Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orclette Hazard

Orclette really likes the little baby cereal. She's currently munching on apple cinnamon. When she eats these they're not just going into her mouth (that wouldn't be a story) they coat the rest of her in sticky apple cinnamy goodness. But I thought I got it all off. So I meander into the bathroom. And she follows me, as Orclettes will. And in my moment of vulnerability she strikes.

Sticky Hand (Rank 5), on the mommy! Followed by Crumbles in Fist (Rank 6) on her leg!

I feign death so the Orclette aggro wanders away then clean up the mess. And I thought I got it all off. But I was wrong. Sticky baby cereal between your skin and your jeans is possibly one of the weirdest sensations I have encountered. But that's just a hazard you run when living with an Orclette.


Dechion said...


Kids are so much fun =)

klaki said...

hehe, you know you are into WoW when you create spells and abilities from RL actions. hehe :)

oh, i found this pic... here.
i thought it was perfect for you all even though you all seem more alliance lately :)

Noobiewan said...

firstly would have to say that if ya ito wow you tend to use terms like Rep and Mats when refering to how well people like you and what ingredients are for dinner!

Secondly, My little hunters (9 months and almost 3yrs) still find ways to ambush me with Sticky Hands(various ranks) and as hunters FD only lets them get to my face :( messy!

Anonymous said...

I MUST do a shirt for you "Orclette X-ing"


Softi said...

@Klaki I love that pic :)

I totally know how you feel... and now we have 2 of them around! hehe

Beowulfa said...

@klaki: that picture was awesome =)
@noobiewan: lol
@oneamongmany: yay! more shirts! and drawings!