Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dazed and confuzzled.

Ignoring for the moment that Many bosses are immune to daze effects.

And using the following values:
Steady Shot is 35% of your damage.
Steady Shot hits for 700 damage for you.

Having a mob dazed would increase your Steady shot damage by 20%(based on a base extra 175 damage according to wowWiki).

If a mob was dazed 100% of the time your dps would increase by 8.59%
If a mob was dazed 9.6% of the time(my estimate on how much Concussive Barrage would keep a single mob dazed) then your dps would increase by .73%

-The Rogue Combat Talent Blade Twisting gives the rogue a 10%/20% to daze a target for 8 seconds when using their Sinister Strike, Backstab, Gouge or Shiv abilities.
-A Paladin's Avenger's Shield, acquired by talent, "dazes" 3 targets.
-Mages have the talent-trained Blast Wave which dazes all enemies in an area.
-Hunters have Concussive Shot, which dazes the target for 4 seconds, and a talent in their Marksmanship tree called Concussive Barrage which grants their auto-shot attack a 2%/4%/6% chance to daze their target for 4 sec.
-Warlocks have Aftermath which gives their Destruction spells a 2%-10% chance to daze for 5 sec.
-Warriors who have Rank 4 Shield Bash can also daze for 6 seconds, and warriors with Piercing Howl can daze all nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

Now concussive shot is a bad idea because it will make the hunter go OOM very quickly with very little reward. Not sure about the others.

The basic idea here is that there might be an un-tapped resource for boosting the over all raid dps if your raid had several BM hunters(who I belive use Steady shot more than the others do). What I'm not sure of is how much trying to keep daze up would lower each classes' dps...and if the amount lowered would be more or less than the BM dps raised.

Anyways I thought this was good enough for a blog post.

Friday, May 9, 2008


So I came up with a solution. A small metal tube that would allow air to come in while the gas goes out.

Here is my elegant picture:

This one's for the Orc Wife

You can make me sob when you fail to pull the mob
You can whine for water all the time
Or you can tell your friends just what a fool I've been
And laugh and joke about this spec of mine

You can tell my guild that I'm a ninja still
You can tell my tank to let me die
Or you can tell my priest to always heal me least
I won't tell them that you always lie

But don't break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
You just can't take that agro now
And if you break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
The raid will wipe and kill this man

You can take my kills and judge me with your seals
Or you can tell your pet to go and gore my leg
Or tell your warlock Biff, to fear me off a cliff
He never really liked me anyway

Oh break a trap or two, I won't tell the hunter who
Shackle isn't worthwhile anyways.
You can DPS mobs right and left
ignoring threat and driving us insane.

But don't break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
You just can't take that agro now
And if you break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
The raid will wipe and kill this man

But don't break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
You just can't take that agro now
And if you break my sheep, my achy breaky sheep
The raid will wipe and kill this man
Curtesy of Billy Ray Magus.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Orcs

I think some background is necessary for you to understand the full import of my story.

I am not by nature a romantic person. I have to schedule cuddle time-it's just not something that I do. Black leather and all the toys that come with it are probably more my style if I ever had the extra cash to spend on stuff like that. But that is not Dammy's style. He likes the cuddling, the sitting still, the romantic country songs (it sounds like all the dudes that sing country are whining about love and all the women are out at the bars trying to have some fun), the words of love, etc.

Soooo. There is one notable exception to my non-cuddliness. Set me up with a movie (best if the sun has gone down), watch it with me. I think this comes from when we were dating and dark theaters were the perfect spot for a quick makeout session and movie rentals often were only half-watched. Anyway, I have said that if Dammy will watch movies with me he shall be rewarded. Repeatedly.

So this evening we had to return a movie rental and I said,

"Want to rent a movie because Raaksi is away for the evening and we're all by ourselves? (insert eyebrow lifts) Hint hint?"

Dammy replied, "What? How does renting a movie and hint hint go together?"

So I explain, again. He persisted in arguing with me. So, in mild exasperation I said,

"What does it matter? I've said that 'hint hint' will always happen if you watch a movie with me? WHY are you arguing? I am so posting about this!!"

So I'm posting. Feel free to gently poke fun of Dammy. I already have.

This is for the Icky.

So she wants to buy herself a present eh?

Well based on my idea in the comments:


Also, a new poll. My answer was 5-10,10-15.

Writing in advance.

One thing I've been trying to do is write all my posts well in advance. Now this hasn't increased my post quality as they are all still very much just hashed out whenever I feel like but what it will hopefully do is control my urge to post 3-4 times a day. And give me material for those days when I do not feel like posting.

