Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Orcs

I think some background is necessary for you to understand the full import of my story.

I am not by nature a romantic person. I have to schedule cuddle time-it's just not something that I do. Black leather and all the toys that come with it are probably more my style if I ever had the extra cash to spend on stuff like that. But that is not Dammy's style. He likes the cuddling, the sitting still, the romantic country songs (it sounds like all the dudes that sing country are whining about love and all the women are out at the bars trying to have some fun), the words of love, etc.

Soooo. There is one notable exception to my non-cuddliness. Set me up with a movie (best if the sun has gone down), watch it with me. I think this comes from when we were dating and dark theaters were the perfect spot for a quick makeout session and movie rentals often were only half-watched. Anyway, I have said that if Dammy will watch movies with me he shall be rewarded. Repeatedly.

So this evening we had to return a movie rental and I said,

"Want to rent a movie because Raaksi is away for the evening and we're all by ourselves? (insert eyebrow lifts) Hint hint?"

Dammy replied, "What? How does renting a movie and hint hint go together?"

So I explain, again. He persisted in arguing with me. So, in mild exasperation I said,

"What does it matter? I've said that 'hint hint' will always happen if you watch a movie with me? WHY are you arguing? I am so posting about this!!"

So I'm posting. Feel free to gently poke fun of Dammy. I already have.


Trollin' said...

/tar Dam


Softi said...


/tar Dammy


Daxenos said...

/tar Dammy
/s It doesn't matter if she says garbage disposal and hint hint, SHE SAID HINT HINT!!!!