Friday, June 20, 2008

The Spider Wars

Yesterday was supposed to be me posting. But the new guy in our department spent the day in my cubical and well... its really hard to write stuff while someone is stairing over your shoulder. Especially someone you only know vaguely. Thats my excuse.

My mother commented on one of our posts and noted that she and my dad liked BRK's Tech School Stories. I demand! TJ use her powers to get us more of the funnies and less of the poems. I'm sure me saying I demand it is gonna make her just sit up and go do it. Pfft.

One of my favorite songs ever is "I like to mooveit mooveit". The movies Madagascar and its up coming sequal use it a lot with the lemurs? who play the roll of the strange and easily startled natives. Anyways I'm butchering this song in my own cheerful way and my daughter does a half-squat and starts wiggling her butt back and forth. It was SOOOOOO CUTE. She stopped when I started laughing though. I love it when she dances.

Yesterday we found out that Orclette cannot be allowed to wander around free while we empty the dishwasher. Wulfa turned around and saw that she had managed to pull one of our steaknives down from the top drawer of the dishwasher. There my 11 month daughter was...a steak knife in one hand stabbing the dishwasher. There was some very much deserved freaking out and a handslap and from now on our wonderkin will be in the highchair or someones arms when the dishwasher is being emptied.

SPIDERS!!! So our garage has long been the site of an ancient spider kingdom. I mostly ignore their curious and arcane ways. If I need something I just sweep them off and clean it up and get it. However, they have unearthed a dark and troubling creature.

Yesterday, Wulfa asked me to come verify that she was indeed seeing a black widow spider, and yes she was. About Thumbnail size, black, with an amazingly clear red hourglass. So now we are going to purge this kingdom in spider guts and flame(I wish). This saturday I plan on fully and completly cleaning the garage and sweeping corners and buying and using anti-spider chems. But I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for how to keep them from coming back. ..... well I guess I could just sweep the entire garage on a weekly basis but bleargh. I guess I will.

Hmm... WoW news:
Ishvi is steadly getting a real gearset. He says he's almost uncrittable now.
Wulfa is doing dailies and making monies.... maybe someone can get her to actually write a post about where she is sitting gear wise.
Myself is level 26 and hoping to be level 30+ by sunday.


Anonymous said...

No joking, black widows are very bad to be stung by. Kill them all. Wear gloves and kill their nests and egg sacs and all that jazz. When you clear the place out (and look outside under your siding if you have any), use some strong citrus-y smelling cleaner afterwards: Lemon Pledge is great. Put it around all the windows leading outside and the doors and everything. Be careful!

waupeople said...

Just a note: there are no black widows in NM ... at least that's the propaganda that I'm going to release to a very targeted audience ;)


waupeople said...

I remember a certain someone eating 22 bullets and slivers of corelle ... that we only found after he had processed them ... much to his mother's horror!!! But we worked at a children's home and his feet rarely touched the floor because the girls fought over holding him. It's a wonder he learned to walk at all.

Andy C. said...

I *HATE* spiders. Very much so. I kill them whenever I encounter them. This being said, I've found that the Ant & Roach flavors of bug sprays work MUCH quicker to kill spiders than the Spider flavors. Takes usually around 30 - 45 seconds with the spider sprays and about 10 for the ant and roach. If it'll kill a roach, it can kill anything else.

Dunno what to tell you about keeping them from coming back, but ant and roach spray gets rid of them fast.

Good luck on your war.