Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Shaman's night out.

So my shammy was given a chance to play last night. Some impressions/experiances:

Chain Heal is about 30x more awesome than I thought it was. There just aren't words.

Earth Shield and Riptide are pretty darn amazing.

Ruune I lied to you. Kinda. Glyph of Wildgrowth is handy in raids... but WG already hits 5 people so a 6th is kinda overkill for fivemans unless you really really like pets. Glyph of rejuvy, glyph of swiftmend and glyph of nourish is what I would use at 80.

I kept forgetting to use totems. Its been so long. I'd skip like 5-6 fights before remembering to drop them again... and I'd wander off and forget to use the give me mana back spell.

Mana Tide totem is -not- innervate. It is very shiny I'm sure but I need to use it more often and to remember that it won't return practically all of my mana.

I wish lesser healing wave was faster. Getting used to having to stop to cast... is odd. But on the plus side when I went back to my druid... everything felt really zen. For the first time in ages I looked around and stared at things and thought huh why is it so easy all of a sudden. Going from ~800 spellpower to ~1900 spellpower and from ~125? mp5 to ~400+.... yeah its loverly.

The best thing last night?

When my level 70 shaman SOLOED THE LAST BOSS IN UK*.

*Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration.**

**A lot of one.***

***See what happened was......

The warrior charged in grabbing the Valkyrul's full attention quickly. Right behind him a Paladin, Rogue, and Hunter roared towards the giant. Following them was Jioay, the shaman.

As the fight started Jioay covered everyone in healing magic keeping everyone up. The giant died...and then was resurrected again... now an undead he suddenly was throwing out more damage than before. The warrior fought bravely but fell due to a small gap in the healing magic. Small but enough to result in his death. The Paladin quickly jumped between the giant and the healer... only to die mere seconds later. The rogue and hunter tried to hamper his path towards the healer. The shaman panicked and threw down an Earth Elemental totem and let loose a chain of healing magic on the hunter... the healing gave him 5 seconds instead of 1 but he died anyways. The rogue died a moment afterwards despite the concentrated healing. And the shaman? The shaman knew it was useless to run... and started to try and heal the elemental ...when the undead giant suddenly fell. Leaving the battlefield to Jioay.

A few Resurrection spells later everyone was on their feet.

SO....... yeah that was the -best- way ever to end an instance. Despite the fact that it took I swear like 2 hours(I have no clue it felt like forever) because of lack of dps.

By lack I don't mean lack of bodies.
Let me give you a... rough chart of the dps meter for each fight:

Warrior Tank: 800+
Paladin Ret: 550?
Rogue something: 300?
Hunter ????: 250ish

to put this in perspective if you somehow don't know the numbers for dps at level 70:

My shaman... in healing gear... healing specced... does about 300 dps while soloing.... with a bad rotation and half asleep.

Fay's warrior alt(the tank) should be putting out about 500... 800 is -good- according to Khourschetface the brother who pugs all the time levels 20-80 with a million different toons.

Yeah that was special.

But fun. So very fun. And bad pugs are the best places to learn to heal... because you are learning in the -worst- environment... so when you get a good party... you are like holy crap these guys are awesome.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


All the posts so far this week were written Monday. I find it incredibly funny reading them later and later and see how in simply one week my thoughts on things can change so much.

This post is the first non monday post.

On Stories.

You may have seen in my last two story posts that the titles have "Shadows" in them. This is to let you know that they are set in Shadowrun's world kinda loosely. So that you will have an idea of the setting behind such a short glimpse of a story.

I am trying to become a short story author. To do this I am using the blog more and more. I find that on mondays I have a lot of time in the morning where I am able to think about stories clearly and I want to use this to practice writing.

Please please if you read my stories and like them comment. Or if you have thoughts/comments about how a character acts or where the story is going please comment. Any input is appreciated.

Well I say that.... if your input is simply "you suck stop wasting our time" please don't waste your precious finger effort to type that out. I already know that none of my writing is amazing literature(yet), and I will most likely delete any pure criticism posts.

But things like: "I think character x would do y in that sitiuation instead" or "hey you are making this grammer error over and over you should probably stop" or "why did you use third person here instead of 2nd" will be appreciated and read.

I've tried a few times to come up with WoW based or more sword/armor based stories but they do not interest me so I don't write them.

Not sure anymore where I am going with this post so I'm going to stop now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bedtime Shadows.

