Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday sunday sunday

I was going to write a post about making a strategy game here. But as I started writing I realized that a large portion of what is in my way is my lazyness. So I'm changing the focus of the post.

I -love- designing characters in DnD. I love making maps. I also enjoy trying to design encounters, or taking an existing game and changing the rules to try and make a different game. I can do these things for hours. When I wasn't playing wow I would spend my free time designing character after character for DnD 3.5 or for Shadowrun or building multiple npc's for an encounter and trying to come up with a set of tactics that would make the PC's sweat but wouldn't be heavy handed. Ask Wulfa... I easily spent 20+ hours a week doing this. When I go for walks I dream up scenes(crappy dialog) but scenes that make me want to see them.

But I am generally too lazy to go purchase tokens, and polish up a map, and make a set of rules, and write a story to make my own game. I am -NOT- willing to code a game(I don't like working on the computer) and I keep putting off doing any real writing.

I keep trying to figure out what it is that prevents me from actually trying any of these things. More and more there is a market for games of all sorts and sizes. Almost any board game can easily be ported to computers and daily computer games become more mainstream and less 'geeky'. So this would be a valid thing to actually work at.

But when I go home? I will log into my Druid and get my next level. Until I change this I cannot complain about a lack of tools.


waupeople said...

I saw a video clip of "Chariots of Fire" today. The part where Eric Liddle tells his sister, "God made me fast and when I run I feel His pleasure." I wonder is CS Lewis felt God's pleasure when he wrote the Chronicles of Narnia? I heard someone say that every generation has something that they fight with ... I wonder if this generation's battle is with depression ... a feeling that there is no point ... why bother? I will pray that you will make up multitudinous stories and plots, that you will run with them, that you will feel God's pleasure as you do the thing you were made to do.

klaki said...

Been there, done that. My friend and I tried to create a 2d game. So we would writ notes on classes, plots, skills, etc. I wrote most of the code. He would design the maps and weapons. Before "the incident" I had a little sprite able to move around a little map. It is really fun doing that stuff.