Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RAMBLY Political Responses.


On monday, I had about 80% of this written as a reply to your comment before I figured I should just drop it into a post. Yay for thought spam from simple commentary.

To be clear: I'm not anti-our-current-president. I didn't like his solution for the recession(the bailout(which was started by our previous president)) but I'm certainly not blaming the recession on him. I understand that it was my dear party that thought you could spend AND cut taxes at the same time.

I'm not really in favor of the way in which the other party wants to extend the tax cuts(cutting some and not others). I would rather we let all of the tax cuts expire and everyone equally paid a little bit more. BUT I'm really not happy with the idea that we can extend all of them when we are in record levels of national debt, which is what my party espouses.

No our current president didn't have much time to fix the economy...and any good/harm he did probably won't be evident until about 2 years after this next election.

The things I don't like about him is that he doesn't seem decisive any more and I'm not really sure what he wants to get done.

Now my traditional party hasn't helped at all. They've been so busy trying to make him fail that they probably have blocked many good things while trying to block bad things(I'm not really for universal health care without strings(aka Tri-Care is kinda universal but you have to be serving)).

I'm kind of using this election as a sheepskin(referring to choice making device of Gideon). I'm watching my party to see if they can get over the "anything the other party isn't" position and if they can show that they are actively working towards a goal that isn't defined by the other party.

I agree that no matter which party is in power the people will be overly critical any time the people are suffering even the most minor of inconveniences.


scott said...

I think you have hit on the big problem with politics in this country right now. Both parties seems to be letting the other party determine what it is they want to do, as a result no one is really doing anything.

bo-breaze said...

I define myself as independant. I voted for Obama and think he is doing as you said a lack luster job. Currently my biggest concern with our politics is the build up of two massive parties that both want power but don't want to make the changes necessary for our country to succeed in the world market. I fear that the inaction by these two parties will cause a great strain on the people of the united states.

I believe there is one issue that has not been raised ut should. This issue is the lack of term limits on senators and congresssmen. We limit our president to 2 terms however with our current system we are having senators elected for multiple terms that spanns decades. This retention of old senators has created what i refer to as the old guard. They base their descisions and goals not necessarily on facts but old belifes and various old idealolgies. The retention of old hinders progress. While some argue progress for the sake of progress is bad i believe lack of progress is just as equally as bad. IF you look at our country from a political view not in a view of innovation and technology what you will see is a lack of progress. Infact you may see a reversal of progress in some areas such as education.

What i mean is since around the 1960s we have done nothing of political worth that has shown why americais the greatest nation on earth. Yes we are free in our country but we are controlled not by laws but by corporate intrests. Our laws were once created by the people for the people now their created by the corperation for the corperation. We have lost our way on education allowing colleges to become a form of corporations that restrict people from learning because they can not pay. We have endangered our childrens future by under funding and lack of innovation in lower education.

What we need is to begin being politcally inovative we need parties that aren't scared of another party saying their wrong. They need to be strong and brave enough to say enough is enough we have to do something you may not agreee with my methods but something must be done. Then if the voters are educated on the policy and its successful the party will succeed currently we have two goliath parties that need to crumble so that progress can be achieved because currently we are stuck.

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