Screen 1 0630 Monday
[incoming Susan priority 2]"have you fed the kids?"
[incoming Susan priority 2]"Our kids... have you fed them?"
[outgoing]"oh yes at 1900 or so..."
[incoming Susan priority 2]"Honey! Today! This morning?!"
[outgoing]"Gaaah! It is morning? Bah! Activating drones 3 and 4"
[incoming Susan priority 2]"Set yourself an alarm next time!"
[outgoing]"Yes. Sorry..."

Screen 3 0647 Monday
[incoming MesotopianFangs priority 3]"Demos I've got a job for you if your interested..."
[outgoing]"MF today is wide open You have my attention"
[incoming MesotopianFangs priority 3][encrypted]"Read this and meet us at the attached chat room"[Attached: CorpJob.docz]
Screen 2 0715 Monday
[incoming Tate priority 5]"Dad, this teacher is being retarded. He is suggesting that the UCAS can be blamed for all of the political problems of this last decade."
[outgoing]"Teachers are mortal too you know."
[outgoing]"But regardless they deserve your full attention. If you don't stop talking in class I will disconnect all of your non-emergency comlink functions."
Screen 2 1205 Monday
[incoming Miraluna priority 4]"Daddy I'm out early today can you pick me up?"
[outgoing]"Yes munchkin. Your teacher notified me. I parked the car down the street, uploading directions now. Drone 7 is at the school gate and will escort you."
[incoming Miraluna priority 5]"Thank you daddy"
[outgoing]"No problem love you."
Screen 3 1213 Monday
[incoming Steallaorc priority 3][encrypted]"Kraken the grid is still up! I need those cameras down NOW!"
[outgoing][encrypted]"Calm down! You are on the wrong floor you said it was the third floor so I neutralized the third floor. Sanitizing now. Open door in 1 min 38 seconds."
Screen 1 1435 Monday
[incoming Susan priority 3]
"Babe I'm running low on phosphorus rounds can you please order me some?"
[outgoing]"Sure order done. Pickup at Don's after 1600"
[incoming Susan priority 3]"Will do. Also will you clean up the house? I need to have guests over tonight"
[outgoing]"Babe, I have all the drones out on business or errands this will need to be something the kids do. Will that be okay?"
[incoming Susan priority 3]"Sigh. Fine."
Screen 2 1436
[outgoing]"Tate. Pickup."
[incoming Tate priority 3]" Yes dad?"
[outgoing]"Attached is a note excusing you from your last class period. You will have to take it online tonight but for now come home early and clean the house."[Attachment: excusenote.docz]
[incoming Tate priority 3]"What! I had plans you already said I could go!"
[outgoing]"I know but plans change. I am comping you some drive hours as well as two curfew passes to make up for this."
[incoming Tate priority 4]"Sigh fine"
[outgoing]"hah just like your mother"[Attachment: screen1screenshot.jpz]
Screen 3 1735 Monday
[incoming Steallaorc priority 3][encrypted]"Thanks for the assist Kraken your share is already sent."[Attached: BankofNorthernAmerica.transaction.logs]
[outgoing][encrypted]"No problem. You guys are good and first time errors were not deadly. My services are available any time through the same channels."

Later that night in a house on the north side of Dallas:

The light above Tate's door went green with a low soft chime. Tate glanced up from his screens and turned. Seeing the color he paused all input and yelled above his music: "Come in dad!"
Demos slipped in.
"Tate, sorry to interrupt your most pressing game time" Demos started with a smile, "but I was headed to bed and wanted to make sure you were not still upset about today."
"Nah I'm good Dad. I just really wanted to see that concert. But it turns out that more of my friends are going to see them this weekend than went tonight and if it is okay with you I'd like to use the driving hours you gave me and one of the curfew passes on Friday."
"Yeah that should be fine. I'll need to check with your mother though before giving you a final okay. You'll have an answer in your inbox tomorrow morning. Good night and good hunting in your games"
"Night dad."

Demos left and headed down the hall to his daughter's room. Stopping by his study to pickup a small worn book; he knocked on her door and then slid it open.
"You ready to read our story?" He queried.
"Yes daddy."
As he sat down on her bed and opened the book she looked up and asked:
"Daddy why don't you just play the story from a screen like they do in school?"
A thoughtful smile flitted across his face.
"Because some things a daddy can only do in person."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You'll understand when.....

