Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Need. A. Vacation.

The Orclette was sick this weekend. She's also going through teething/separation anxiety/fussiness/won't let me out of her sight. Also experimenting with screaming.

So my nerves are on edge.

And then Damm got sick early this morning. And the Orclette is still fussy.

At this point I want to get sick so I can lay in bed and let Damm take care of the Orclette. In another room so I can't hear the fussiness.

/want to be single again.


Barrhona said...

Sorry, sweetie! It's OK to feel a bit overwhelmed. And it does get better.

When they leave the house, I have heard!

Sephrenia said...

Aww - HUGS. Honestly it gets easier. One and a half to three years old (ish) is the worst possible. You feel you can't help them when they cry. All they want is Mummy. You have no other existence apart from "Mummy".

Then all of a sudden they are almost 14 and you are the last person in the world they want to know.

Learn to love the good things. The total dependence. The fact that YOU are somebody's whole world. Treasure them, remember them, for they are gone too quickly.

But it really really does get better - I know exactly how you feel and send hugs and virtual chocolate,

Softi said...

Aww hon, Seph is right, it does get easier! Hope you get some pampering once Damm and Orclette are feeling back to normal. /hug

Cassieann said...

I agree with everyone else. I remember those days with Alex. It's so hard when they can't tell you what's wrong and you just have to guess. But soon, it will get better (course, then she'll be complaining and telling you everything that's wrong and never be quiet again) *grin*

Try to steal a few minutes when you can and know that we're thinking about you.

klaki said...

"/want to be single again"

Ouch! /comfort [target=Dammy]