Saturday, September 6, 2008

Selma for Prez!

First off.. there is a duck.
Second there is a blog:
Third in this blog is a post:
Fourth this blog is by a person:
I'm taking a moment to say wow-freakin-cool. This is the kind of person that when I read about them I wish dearly we went to the same shops so we could be friends. SHE HAS A FREAKIN DUCK. Me and Wulfa could ya know have dinner with her and Orclette could play with Selma and we'd be great buddies. Mostly I'm simply awestruck by Selma. And the fact that Havi has her.
Yeah I know this isn't very WoW-like or a normal link for me but the essence of her site ...uhm... resonated with me(Resonated was borrowed from her post about pricing because my vocab failed me briefly). In the very short time that I've known about this duck and her person I've well been struck with a fanboyish desire to tell everyone and find out more.
Maybe this is a product of my upcoming life changes, or my love of the silly, or the "calm down don't stress vibe". Anyways I wanted to take a moment and share the shiny. Go enjoy if you are inclined or don't if you aren't.

Friday, September 5, 2008

That Meme thing.

I was tagged by Game Dame, so …

September 11 Attacks
In the financial Aid Center at Texas A&M. I was standing in line to make a payment and wondered why everyone was crowded around the TV all of a sudden. It was about 30 min later when finally found out what was going on. It all seemed very unreal, like life had suddenly become a TV show.

Challenger Shuttle Disaster
I honestly have no clue. I didn't pay attention to the news until late 90's. I was 4 years old at the time which also didn't help.

Hurricane Katrina
In Houston, watching it rain alot. The Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and Indonesia hit me stronger emotionally as I knew people from Sri Lanka and my church at the time sent people to assist with relief efforts but didn't know anyone from Lousiana, and it all seemed about as far away as the Georgia war last month.

Reagan Assassination Attempt
You know... I'm horrible with US current events... very horrible. I didn't know this had happened until this meme. Also I wasn't born when it happened.

John Lennon’s Death
He's the beatle guy? I know a few friends who like that band. Almost all of the catchy comercials I like are by them. But I wasn't alive when he died so it didn't seem like an event. Princess Diana I remember being all over the news but it wasn't a big event to me.

Kurt Cobain’s Death
I don't know who this is. Nas said he was a part of the band Nirvana. I don't even know what their music sounds like.


This started me thinking about other big events I remember in my political awareness:

General Manuel Noriega being removed from power. This caused my Dad to spend a year remote in Panama before we could join him. It was a year spent with my grandparents.

The Berlin Wall falling. I didn't really understand the significance but a lot of people I knew were watching it a lot.

The war in Afaghanstan and Iraq. I remember thinking that we were going to have an -extremely- hard time winning in Afaghanastan. All I knew was that Russia had eventually given up and that historically it was one of those places where empires failed. I was shocked at how quickly we "won" and then unshocked at how it has failed to fully stabalize.

In Iraq I was again surprised by how quickly the initial fighting was over. I'm saddened by the fact that it has taken us this long to return their country to a semblance of stability but I'm really hopeful that the current trend of stability caused by the troop surge will stick and we will be out of there leaving a peaceful Iraq behind. I say hopeful because things in the middle east never seem to go the way anyone hopes.

Rwanda. I didn't know about Rwanda until the movie Hotel Rwanda. This movies compeletly reduced me to tears. Researching the event made me cry again. Genocide infuriates me. If any nation suspects another nation is committing genocide I feel they have the COMPLETE right to demand an international investigation and enforce sanctions in the meantime. If they have proof that they are committing genocide I feel they have a moral obligation to intervene. There is nothing sadder than when the world sits back and watches as another nation commits injustice like that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Tuesday I wasn't blogging because I was freakin exausted and then was busy running errands in town.

And Wednesday I was SICK. Like Death warmed over. Like roadkill mixed with a side of napalm and oh my gosh I'm dying. Seriously this was bad stuff...the world was ending. I'm CERTAIN that what I had was a rare disease that had in times past wiped out atlantis and killed all life on mars.

I didn't completely die. Infact I hung in there so tenaciously that Wulfa gave me props for being helpful even when I was suffering accute and paralyzing pain of a degree previously unknown to man. Orclette cried a lot that day, seeing the state her Daddy was in. She also cried a lot because her Daddy wouldn't stand up and hold her. He would only snuggle with her while he lay DYING on the floor.

Anyways... as someone somewhere once said "I got better". I made it to work today. Wulfa called me right before lunch and let me know that my shiny new axe now glows white and shiny. Very happy.

I've been debating a few things. Right now my talents are 17/5/0. Before getting sick and nearly I've been considering respecing back into fury further for improved slam. Currently though I'm thinking that while I do use slam a LOT when I have the rage for it... I'm not sure improved slam is worth the respec. Bleh I can't think why am I even bothering to try.

Well going back to being busy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Need. A. Vacation.

The Orclette was sick this weekend. She's also going through teething/separation anxiety/fussiness/won't let me out of her sight. Also experimenting with screaming.

So my nerves are on edge.

And then Damm got sick early this morning. And the Orclette is still fussy.

At this point I want to get sick so I can lay in bed and let Damm take care of the Orclette. In another room so I can't hear the fussiness.

/want to be single again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy weekend.

So its 4:35am and I've been up for an hour. I think I'll not be getting any more sleep.

I was on call this weekend.

Due to a special mistake by a coworker I spent 8 hours Saturday working.

Due to who knows what, I spent from 3am Sunday morning till about midnight Sunday night dealing with Orclette's 102.5 fever.

Last night at midnight(monday night), Orclette woke up screaming. I'm not sure if it was a nightmare or just not feeling good. She screamed until about 1:40am then she fell asleep.

Roughly an hour and a half later... I got a call about another work related issue. Its resolved now but I have to make sure everything is -fully- okay. I'm thinking I'll be done in about 20 min. Then I drive back to my house and....

well I'm still debating whether or not to stay up or try and get another hour of sleep.

Fun times.

P.S. I got to 30 this weekend and now have a whirlwind axe. Gonna get it enchanted at somepoint after I get sleep and have a chance to play.