Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wrecking Crew

first time since 2007 that the aggies have shut out an opponent in the first half, in 2007 it was Kansas, the aggies went on to lose that game 19-11, it was also the first time since 2007 that the sooners have been shut out in the first half that was against Iowa state OU went on to win 17-7.

The aggies had 222 yards in the first half compared to OU's 111; the offensive production was well balanced at 100 on the ground and 122 in the air.

OU’s offense is ranked 16th in the nation with an average of 460 yards per game.

The aggies limited the sooners to their second lowest offensive output 362 their season low was in their win against Texas 360.

It was the lowest point total by OU however on the year.

The aggies held OU to 72 yards rushing with an average per rush of 1.6.

They held OU to a total of 362 yards on 104 offensive plays with an average of 3.5 per play.

The aggies had 4 sacks on the day for a total of 32 yards, one forced fumble and one interception.

The aggies Michael Hodges had a career day with 19 tackles 8 solo 2 tackles for a loss, and 2 sacks, this was the most tackles posted by an aggies player since Dat Nguyen notched 20 against UCLA in 1998.

Von miller also had a stout day with 8 tackles 3 solo, 3 tackles for a loss, and 1.5 sacks, 1 qb hurry.

Sean porter had a solid day as well getting 7 tackles 2 solo, 2 tackles for a loss, and 3 pass break ups, 1 qb hurry.

Note these are 3 out of four of our starting linebackers; the fourth Garrick Williams had 7 tackles 4 solo, and 1 tackle for a loss.

Huge production out of the linebacking core on Saturday.

OU’s 3rd possession they had a first and goal from the 10 yard line, the aggies forced a 4th down however on the 3rd an goal from the 10 the aggies were penalized for roughing the passer giving OU a 1st and goal from the 4 yard line. Then the aggies held OU out of the endzone for four consecutive plays including two from the one yard line to force a turnover on downs.

In the second quarter with a first and 10 on the aggies 24yd line OU looked like they were about to score before Garrick Williams tackled DeMarco Murrey for a 6 yard loss out to the 30 followed on the next play by Eddie brown and von miller sacking Landry jones for 9 yards out to the 39 putting OU out of field goal range and facing a 4th and 25 to go.

The aggies started the third quarter off by returning the kickoff for a touchdown.

In the 4th quarter at the aggies 32yd line OU attempted a fake field goal but were unable to complete the pass and turned the ball over on downs.

4th qtr. OU gets a 1st and goal at the aggies 10 yard line they rush to the 5 then to the 1 but are held out of the endzone on consecutive plays from the 1 yard line to turn the ball over on downs.

4th qtr. OU has a first and goal at the aggies 4 yard line but are held on 4 consecutive plays short of the end zone to turn the ball over on downs for the final time.

Marking 3 times in the game that OU had a first and goal and could not score, also three times that they had a 3rd and goal from the one or better yet could not get the ball into the end zone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


To level herbalism from zero to cap?

To get from level 71 to 80?

RAMBLY Political Responses.


On monday, I had about 80% of this written as a reply to your comment before I figured I should just drop it into a post. Yay for thought spam from simple commentary.

To be clear: I'm not anti-our-current-president. I didn't like his solution for the recession(the bailout(which was started by our previous president)) but I'm certainly not blaming the recession on him. I understand that it was my dear party that thought you could spend AND cut taxes at the same time.

I'm not really in favor of the way in which the other party wants to extend the tax cuts(cutting some and not others). I would rather we let all of the tax cuts expire and everyone equally paid a little bit more. BUT I'm really not happy with the idea that we can extend all of them when we are in record levels of national debt, which is what my party espouses.

No our current president didn't have much time to fix the economy...and any good/harm he did probably won't be evident until about 2 years after this next election.

The things I don't like about him is that he doesn't seem decisive any more and I'm not really sure what he wants to get done.

Now my traditional party hasn't helped at all. They've been so busy trying to make him fail that they probably have blocked many good things while trying to block bad things(I'm not really for universal health care without strings(aka Tri-Care is kinda universal but you have to be serving)).

I'm kind of using this election as a sheepskin(referring to choice making device of Gideon). I'm watching my party to see if they can get over the "anything the other party isn't" position and if they can show that they are actively working towards a goal that isn't defined by the other party.

I agree that no matter which party is in power the people will be overly critical any time the people are suffering even the most minor of inconveniences.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Something about Daylight Savings Time awakens my inner grump. My inner meloncholia. There should not be daylight streaming in through my window at 6 a.m. It's just wrong. Why do we do this again?

I'm also grumpy because we're going down to Houston for Thanksgiving. Happiness, right? Well yes, but then I have to come back. There is a little voice inside me that shrieks bloody murder every time we make that drive back to New Mexico. And every visit I seriously contemplate just staying. I change my mind once I contemplate the absolute chaos that would ensue were I to do that. But then I think how nice it would be. And the inner scream commences.

I am also grumpy because Miniorc has to be positioned just right to fall asleep. He doesn't like having the covers on his legs, he has to be snuggled up a certain way, and if anything is not to his liking he throws a fit. So this morning I put him on the floor after being thoroughly woken up by his antics. I lasted 15 seconds and then picked him up, but he proceeded to fall right back asleep. Apparently he wasn't prepared for Momma to go on the offensive and succumbed to my tactics.

I am also grumpy because NMSU requires student advising every semester. One more thing that I have to make time for. Who needs advising more than once a year? Overload, people, overload. You are being Big Brother. And I don't need a big brother. I like being the oldest.

Bah. Enough with the grumpy. What am I happy about? Thinking.

Still Thinking.


Can't think of anything. But at least I tried, right? I acknowledged my grumpiness and the need to shift focus onto happy matters. It is not my fault if I can't think of something happy.

Ooh-coffee. That's happy. But then I also think of my chocolate habit, which I have kicked, but which makes me sad. No more chocolate in the morning. Ok, grumpy again.

I just can't win this morning.