Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rambly on a Saturday.

I was thinking about game design. And how I like maps. And how I like playing games where the game makes maps. Civilization is one of these....when you were wiped out or when you won the game would show you this map of your territory and you could watch it expand and interact with other nations.

So my first thought was why not have a game where the entire world was surrounded by 'chaos' and your duty was to spread order. Places where players often gathered would become ever more orderly, safe, and idilic and places players avoided would grow chaotic and full of monsters. The further you went into 'places' unknown the stronger the monsters. And the game would the entire time keep a map that would fill in details as you traveled and slowly erase them as you stopped going places. Newbies would serve a great purpose by patrolling the 'safer' zones making them ever safer. Experianced players could make huge campaigns into the wilds to establish new safe zones. And if you went too far you might become an island to yourself making a new safe center.

Now this is simply a small aspect of the game. If the other games within this game were not fun(combat/travel/characters) then it wouldn't be worth playing. But I would love to see a game like this.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The map of a place.

Here is what I do when I get bored and don't have a game to play. I make fake maps.
Green = extremely dense forest, people don't come back.
Grey = mountains.
Light Grey = roads.
Cyan = borders
Blue = river
Dark blue = ocean
Bright red = occupied territories
Dark red = battle sites.
Black square dots = towns
Black lines mark the edges of the 'rift' a geographical feature much like the grand canyon, but slightly bigger.

A brief history. The south most battle was won by the defending country(the one with all the towns). It had been recently invaded by the country to the far North West due to a dispute over fishing rights. The defending country has possibly the most advanced navy in their world, and basically picked a fight. The invading country has a HUGE standing army and was in countering little to no resistance as the invasion was really rather unexpected. The defending country expected to be paid off, their lands north of the rift are not very valuable and they can always destroy the rift bridge and then with their navy they are extremely safe. However the invasion would have successfully crossed the bridge if that last battle had not been won. The invasion caused a huge amount of panic and chaos and no one at the bridge had the authority to order the destruction of the bridge. Or if they had the authority they were too busy panicking.

A rather small mercenary company held the invading army back long enough for the local garrisons to get organized and fight that last battle. The merc company basically stop-gapped a pass. It would have been a heroic 300 like battle but.... really it was all done by an ice dragon. So the heroics weren't quite as heroic as that and the 'good guys' didn't all die.

Still the holding action was quite admrable and everyone involved got awards, medals, new limbs, and aching holes in their hearts from watching friends die. And the warm pleasant feeling you get when you know you saved a city from being brutally wiped out.

Shortly after the battle the main defending army crossed the rift, effectively ending the invasion and peace talks began.

This is an excellent resource.

I like how she has clearly described each step and warned you to behave calmly and professionally.

Just linking to it here so I can find it in the future and so that others can use it.

The Spider Wars

Yesterday was supposed to be me posting. But the new guy in our department spent the day in my cubical and well... its really hard to write stuff while someone is stairing over your shoulder. Especially someone you only know vaguely. Thats my excuse.

My mother commented on one of our posts and noted that she and my dad liked BRK's Tech School Stories. I demand! TJ use her powers to get us more of the funnies and less of the poems. I'm sure me saying I demand it is gonna make her just sit up and go do it. Pfft.

One of my favorite songs ever is "I like to mooveit mooveit". The movies Madagascar and its up coming sequal use it a lot with the lemurs? who play the roll of the strange and easily startled natives. Anyways I'm butchering this song in my own cheerful way and my daughter does a half-squat and starts wiggling her butt back and forth. It was SOOOOOO CUTE. She stopped when I started laughing though. I love it when she dances.

Yesterday we found out that Orclette cannot be allowed to wander around free while we empty the dishwasher. Wulfa turned around and saw that she had managed to pull one of our steaknives down from the top drawer of the dishwasher. There my 11 month daughter was...a steak knife in one hand stabbing the dishwasher. There was some very much deserved freaking out and a handslap and from now on our wonderkin will be in the highchair or someones arms when the dishwasher is being emptied.

