

[21:47:14][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: College: old dudes and dudettes talking

[21:47:16][G] [J1:80]: I start spring semester, but classes end in may...then what?

[21:47:17][G] [B1:80]: You get drunk, go to class, chase girls, get drunk--write a paper. Go.

[21:47:34][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I don't think J1 wants to be chasing girls ...

[21:47:36][G] [B1:80]: Oh--sorry--that's Saturday.

[21:47:41][G] [J1:80]: uhh yeah no:P

[21:47:48][G] [K:80][F]: if she does i want to see a paper on it

[21:47:54][G] [J1:80]: you would

[21:47:56][G] [J1:80]: :P

[21:47:56][G] [B1:80]: HA

[21:48:02][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:48:05][G] [J1:80]: blog posts count?

[21:48:07][G] [B1:80]: No.

[21:48:11][G] [J1:80]: dammit

And let the gorging begin.

Finally, finally, time for the Thanksgiving break. It isn't a total break-I'm bringing along two research papers-but still, it's a kind of break. And Damm ordered pizza tonight so our holiday eating has begun. (Not really. I have no desire to put on 5 pounds:)

Tomorrow we leave for Texas. We'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family and some of our friends, and then I shall cry when we have to leave and mentally cuss the day I let myself contemplate the suggestion to move to NM. The holidays are wonderful, ain't they?

And far more important, I got to see Harry Potter 7 today, by myself. It was heaven-sitting in the dark theater, alone, watching the pre-previews show. Then a group of dudes came in and sat right next to me. Right next to me. They weren't obnoxious, and I liked my seat, so I stayed, but the theater wasn't full. They had to sit right next to me and interrupt my reverie? Anyway. It was awesome and left me hungering for the 2nd installment. The makeout scene betwixt Hermoine and Harry was surprising but totally in keeping with what a teenage boy would imagine, in my opinion.

And that's that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Wulfa is out until school is back in session.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That would be me. I'm easy to scam, which is funny because I'm suspicious by nature and you'd think I'd see through scams. But no, I don't, and I'm pretty sure I got scammed by someone calling themselves Facebook.

See, my account got locked, and they said I needed to send in a photo ID to verify my identity. I thought at the time that I was at the actual Facebook site, but now I look back at it I'm not sure. Did I go through the fishy message I received? I can't remember, and that's got me worried.

So Damm will be calling our lawyer group to see what we might need to do. He can't think of ways one could use a Driver's License, but I can-see, that suspicious nature. That does me absolutely no good when confronting an actual scam.

I should just stop using the Internet. It is evil. Evil evil evil.

Now I understand all those old people who refuse to use the internet. It's just too easy to accidentally give away vital information. And if you know that you're easily susceptible that's even more reason to stay far, far away.

Or just be more careful. Take Internet safety classes.

I still feel sick from this. Bah.