I don't like the posting 3-4 times in a day because I noticed I get bored of places that update that quickly....doing it once a month is okay but if you post too often then I feel like you did not take much time to think about what you are writing and you want me to just read scribblins.

I really dislike it when I do this and am hoping that by forcing myself to only one post a day I will be improving my writing. I like what I write when I take a lot of time on something but I despise most of the things I hastily bash out.

I have story ideas that I want to write but I'm not quite sure how to make time in my evening for them. Anyone else have this problem? You have multiple things you want to do, and you always seem to end up doing the 'easiest' one? For me this is WOW. I like WoW and I want to level but I often wish I had spent the time drawing or writing or cleaning up my house/garage*.

Time like eating healthy.... it is very worth it in the long term even if you dislike it in the short.

Well this post should hit Thursday. Today is Monday. We'll see how it goes.

*As of this writing the Garage is 1/2 spotless because Saturday I stopped for an hour....thats all it takes...sigh.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The process.

Twitter scares me.

I don't have twitter.

Twitter shouldn't scare me.

I shall investigate.

My workplace apparently doesn't block twitter's main site.

I'm tempted to get twitter.

TJ has twitter.

I think about theoreticly getting Twitter.

The Time FBI take notice and send me a fax.

It is a most wanted list.

On it? Is twitter.

Twitter is like a mass-time-murderer.

Twitter really scares me.


A text message I recieved this morning that I found... cool interesting odd.

"325 gold and your daughter is a punk"

This sentance gives me a huge picture of what is happening at home. And is nifty for that reason.

Small clarification: I don't actually have or use Twitter. I was using that noun because the email reminded me of it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My computer.

My awesome christmas present Laptop is used 85% of the time by Wulfa because it lets her play on our bed while Orclette sleeps.

So I currently play WoW using the following:

1022mB RAM
Pentium 4 3ghz 2CPU
Directx 9
SB Audigy 2 Audio D80<------Sound
Intel($) 82865G Graphics Controller 96 meg<----- Video
A monitor that I belive is 11 inches by 10 inches.

My brother assures me that improving my RAM is the best thing I could do with my limited funds.

Eventually I want to get a new monitor, a graphics card, and more RAM. My question is what do you think would be the best thing to improve first?

Musings of a Wulfa

You know you play WOW when:
#1. You're out walking in the bright sunshine, chatting with Dammy, when out of the corner of your left eye you see a bright green substance-it's a slime monster! And then you take a clooser look and it's only algae/moss (my biology knowledge is really not good) ....
#2. Out of the corner of your right eye you see briarthorn and you move your hand to bring the mouse over it to gather it-and then you remember you're driving and it couldn't possibly be briarthorn. Closer inspection reveals it to be one of those huge cylindrical concrete thingies they use for road construction ......

-It had to be this morning that Orclette hid our remotes. I reconciled myself to the fact that I would not be doing my Cathe Freidrich video this morning and figured I'd play a bit of WOW. Logged on and remembered that it's maintenance day. I was sufficiently aggitated anough to want to throw something ......

-My very first hunter has been given new life and a new name. Angharad was transferred over to Kael'thas to join BBB's guild. Someone had already taken her name so I renamed her Wulfa. I now have a Beowulfa/Wulfa Horde side and Alliance side. At least you'll know who I am .... She's almost lvl 48. Seeing as she was my first hunter, I didn't know anything. That's my disclaimer. When she hit 40 that meant I could wear mail-and anything mail is better than the agility-laden leather stuff I had, right? So I found her wearing gloves that were gray, a chestpiece with stamina & strength (or was it spirit?), and little agility. Her reputation is horrible. She's not even revered with her own faction (NE). Beowulfa hit that when she was lvl 20 (the alliance one). But-I have bought new gear, she has more agility than Horde-Beowulfa had at her level so I'm happy. And she has two kitty mounts. I love the NE mounts. Absoballylutely my favorites (1000 rep to the person who can tell me where absoballylutely-or a very close derivation-comes from. Hint: they put these books in both the kids section and the sci-fi section).

-Beowulfa (alliance) is our Kael'thas banker. She's spending a lot of time in Darnassus and not a whole lot leveling. I'm thinking she'll hang out there until I get Wulfa to 70. I really want to be able to play with the big kids when they bring out their big guns (i.e. all their lvl 70's). At the same time, I'd like to have a healer because I know how very useful they are. And I do like healing, so I'd be combining my desire to be helpful with what I want to do, and thus not anger BBB while helping my uber-cool guild ......

-icecream is good. Blizzards are even better.