SPIDERS!!! So our garage has long been the site of an ancient spider kingdom. I mostly ignore their curious and arcane ways. If I need something I just sweep them off and clean it up and get it. However, they have unearthed a dark and troubling creature.

Yesterday, Wulfa asked me to come verify that she was indeed seeing a black widow spider, and yes she was. About Thumbnail size, black, with an amazingly clear red hourglass. So now we are going to purge this kingdom in spider guts and flame(I wish). This saturday I plan on fully and completly cleaning the garage and sweeping corners and buying and using anti-spider chems. But I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for how to keep them from coming back. ..... well I guess I could just sweep the entire garage on a weekly basis but bleargh. I guess I will.

Hmm... WoW news:
Ishvi is steadly getting a real gearset. He says he's almost uncrittable now.
Wulfa is doing dailies and making monies.... maybe someone can get her to actually write a post about where she is sitting gear wise.
Myself is level 26 and hoping to be level 30+ by sunday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The importance of being Easy.


I figured I'd throw in my two cents.

We try to work together. No solo pulls, no needless blame, no fleeing when it looks bad. Waiting for the tank to mark the mobs and following directions 85% of grouping is working together. The other 15% is me ;P.


Seriously stop beating me.

Yes I know I'm like the worst person on our team, geez, I party with superawesomestarpeople...I need a little ego stroking when I can get it.

NO not that ego.

We're group specc'ed. Like others have said, we aren't specced for soloing. Green doesn't have an Enh Shaman or a Combat rogue, even if we do have a BM hunter, Shadow Priest, and a feral druid.

Its not the gear. I'm still wearing a lot of greens and some Wailing cavern junk. And I use the leftover level 5 potions from the guild vault.

Its not the CC. Because green rarely gets to use it because their idiot tank emulates Thrall and face pulls junk before people are ready. He marks ice traps and then breaks them. He asks for saps and then find out that FF pulls agro... before the rogue gets to sap anyone.

Oh and its not because we're super genious raiders. 4/6 of us have never done kara(not sure about Kitzen, and Meep raids BT when we're not playing). I wasn't joking about our tanking being junky. 95% of the time Kitzen, Wulfa, and Abuto are really tanking while I apply bear DPS to the mobs backside. We have a shaman healing(no brain heal yet cus he's a lozer).

Its entirely because we're willing to overcome our weaknesses(no freaking out about how horribly sucky the healer is:P). We're willing to get up and try again if we wipe(like that ever happens... the words "pox" make you invincible). We're patient enough to listen to and follow directions(even if the player speaking doesn't). Teamwork is all you need.

Because sheesh...its not like any instance under 40 could be called 'hard'. We try to 8 pull consistantly just so we don't get bored.

NO it wasn't my fault that I moonfired the guy in the back.... that was...*cough* the plan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post lost due to tiredness.

I had this awesome and great blog post. But then my brain fried out somewhere in the wetlands.

I now am level 25. Yay. Only 45 levels to go.

Sleep now tlak later. Wulfa might have mercy on you and write something more readble this what I hav ethrown together here. Or mayb eshe'll just tell you to suffer the slacker that is me. who knows.

Victory Dance

Thank you, thank you, for that wildly thunderous applause. I really don't deserve it, no I don't. I just have a few people that I would like to thank, without which this event would not be possible.

First of all I'd like to thank the little people. Gotta love ya!

And then, of course, Blizzard for making an MMORPG that I would play and actually enjoy. My hubby thanks you for that as well.

