Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hmm more thoughts.

The dental stuff has gone much better than expected. I got a tooth pulled today and two fillings and was given an appointment for Tuesday to get the final three fillings. I was expecting to get two fillings, get told I had to do a root canal(three appointments all told for just that) and having to spend about 1-2 weeks showing up at 7:30 for "on call" to try and get in when someone didn't show to their appointment. This is obviously much better.

PT... well I was on track kinda but haven't gotten any today or most of yesterday. Can't do PT again until after tomorrow because dentist is afraid I will burst open whatever he did when he pulled my teeth. I think I'll just ask the Sargents to smoke me when I go to my final FTX. That should be enough. I'm off profile tomorrow tomorrow. This is very yay. I'm praying that nothing will happen to jack me up again. Being a PT stud was one of my dreams for basic but due to the three month hernia profile that never turned out. I will recover eventually.

WoW. I'm gearing my mind up for warcraft again. I'm kinda out of touch on things and was hoping to have a few quick links to viable BM specs, enh. shammy specs, and druidy specs so I had somewhere to start from when I get back without having to test it all again myself. Any and all assistance will be appreciated.

All done for now.

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