Monday, November 8, 2010


Something about Daylight Savings Time awakens my inner grump. My inner meloncholia. There should not be daylight streaming in through my window at 6 a.m. It's just wrong. Why do we do this again?

I'm also grumpy because we're going down to Houston for Thanksgiving. Happiness, right? Well yes, but then I have to come back. There is a little voice inside me that shrieks bloody murder every time we make that drive back to New Mexico. And every visit I seriously contemplate just staying. I change my mind once I contemplate the absolute chaos that would ensue were I to do that. But then I think how nice it would be. And the inner scream commences.

I am also grumpy because Miniorc has to be positioned just right to fall asleep. He doesn't like having the covers on his legs, he has to be snuggled up a certain way, and if anything is not to his liking he throws a fit. So this morning I put him on the floor after being thoroughly woken up by his antics. I lasted 15 seconds and then picked him up, but he proceeded to fall right back asleep. Apparently he wasn't prepared for Momma to go on the offensive and succumbed to my tactics.

I am also grumpy because NMSU requires student advising every semester. One more thing that I have to make time for. Who needs advising more than once a year? Overload, people, overload. You are being Big Brother. And I don't need a big brother. I like being the oldest.

Bah. Enough with the grumpy. What am I happy about? Thinking.

Still Thinking.


Can't think of anything. But at least I tried, right? I acknowledged my grumpiness and the need to shift focus onto happy matters. It is not my fault if I can't think of something happy.

Ooh-coffee. That's happy. But then I also think of my chocolate habit, which I have kicked, but which makes me sad. No more chocolate in the morning. Ok, grumpy again.

I just can't win this morning.

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