The Sidhe Devils. What would I have done without you? Such a warm, loving, caring lot of NE's, gnomes, draenei's, humans, and dwarves. And there are a few people who I must single out, although all of you played an important part in my success:
Dax, who kept me supplied with gear, and who's NE Rysteranch provided much-needed eye candy for Wulfa, at least until Dampanza came on the scene and stole her heart =)
Eustace, for being simply the most-awesome person Wulfa has ever partied with, aside from Dammy, of course.
Nas, for being my punctuation and grammatical muse, and also for jumping in whenever Wulfa needed to go through an instance.
Squirrelz, for being a willing tank/dps'er on many of the runs Wulfa needed.
Ishvi, for being annoying only as a brother could be.
Phinni, for being a girl. That's the first time in months I've had what could be called a "girl-chat-fest."
Doodle, for coming to my rescue that marathon day of trying to reach lvl 64, and for being a tree.
Ashi, for being funny.
Minnie Mouse, for providing me with a legitimate and hopefully non-offensive reason for calling a dude that name. It makes me smile and then laugh (but in a good way).
And of course Cassie and TripleB. Cassie 'cause she's unlocked so many of my lockboxes and made me elixirs and because of her cheerful and welcoming demeanor. And also 'cause she made a special guild message just for Wulfa =). TripleB, cause, well, he's sort of like my WoW-mentor. And because I breathe easy every time he brings one of his "Winds" along because that means every fight/boss will be clearly explained and my role defined (I must add that Nas, Dax, Squirrelz, Eustace also do an admirable job at this). And for his storytimes. And for making that first run through Shadow Labs as fun as it was.
If I have forgotten someone, it wasn't intentional. I just haven't had enough coffee.

I must also thank my orclette, who has made this game more fun because she limits the amount of time I can spend on it. And because I can call her "orclette." I won't thank my other brother who plays WoW because he doesn't read this blog. And then I get to the best part.

Dammy. He sacrificed playing time to let me catch up with Ishvi (I could've beaten him, but I chose not too). He has taken way more baby aggro than I could, and is patient when I've told him "it's your turn tonight to play" and then I call him almost in tears because the Orclette has been crying all day and he willingly takes over babycare so I can uncrazify myself. For knowing tons more about WoW than I ever will; for sharing that knowledge and for being willing to look up information for me. For buying me a hunter shirt. For thinking it's way cool that his significant other is a "video-game-nerd/geek-type person."

Thank you all again for coming here to celebrate with me. Turning 70 is something I never thought would happen, and the fact that I accomplished it has made me so incredibly proud of myself.

Thanks again!

Wulfa, 70 Huntress.

Monday, June 16, 2008

On work.

Trying to think of things to do.

At work my job consists of handling 'cases' that come in.

I currently have 7 of these.

5 of which are -entirely- waiting on the 'casee' to tell me everything is fixed.

1 of which is mangled up by 'paperwork' and is looking at a resolution of 'death by a thousand cuts'.

1 of which is waiting on the 'casee' to answer the phone so I can say I don't know how to solve it and get it to the right department.

All my web comics have been read. All my reader things have been read. Google news has been read. I've already researched cat druid leveling and dps and gear like 5 time but haven't had a chance to play yet so nothing to do on that front. Gmail and work email has been fully read. I've even gone back and read through the sluggy/sheldon archives.

I'm hurtin here guys. I don't want to ask for a good old fashioned time killer because the second I get it I will get a ton of new cases and then I'll be slacking. But yeah.

So I decided to tell you guys. Yay that burnt 10-15 min*. Now back to boredom.

*more like 3.

In Defense of My Cooking Heroine

So, I casually mentioned in guild chat once that I liked a certain rather famous cooking/chef personality. Someone who shall remain nameless does not agree with me*. In their opinion, she needs a new fashion consultant (I think her clothes are adorable), she needs to learn how to speak English (I think her colloquialisms are funny), and I can't remember whether or not her voice displeased them-but I think her voice is cool.

This other guildie likes another chef, and last night I finally remembered to look him up (because I work in a bookstore and though I had heard of the chef dude I couldn't remember what he looked like).

He looks funny! He isn't fat enough to be a chef! So there! Haha! And he wears glasses (not sure why that struck me as funny)! So, fearless guildie, your dude is just as funny as my gal!

*just a small note: none of this came even remotely close to annoying me. Just thought it was funny =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out of Context

But still funny:

"I'm not sure what I need to work on...I keep falling behind on the damage meter"
"what damage meter?"
"you know...omen"