Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy weekend.

So its 4:35am and I've been up for an hour. I think I'll not be getting any more sleep.

I was on call this weekend.

Due to a special mistake by a coworker I spent 8 hours Saturday working.

Due to who knows what, I spent from 3am Sunday morning till about midnight Sunday night dealing with Orclette's 102.5 fever.

Last night at midnight(monday night), Orclette woke up screaming. I'm not sure if it was a nightmare or just not feeling good. She screamed until about 1:40am then she fell asleep.

Roughly an hour and a half later... I got a call about another work related issue. Its resolved now but I have to make sure everything is -fully- okay. I'm thinking I'll be done in about 20 min. Then I drive back to my house and....

well I'm still debating whether or not to stay up or try and get another hour of sleep.

Fun times.

P.S. I got to 30 this weekend and now have a whirlwind axe. Gonna get it enchanted at somepoint after I get sleep and have a chance to play.

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Anonymous said...

Doozie will be at your beck and call, just let me know when and where. Also, I have a ton of mats in the bank if you need... save spending money in AH until you visit Doozie's Den of Delight, Enchants Inc.™