Saturday, September 6, 2008

Selma for Prez!

First off.. there is a duck.
Second there is a blog:
Third in this blog is a post:
Fourth this blog is by a person:
I'm taking a moment to say wow-freakin-cool. This is the kind of person that when I read about them I wish dearly we went to the same shops so we could be friends. SHE HAS A FREAKIN DUCK. Me and Wulfa could ya know have dinner with her and Orclette could play with Selma and we'd be great buddies. Mostly I'm simply awestruck by Selma. And the fact that Havi has her.
Yeah I know this isn't very WoW-like or a normal link for me but the essence of her site ...uhm... resonated with me(Resonated was borrowed from her post about pricing because my vocab failed me briefly). In the very short time that I've known about this duck and her person I've well been struck with a fanboyish desire to tell everyone and find out more.
Maybe this is a product of my upcoming life changes, or my love of the silly, or the "calm down don't stress vibe". Anyways I wanted to take a moment and share the shiny. Go enjoy if you are inclined or don't if you aren't.

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