-my little brother is dating. This is the one we thought would be married with kids before the rest of us even thought about adding to the family tree. Laugh's on me, I guess ... Anyway, I don't know all the details because I have yet to talk to the brother that's doing the dating and have only talked to the other brother (younger than me but older than dating brother) and thus have only his take on the situation. Basically, a friend of younger brother has a sister who wants to go to her prom. She's good-looking, intelligent, and I'm guessing is not afraid of sharing her views, expressing herself, in short-very confident. And she doesn't have a boyfriend 'cause they're all scared of her (I have the upmost sympathy for her as I had the same problem ...). She didn't really want to take any dudes from her loser-list (the middle brother's words-not hers) so her brother suggested my brother. And they've been out on two extra dates already. So we'll see how this goes ..... sniff. My little brother is growing up. I had the same reaction when I walked into a bar that my other brother plays at (music). "He associates with these people?!" (My family was not into bar/pub going.) He's very proud of the fact that although he's been offered/bought drinks he has yet to partake. Maybe he's learned from my example (as the requisite "bad" child I got drunk 2 times and had horrible hangovers the next day).

-Last night we left Orclette with her babysitter. Or rather with her babysitter's brother (they're Orclette's cousins) because babysitter wasn't back yet. We're thinking that was the problem. She did not like how all that happened. And when I got back she was playing contentedly with babysitter until she saw me. Her face crumpled, tears flowed, and cries of rage issued forth. She was very, very unhappy with me.

Ok, random musings are done. I don't have my posts on a set timer yet like dammy so his will post over this one, but we know who you really want to read :)

Update: The remotes have been found. One Orclette stashed in the laundry bin, the other she shoved under the dresser.

Heads Up: Pictures have been requested of me w/ my awesome hunter shirt and of the Orclette. Pictures shall be supplied, once Dammy shows me how to upload them ......


So if your cat does 25% of your damage ...then going to a bear would be a 4.32% reduction in your overall dps.* I take it this is a horrible thing? I'm asking this because bears are COOL. Not sort of cool but wow I'm awesome.

But I don't want to level up a bear to 70 and get all attached to the bugger only to find out that a 4-5% reduction in dps is amazingly huge. P.S. I'm incredibly for T.C.N.O.H.P.**

Being the incredibly introspective, but not insightful person I am I wonder what other bloggers think my style is....this thought comes from Megan and Matt doing their 'how to blog' posts. I've decided that my personal blogging style is "vacilitate a lot and change subjects and misspell things".

So I shall continue. Vent makes me speak funny. I'm constantly realizing that I haven't thought out my sentences in advance. Also I talk a lot. At least when I type I think about 3 words in advance and don't "UHM" so much. I have a very hard time finding words to fit what I'm trying to say. Ask Abuto, and Ess, and anyone else who has heard me in the last 4 days of having a Mic. I'm grasping for words all of the time. This is something I wish to work on.

Also I have to slow down and speak clearly. Because I mumble a lot and drop the volume towards the end of statements.

Almost level 30. This feels a lot faster than my shaman. So much faster with so much less effort, but looking back on my shaman leveling I notice that I spent a lot of time also working on my warlock....basicly I leveled two toons to 40 before stopping and leveling my shaman to 58. This time I've only done the hunter and it will also be my 4th toon to hit 30...every time it gets easier.

* Based on Mania's site saying bears have -9% dps and cats have +10%
**The Complete Normalization Of Hunter Pets(ie: all pets are the same but just look different)[I'm a warlock at heart you can tell]

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing great to say.

Didn't hit 30(only 28).

Got a Whiskers-the-Rat.

Did ding Revered on my 2nd race... Dammerung the hunter is now Revered with Humans and Spacegoats and honored with everyone else.

Did get to do two instances with Sidhe Devils.

Did find this hillarious.

Very tired even though the weekend was very relaxing and I slept a lot.

Angharad the level 45ish NE hunter that Wulfa used to play is now Wulfa the level 46 NE hunter on Kael'Thas.

So very sleepy.


1) I agree florida is really a suburb of boston but circling it with yellow would have been confusing.
2) Technically didn't Bill clinton come from what I have labeled as Border States?
3) Hawaii is really just part of austrailia ... and Alaska is where the North Pole is so it doesn't count as part of the US.

Also: I had an amazing time at the Running. I was able to chat with Abuto and Ess and had a chance to die. All in all it was great. But like the smart orc I am I completely forgot screenshots. Please go here, or here, or here or here for shots.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here is a pictorial example of how I view the US.

Here is a pictorial example of how I view the US. Yes I do know the actual geographic regions but I like my view and it works for me.
P.S. Wulfa will likely point out that MD and VA were southern states during the war... She's very proprietary over what you call Virginians.
Well thats that.