Monday, February 15, 2010


Something that occured to me after writing that story post Garden Shadows was how often in real life that people have some CRAZY thing happen more than once in their lifetimes. Cops and soldiers do all the time. But "normal" people well.. don't. You might; once, get caught in a bank while the cops and robbers shoot it out. But if that happens it is extremely unlikely that anything like that will ever happen to you again.

See that! Up there! Mira! That is what happens when I try to say serious things. I get lost in the stupid.

I did that whole lost in the stupid thing this weekend. My mom made a statement of something to the effect that Israel was the only culture to be dispersed for a millennium and then successfully keep their culture and reform into a real country. I started arguing; not because I really knew but because anytime anyone says something that boldly they HAVE to be wrong. And very shortly you have me spewing out "facts" and other stupids. When Wulfa(our family history major) hopped in? Dammy the super husband may have sarcastically treated her input as possibly less than valid because it didn't agree with his facts. Dammy the super husband dug deep deep holes yep yep he did.

Being lost in the stupid isn't always a argument thing. It also describes that wonderful point where you are SURE that THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. And you capture a bolt of lightning's charge in a big steel drum filled with sand and then try to move the drum and give the current a route out through you. Or when you KNOW THAT HE/SHE LOVES YOU FOR YOU.... when they've shown over and over again their willingness to ignore you when the benefits stop. Or when you will "DO THAT IMPORTANT THING LATER IT WILL BE OKAY" etc.

So in the interests of giving people things to blog about if you blog and read this you should go and write something about a time when you got LOST IN THE STUPID(you should be hearing a booming announcer from a 50's t.v. drama show thing).

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