Friday, June 27, 2008

A post of sorts.

"Tell everyone to submit any question they want to ask of us and we'll do a big post like Nasirah or Tea Jay and etc. Also we'll do pictures of ourselves or Orclette if requested since we're vain. If we don't get enough questions we'll get hurt and sad and cancel the whole thing."

I'm looking into the idea of learning ada or gnat(which as I understand it is a free version of ada). I'd love for someone to suggest a good book or website to learn these from and to verify that gnat is extremely similair to ada. Right after I finish this post I'll begin google searching this.

Also I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with Honeywell of By familiar I mean you know someone who works for them, you work for them, you've worked on a project with them. I'm trying to research what life is like working for them. Expect deep secret questions like: Is the carpet nice? Do they let you drink water? Are there chairs?

Tooth the 6th has started. Last night wasn't happy. But I went to bed early so I still rested well* Orclette is extremely cute when she's happy and extremely distressing when she's hurt and frustrated. This is a bit of a duh but I felt like saying it.

I'm currently striving to hit my goal of 10 druid levels a week(until level 60). I think I'm doing smashingly. At 60 I'll respec hybrid balance/resto and collect my resto gear. Thats the plan anyways. "At 60" is similair to "one of these days"....

Well anyways thats the end of my post. Take what you like, keep what you can.

*Wulfa dislikes this way of saying it and thinks I should say "slept well" or "am well rested". I go with the theory that you can sleep but not rest and you can rest but not sleep and you can have rested well but not be well rested because something stirred you up after you woke up.


Noobiewan said...

Any question?, any question at all so you can make a post....ok, here's one:
Do you like toast with butter/spread of with something else on top, like peanut butter, chocolate spread or strawberry jam?
I'm sorry, its the best I could come up with. wait! got one: Any tips or tricks about raising a little Orclette and balancing WoW time and work?

Anonymous said...

A question for the future: Assuming WoW or an equally involved MMORPG are involved in your family when your orclette is 5+ years will you handle her game time? How will you ensure her safety and keep her experience fun and innocent? Would you deny the ability all together and keep her involved only with "LeapFrog" and outdoor activities instead? Perhaps you don't want her to get into video games at all? Do you think, years from now, when you tell her about your alt named orclette that she will think you're a bit silly? Maybe she'll want to play orclette herself. Will you relinquish control of said character?


Really I could continue. It's a post of the future. The future of gaming and child safety.

Daxenos said...

Do you two plan on having at least two other kids so you can have a full party?

And what will be the punishment when Orcboy ninja's your epic?

Anonymous said...

I dunno Daxe...a ninja in the family?? Might get disowned...

klaki said...

Questions... hmmmm

1. If there are 5 apples and you take 3 away. How many apples do you have?

2. When you two grp up? Who takes the lead?

3. Any particular TV shows you all watch as a couple?

I'll think of some more later.

As far as other stuff... learn Ruby, not Ada. Ruby is da bomb, and its free.

I do know someone who works for a subsidy of Honeywell. He seems to think the corporate guys are idiots :) What do you want to know?

Dammerung said...

Ruby? Is ruby anything like ada? The thing I'm looking into particularly required ada experiance hence why I wanted to muck around with it.

All of my programming experiance is with RPGIV which is rather -not- like ada.

Dammerung said...

@everyone with questions... the "tell all" post will come monday".

@klaki I'm wanting to know what it is like working for them. Is it a good work environment? Are they friendly idiots? Are the hours okay for the pay? Do they expect everyone to go home at 5pm sharp? Do they expect everyone to stay until midnight every night? Is there a harsh dress code? Is there any dress code at all(naked programmers ick)? Things of this nature. I've got a happy work place and don't even want to consider another one if it isn't happy.

Dammerung said...

@klaki P.s. I'm gathering multiple sources on this so don't worry that this info is urgent or anything... I'm just trying to be thorough.

Eustashius said...

I would take the time to learn a modern language for which there is MUCH demand. Ruby was already mentioned, C# .NET or Java are other ones worth mentioning, as is SQL if you don't already know it :-). So... It seems to me I would tackle C# first or Java as they, too, are object oriented, strongly typed, yada yada which is similar to Ada. Also, I would look to see what is the demand and learn those languages first. Finally, you don't have to know everything... you just need to know enough about what a language can do and then have enough smarts to figure out / look up the rest.

Nasirah said...

I have no questions... but I demand more pictures of Orclette!

ASH said...

- Have you ever tried brown cheese, and why?
- What's the meaning of life?
- How did Orclette change that meaning?

klaki said...

Sry for taking so long, I don't get to read my blogs on the weekends.

Ruby is an awesome language. It mainly used for web based apps, but it is so nice and easy. Watch some of these here to get an idea on Ruby.

As far as my friends work, he gets paid well, but then again he's like high up on the programming chain. Dress code is business casual. He refers to corporate peeps as idiots because they aren't always the easiest to work with. Some of the decisions don't make sense. That however is how a lot of places are though. My friend, like me, work on salary so some weeks are a nice 40hr week and some are hectic 50 or more hour weeks, depends on whats going on. He seems to like it there, but he works for a small subsidy.