Inspired by TJ whose post on this I missed some how. Hence why this is coming so much later than when she posted her thoughts on this subject.

3. I’m pretty sick of being told, “You’ll understand when you __________.” Whether it be get married, have a kid, get older, etc etc etc. I’m not a slobbering moron. I am pretty sure I understand a good portion of these things, at least in theory. Phil and I live together, have a joint bank account, do most everything together unless he is at work. I am pretty sure I “get” the whole functional, day to day-ness of being married. And no, I don’t have a kid, but I’ve been tired. Oh no, I totally understand. You, the one who has procreated, are the only one who knows what real tired is. No one else has ever been tired. Ever. EVER. If you have not expelled a baby from your body, you may think you’ve been tired, exhausted, ready to drop face first into your laptop, but you’d be wrong. Because only mommies know what tired really is. Anyway. I’m not eight. “You’ll understand when ________” no longer applies, like, ever. I may not have all the wisdom that years bring, but I am pretty sure that saying “I do,” having a baby, or any other life event doesn’t suddenly grant you special powers. I am reasonably certain that I possess the mental capacity to understand these basic concepts.

Me and Wulfa were talking about this. And both of us agree that non-baby-fied people do totally get just as tired as us on occasion. Heck, many of them get MORE tired. The tired factor isn't some exclusive thing that you get to experience as a parent.***

On the other hand... until you have a kid... you really don't know what having a kid is like. And if you for some wierd(by my standards) life reason have had to be responsible(solely) for a kid for a year... then sure you get it. Because that counts as "having a kid" but it has to be for a long extended time. Because watching kids over a week or two IS NOT THE SAME.**

And until you've lived with someone for a year or so... you don't know what living with someone is like. Because its so very easy to live with people for a few weeks... but after about 6 months if you didn't like the person to start with... you'll hate them. And I would say that living with someone that you are intament, intiment, intamint... I hate words. Anyways that counts for all the things about being married. Not the same thing(technically) as being married no but you get all the same effects.***

But to say that the phrase "you'll understand when" doesn't apply? What about if someone said: "You'll understand when he gets deployed". Because that's a HUGE life experiance that is hard to describe without experiencing it. Or "You'll understand when you give birth", or for people with my job: "You'll understand when you are deployed and get shot at for the first time". I'm sure there are others.**

Having extreme life events doesn't make you special or stronger... but most of those events aren't really understood until you have them. It is like knowing what peanut butter and cheese tastes like. Just because you do(ISHVI) doesn't make you any better than me. But I can't really say that I understand what that is like until I've done it.

** This paragraph disagrees.
*** This paragraph agrees.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Go look at this! Right now!


I lost this one.

So I started this one.

One of my favorite orc pictures ever.

Although this one wasn't bad:


Something that occured to me after writing that story post Garden Shadows was how often in real life that people have some CRAZY thing happen more than once in their lifetimes. Cops and soldiers do all the time. But "normal" people well.. don't. You might; once, get caught in a bank while the cops and robbers shoot it out. But if that happens it is extremely unlikely that anything like that will ever happen to you again.

See that! Up there! Mira! That is what happens when I try to say serious things. I get lost in the stupid.

I did that whole lost in the stupid thing this weekend. My mom made a statement of something to the effect that Israel was the only culture to be dispersed for a millennium and then successfully keep their culture and reform into a real country. I started arguing; not because I really knew but because anytime anyone says something that boldly they HAVE to be wrong. And very shortly you have me spewing out "facts" and other stupids. When Wulfa(our family history major) hopped in? Dammy the super husband may have sarcastically treated her input as possibly less than valid because it didn't agree with his facts. Dammy the super husband dug deep deep holes yep yep he did.

Being lost in the stupid isn't always a argument thing. It also describes that wonderful point where you are SURE that THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. And you capture a bolt of lightning's charge in a big steel drum filled with sand and then try to move the drum and give the current a route out through you. Or when you KNOW THAT HE/SHE LOVES YOU FOR YOU.... when they've shown over and over again their willingness to ignore you when the benefits stop. Or when you will "DO THAT IMPORTANT THING LATER IT WILL BE OKAY" etc.

So in the interests of giving people things to blog about if you blog and read this you should go and write something about a time when you got LOST IN THE STUPID(you should be hearing a booming announcer from a 50's t.v. drama show thing).