Saturday, October 31, 2009

My cousin.

I have a cousin I'm fairly close to who currently has 'Toxic Shock Syndrome' or TSS. He is extremely ill and despite being an overly outgoing person is now turning down hospital visits because he simply isn't up to talking with people.

Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

The good news is: He is not in the ICU (which means that multiple organs have not failed- probably no organs have failed); he's in a big hospital which is better for someone who has this sort of thing and lots of people are praying.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hmm more thoughts.

The dental stuff has gone much better than expected. I got a tooth pulled today and two fillings and was given an appointment for Tuesday to get the final three fillings. I was expecting to get two fillings, get told I had to do a root canal(three appointments all told for just that) and having to spend about 1-2 weeks showing up at 7:30 for "on call" to try and get in when someone didn't show to their appointment. This is obviously much better.

PT... well I was on track kinda but haven't gotten any today or most of yesterday. Can't do PT again until after tomorrow because dentist is afraid I will burst open whatever he did when he pulled my teeth. I think I'll just ask the Sargents to smoke me when I go to my final FTX. That should be enough. I'm off profile tomorrow tomorrow. This is very yay. I'm praying that nothing will happen to jack me up again. Being a PT stud was one of my dreams for basic but due to the three month hernia profile that never turned out. I will recover eventually.

WoW. I'm gearing my mind up for warcraft again. I'm kinda out of touch on things and was hoping to have a few quick links to viable BM specs, enh. shammy specs, and druidy specs so I had somewhere to start from when I get back without having to test it all again myself. Any and all assistance will be appreciated.

All done for now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News from the me.

So I'm proceeding decently on the PT front. My PT test is on Monday the 9th of November. I graduate the following day and HOPEFULLY go home. Any and all prayers are welcome.

The end of the training is so much better as Sgt's are finally starting to treat us like well... people. So if my classmates don't manage to screw it up for us by abusing this treatment life should be pretty chill until the end of training. (And if I do get held over for Dental or PT then I don't have to deal with the Sgt's so much as just constantly be working to get those two things fixed).

Hmm... its $30 to change Faction. And $25 to change servers. So to move my Orc Shaman over to Kael'thas would cost me $55 + tax. hmm. No longer certain that it is worth it. *quiet whimper* Maybe...

I really really want to have access to a bookstore and be able to read certain new books that are out.

Uhm... bother. That is it for now. I've got a battle buddy waiting on me so I'll be cutting it short.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All I have to do is make it for another 3 years.

When I was 6 I think I had fun playing with my brother. That means I only have to make it another 3 years til the Orclette and the Miniorc start to have fun together.

At the moment, their day goes like this:

6 a.m.: Miniorc wakes up, needs food. I feed him then meander out to the living room because my awesome coffee maker has made my coffee for me (the preset option:).

6:10 a.m.: The Orclette wakes up, discovers that I'm not in the room with her and proceeds to wake the entire apartment building with her bellows. Oh, she also woke up the Miniorc who was sleeping peacefully in his bassinet.

6:30 a.m.: Miniorc is finally asleep again on my shoulder. The Orclette and I are watching t.v. Suddenly the Miniorc starts squirming and then starts crying. Turns out the Orclette got bored and started poking him with her cold fingers.

And so on and so forth. I know it'll get easier once Damm is here to run interference (14 days), but at the moment there are many many times that I wish I could ship the Orclette off to Grandma's house until Damm gets back.

Although, I remember my mom making that threat (shipping one off to Grandma's) when I was much older than 6. So maybe keeping both children alive and safe never gets easier.

So ... what happens when they turn 18 and are out of the house? Or much older than 18 and still living at the house? Will I still be running interference?

Sigh. Suddenly I feel so tired.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Locked down.

So this weekend I've been on lockdown with little or no time to do anything other than formations, inspections and bay maintenance. Joys.

Wow is going to be starting again soon. All you friends who we've neglected so long I hope you are still around.

Wulfa should be starting again this week and I should be starting again in about 2-3 weeks.

We are debating a blog change to an alliance theme as the coming Worgen have forever stolen me away from the horde. Yay and stuff.

And that is about it. Time to go.