Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Tuesday I wasn't blogging because I was freakin exausted and then was busy running errands in town.

And Wednesday I was SICK. Like Death warmed over. Like roadkill mixed with a side of napalm and oh my gosh I'm dying. Seriously this was bad stuff...the world was ending. I'm CERTAIN that what I had was a rare disease that had in times past wiped out atlantis and killed all life on mars.

I didn't completely die. Infact I hung in there so tenaciously that Wulfa gave me props for being helpful even when I was suffering accute and paralyzing pain of a degree previously unknown to man. Orclette cried a lot that day, seeing the state her Daddy was in. She also cried a lot because her Daddy wouldn't stand up and hold her. He would only snuggle with her while he lay DYING on the floor.

Anyways... as someone somewhere once said "I got better". I made it to work today. Wulfa called me right before lunch and let me know that my shiny new axe now glows white and shiny. Very happy.

I've been debating a few things. Right now my talents are 17/5/0. Before getting sick and nearly I've been considering respecing back into fury further for improved slam. Currently though I'm thinking that while I do use slam a LOT when I have the rage for it... I'm not sure improved slam is worth the respec. Bleh I can't think why am I even bothering to try.

Well going back to being busy.

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Thrillah, Protectorate (Kil'Jaeden) said...


22 points spent... I would hold off until you get to 31 points and then respec into full arms for mortal strike (those 5 points in cruelty are great for the crit, but it means you've got to wait 5 more levels to get mortal strike). OR, just respec back into full fury and leave it be.

I'm at a hair under 52 right now and really starting to feel a little pain. The enhancement shaman I'm leveling with (and I have a 70 shaman that used to be my main) is just KILLING me - his stormstrikes, windfury-procs, and flurry-procs are just too much for me and even though I don't see it as very "warrior-like", I decided to make the switch to fury.

One of the things I don't like about the Arms tree is what I see as a lack of deep talents. I'm sure that more seasoned warriors will disagree but I don't see spending any more points in the arms tree past 31 as very valuable. The 31/30 arms-fury spec looks best to me, but it leaves me lacking. I don't get that sense of accomplishment when I go spend a new talent point and it's in the second or third tier of a tree.

I haven't respeced to fury yet because between lvl 40 and lvl 60, there just aren't any good 1H weapons up on the AH on my realm. There's some good 1H weapons from Sunken Temple and one or two from BRD, but overall it's really lacking.

And, I'm told that the 41 point talent in fury is pointless. What's with the talent trees where the goal... the final "AH HA! I've got it now!"... is a talent that no one wants and is rarely taken?

I really haven't seen many talents I truly love in the warrior trees other than protection, which I plan to try out once I hit outlands and run some instances.