Friday, July 22, 2011

My daughter: mini-me in training.

Last night I was up past midnight watching The Return of the King. I didn't finish, but I figured my kids probably wouldn't sleep in if I actually needed them to sleep in, so I called it quits right after the battle for Minis Tirith. I was woken up this morning by my daughter, the Orclette, telling me quite seriously that "It's morning time momma. The sun is up! We need to be up! It's morning time!" She does this every morning, so it wasn't a shocker, but I haven't been sleeping well lately. I believe I growled at her and then groggily made my way to the coffeepot.

She didn't stop there, however. She thought it'd be a great idea for me to get her milk and could she please sit in the chair that I painted with flowers and turn on a movie and oh could the drink be milk and I am cold momma so I need some cold water to make my tummy feel better and where is my milk?

As you can imagine, I did not find this amusing. I think I had managed to get the coffee pot filled with water by the time she finished that particular soliloquy. Then she started telling me how we should go about getting Uncle Boddert from the airport (he arrived back from India today and we were very excited about this) and what we needed to bring and how we needed to clean out the car. The coffee was brewing at this point so I was in a kinder frame of mind which allowed me to recognize her chatter as almost an exact copy of how I usually explain our plans for the day. I never talked babytalk to her when she was a baby; I talked to her as though she were an adult and found out that explaining how we were going to do things (even though she didn't really care because she was an infant) helped me to better organize everything. So I've continued doing it.

I guess you could say I've brought the officiousness and bossiness on myself. On the other hand, she appears to be developing a well-organized mind, so it'll be worth the years of having my mini-me help me plan things.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As anyone should know, little children + food usually=grossness. Sticky messes, bread that had milk/juice/whatever spilled on it, food that has picked up additional flavor from being on the floor, etc. I didn't have any problems with encountering child-enhanced food until this past week. You see, I'm mental, as Ron (from HP) would say. The calorie count would get messed up if I shared with my kids or if I ate something they shared with me. So we just stayed far away from each others food.

I had a recurrence of pericoronitis, however, and was anxious to get started on the antibiotics. I was in my car, racing to get to work on time, and couldn't find any type of liquid. Finally I spotted one of the kiddos' drinks, which I thought had contained water and/or gatorade. So I washed my antibiotics down with it. Then it struck me that the "water" tasted a mite funny, and then I noticed there were red dots in the cup. I still don't know what the red dots were, and I didn't get sick, but that was a close call.

Then I had another encounter with grossness. We were all watching the World Cup game, and I was a wee bit hungry. So I asked the Orclette to fetch me a tortilla. She first had to get one for herself, and then Brenden, which he refused. So I said I'd take it, and he trotted it on over to me. I ate most of it before it occurred to me that it was a bit soggy. I also found a dog hair on it. My only excuse is that I was completely absorbed in the game.

I wish I had a third example to relate, but I don't. It would have made for nice symmetry (I like the number three). I'm back to being rigid on the "don't touch my food and I won't touch yours" policy in my house. It's an attitude that has rubbed off on the kids; the Orclette gets extremely loud if you take a fry (or anything else, that was just a recent example that came to mind) and the Miniorc gets extremely anxious. I'm all about the sharing when it comes to toys, choosing movies and stuff like that but I'm completely fine with my kids NOT sharing food. We're just working on expressing our feelings in a quieter voice.

I shall leave you with an example of my kids sharing.

Piggyback rides on daddy. Very big hit. Giddyup horsey! :)