Monday, June 16, 2008

In Defense of My Cooking Heroine

So, I casually mentioned in guild chat once that I liked a certain rather famous cooking/chef personality. Someone who shall remain nameless does not agree with me*. In their opinion, she needs a new fashion consultant (I think her clothes are adorable), she needs to learn how to speak English (I think her colloquialisms are funny), and I can't remember whether or not her voice displeased them-but I think her voice is cool.

This other guildie likes another chef, and last night I finally remembered to look him up (because I work in a bookstore and though I had heard of the chef dude I couldn't remember what he looked like).

He looks funny! He isn't fat enough to be a chef! So there! Haha! And he wears glasses (not sure why that struck me as funny)! So, fearless guildie, your dude is just as funny as my gal!

*just a small note: none of this came even remotely close to annoying me. Just thought it was funny =)


Anonymous said...

Ok. I don't see any names but I will go out on a limb and say that both Alton Brown and Rachel Ray are entertaining to watch. Oh, and they both have good recipes. Or does the fact that I have an idea who you are talking about from your decription make me sound geekish? *snicker* Good luck to you and your guildie on this.

TheBigBearButt said...

I am the offending blogger/guildie...

And yes, I belittled the Rachel Ray... and extolled the virtues of teh Alton Brownage.

Alton Brown DOES look goofy as hell... I think the sense of humor he has and the goofy way he acts on his show brings some charm to a show about the guts of why cooking works the way it does. I ahve tried many of his recipes. I have cooked my Thanksgiving Turkey to his recipe for years.

Rachel Ray... there is something I find fascinating about watching her 30 minute meals show, but I swear every time I see her on that show she is dressed like she thinks she's still 12, with these weirdly snugged revealing tops and just.... dresses age inappropriate? That's fine, but when I look over at my wife on the couch, and say, I want more about the food, and less boobs", somethings wrong.

And the way she seemed to pick 'dee-lish' and 'EVOO' as cach phrases to market and copyright, followed later by a Rachel ray brand olive oil in my supermarket just seemed kinda... eh. I figure, if you are really using EVOO to save time, then why do you then tell us, every time you say it, that it stands of extra virgin olive oil? Every time? Just say extra virgin olive oil, it's okay, it's vaguly cooklike, I won't mind.

See, that's the 100% sum of my dislike. I still watch her show, she has tons of charisma, and I like the recipes she puts together on 30 minute meals.

Just... less boobs and marketable catch phrases, I guess.

Hee hee.... Alton Brown is SUCH a goofball.

And I agree with you that skinny people make suspicious chefs!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Trollin' said...

Alton Brown is the most amazing Cook/TV Show Host ever. Good Eats is my favorite show on food network, close to my favorite show overall

Hydra said...

Alton Brown is one of the few things Husband and I do not argue about watching on the TV.

He came to my town and I stood in line for the book signing. They are the only books in my collection I had to promise I would USE and not get freaked out by stains.

waupeople said...

So one of our favorite movies is the Last Holiday. And we've seen several other movies with chefs involved and really enjoyed them. I didn't used to think that I would like to watch people cooking...since I did so much of myself. But I've really enjoyed it. Don't do much of it now ... but mayber after Dec ;)

So I was reading your post and got to checking out the other posts that you liked and so I read BRK(Hunter) post on his tech school training for the military. It was so funny. Larry really enjoyed reading it as well.


Stupid Mage said...

Less boobs!? What the hell is the matter with you??