Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing great to say.

Didn't hit 30(only 28).

Got a Whiskers-the-Rat.

Did ding Revered on my 2nd race... Dammerung the hunter is now Revered with Humans and Spacegoats and honored with everyone else.

Did get to do two instances with Sidhe Devils.

Did find this hillarious.

Very tired even though the weekend was very relaxing and I slept a lot.

Angharad the level 45ish NE hunter that Wulfa used to play is now Wulfa the level 46 NE hunter on Kael'Thas.

So very sleepy.


1) I agree florida is really a suburb of boston but circling it with yellow would have been confusing.
2) Technically didn't Bill clinton come from what I have labeled as Border States?
3) Hawaii is really just part of austrailia ... and Alaska is where the North Pole is so it doesn't count as part of the US.

Also: I had an amazing time at the Running. I was able to chat with Abuto and Ess and had a chance to die. All in all it was great. But like the smart orc I am I completely forgot screenshots. Please go here, or here, or here or here for shots.


Daxenos said...

Ah, yes. North Pole is in Alaska, indeed. Just east of Fairbanks around Eielson AFB.

/sigh...oh to be in the wilds of Alaska again...

Dammerung said...

You could have Mrs. Dax buy you a tent and name it "the Wilds of Alaska".

And on cold wintery days you could sleep outside in it and think happy thoughts.

Stale said...

Hey! dont be lumping us Auzzies in with your hula hula girls and their leys...

Actually wait... I have changed my mind, we'll take em :)