Friday, June 27, 2008

A post of sorts.

"Tell everyone to submit any question they want to ask of us and we'll do a big post like Nasirah or Tea Jay and etc. Also we'll do pictures of ourselves or Orclette if requested since we're vain. If we don't get enough questions we'll get hurt and sad and cancel the whole thing."

I'm looking into the idea of learning ada or gnat(which as I understand it is a free version of ada). I'd love for someone to suggest a good book or website to learn these from and to verify that gnat is extremely similair to ada. Right after I finish this post I'll begin google searching this.

Also I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with Honeywell of By familiar I mean you know someone who works for them, you work for them, you've worked on a project with them. I'm trying to research what life is like working for them. Expect deep secret questions like: Is the carpet nice? Do they let you drink water? Are there chairs?

Tooth the 6th has started. Last night wasn't happy. But I went to bed early so I still rested well* Orclette is extremely cute when she's happy and extremely distressing when she's hurt and frustrated. This is a bit of a duh but I felt like saying it.

I'm currently striving to hit my goal of 10 druid levels a week(until level 60). I think I'm doing smashingly. At 60 I'll respec hybrid balance/resto and collect my resto gear. Thats the plan anyways. "At 60" is similair to "one of these days"....

Well anyways thats the end of my post. Take what you like, keep what you can.

*Wulfa dislikes this way of saying it and thinks I should say "slept well" or "am well rested". I go with the theory that you can sleep but not rest and you can rest but not sleep and you can have rested well but not be well rested because something stirred you up after you woke up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orclette Hazard

Orclette really likes the little baby cereal. She's currently munching on apple cinnamon. When she eats these they're not just going into her mouth (that wouldn't be a story) they coat the rest of her in sticky apple cinnamy goodness. But I thought I got it all off. So I meander into the bathroom. And she follows me, as Orclettes will. And in my moment of vulnerability she strikes.

Sticky Hand (Rank 5), on the mommy! Followed by Crumbles in Fist (Rank 6) on her leg!

I feign death so the Orclette aggro wanders away then clean up the mess. And I thought I got it all off. But I was wrong. Sticky baby cereal between your skin and your jeans is possibly one of the weirdest sensations I have encountered. But that's just a hazard you run when living with an Orclette.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catch Up

It's been like, forever, since I last wrote a post. Almost a week. Sleep and my newest favorite series stole me away. Sleep 'cause I've been staying up late, i.e. 10, 10:30 p.m., and the new series by Stephenie Meyers has vampires, werewolves, and lots of drama. What's not to love? I got the first one Sunday night, started reading Monday morning, drove back to Springfield (1-hour each way) to get the second and third one, and finished them Tuesday afternoon. [Spoilers removed]..... Yeah, lots of drama. And lots of muscly men. Yummy yummy.

Ok, in WoW, no, I'm not ready for that yet. Sunday I worked in my fabulous bookstore and a customer was mean to me! In Houston I expected it, but here, working one day a week on a Sunday (which is when the church people come out to play) I was rather surprised. We have to offer our membership card, if you say you don't have one we have to offer a benefit. Now, I'm not a salesman. I'm very good and getting projects done with the store completely packed and no time to finish the project, but not very good pitching a sales spiel. So I do what is required and if you say no I don't bother you. But this particular couple would actually have benefited from the card, so I put in a bit of extra effort. And when I was done, the woman looked straight at me and said, "Ok, so now that you're done with your spiel can we finish the transaction?"! Grrrr. And another grrrrrr. Oh, and later that night we found a cup with a pale yellow liquid inside. I left it, 'cause I had suspicions as to what it might be, but another co-worked cleaned it up and confirmed my theory. We get some really weird people in my store.

Now on to WoW. I will write how I spent the day when I dinged 70, I will explain my thoughts on being 70, but now right now. Right now I want to talk about my baby pally Wulfi. She's lvl 13 and comin' along fast because of the festival perks. And she's not squishy. You see, I want a healer. DPS are a dime a dozen, and even though I ADORE my hunter and have plans to eventually lvl another one, I want another 70 that will be NEEDED and possibly called on to pug. But my lvl 25 shadow priest Beowulfa was just too squishy. I had a lvl 24 druid I could bring over but Dammy is having so much fun with his I don't want to copy him. So I decided to try pally again, since I had only lvl'ed one to 9 before. I created a good looking Space Kangaroo (tell your mom thanks Eustace for that name =) and started playing. Before I knew it we were lvl 10 and I was hooked. She's currently a Prot pally because Ishvi, who is the only person I know with a lvl 70 paladin, swears by that path for leveling. So far I like it, and it meshes well with my personal preferences. So we'll see how this works out. I'm hoping by the end of the summer to be around lvl 60.

And now, without further ado, I'm gonna do a few dailies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grats on 70!

I started this project a little late. My fault. However Phinnigan more than made up for my slackin. The picture shows Wulfa, her Cat mount, her Cat pet, and her Cat hubby. Who knew that you became a cat lady the more seasons you have....

Happy lvl 70, Wulfa! Dammerung put the idea out there and I drew it up...

*(names changed cus I wanted to).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gearing up the wulfa.

Okay so Wulfa needs a little bit of help. And as I'm officially her 'researcher' like she is my 'banker' here is what I've got:

I am suggesting she get Mongoose on her spear for + a bunch of agility. Her spear is a really good one and it should be okay at this point to get enchants. I'm an idiot and didn't read the enchant. Sorry I thought that was a static + agi and a chance for weapon speed increase. The normal + agi enchant it is then. Thanks Crashandburn for noticing.

And her bow I'm suggesting she get a plus hit scope.

I am suggesting she gem anything and everything with Rigid Golden Draenites because right now her hit rating is below 142 which is what I've seen as the magic number for hunters to stop missing. Missing right now is a huge drag on her dps so lets get that stopped right away.

I noticed her ring was a bit old and suggested:

And depending on whether or not Shartuul is a someone a 5 man could do:

I also noticed this about her boots and came up with these:

Also in my never ending quest for more hit I suggested getting this shoulder piece and trinket: <---shoulder <----trinket Finally I suggested she get

And slap them on.

All these changes should propell her hit way up high where we can stop worrying about it and start getting +do-damage-stats.

Anyways this is a very brief list and intended as a starter set for her. I think if I added up all of the + hit I'd find I suggested more than she needs but his way she can pick and chose. Anyways suggestions as always are welcome.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday sunday sunday

I was going to write a post about making a strategy game here. But as I started writing I realized that a large portion of what is in my way is my lazyness. So I'm changing the focus of the post.

I -love- designing characters in DnD. I love making maps. I also enjoy trying to design encounters, or taking an existing game and changing the rules to try and make a different game. I can do these things for hours. When I wasn't playing wow I would spend my free time designing character after character for DnD 3.5 or for Shadowrun or building multiple npc's for an encounter and trying to come up with a set of tactics that would make the PC's sweat but wouldn't be heavy handed. Ask Wulfa... I easily spent 20+ hours a week doing this. When I go for walks I dream up scenes(crappy dialog) but scenes that make me want to see them.

But I am generally too lazy to go purchase tokens, and polish up a map, and make a set of rules, and write a story to make my own game. I am -NOT- willing to code a game(I don't like working on the computer) and I keep putting off doing any real writing.

I keep trying to figure out what it is that prevents me from actually trying any of these things. More and more there is a market for games of all sorts and sizes. Almost any board game can easily be ported to computers and daily computer games become more mainstream and less 'geeky'. So this would be a valid thing to actually work at.

But when I go home? I will log into my Druid and get my next level. Until I change this I cannot complain about a lack of tools.