Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bugs for breakfast.

The Orclette has a voracious thirst for learning.

Yes she is wearing makeup. We had a special event to go to. Doesn't she look darling?

"Can we do school momma?" "When are we going to do school?" "Momma I haven't done school today!" are heard frequently in our household. Do I love this attitude? Yes I do. I love learning; I love buying shiny new notebooks and writing notes in them. I love connecting data and coming to conclusions. I love delving deeper into subjects and finding out if the teacher knows what he's (or she, that was a random choice) talking about. Now my daughter is following in my footsteps; she loves notebooks and pencils, she likes doing workbooks and projects equally and she has frequently asked me "Why don't you know that momma?" When I informed her that my area was history, she asked "Can you tell me about history?" Hehe. Where to start.

A couple mornings ago she found a book about bugs and started perusing it. She would ask me what each bug was called, how big it was and what it did. Some of the bugs were pretty icky looking and I admit it put me off my breakfast a bit. I tried not to let my aversion show because if bugs turn out to be her thing I don't want to stand in the way of it, but I really was not prepared to be inspecting pictures of bugs before the sun came up. Then Miniorc woke up and joined the party, and they "found" more bugs, which of course they had to show me. And I experienced a moment of joy, that my kids hadn't been damaged by the hours of t.v. they've watched and that they can still enjoy a book that doesn't flash or make sounds. And I was reminded that sometimes I just need to slow down (what?! I only have 30 minutes to prepare breakfast and lunch!) and look at bugs for breakfast, because it only increases their appetite for learning when momma is also interested in what they've "found".

Hopefully, though, she won't become interested in arachnids because I'm not sure I could handle that. /shiver.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And now I'm on the gluten-free bandwagon.

I suspect, although I don't know for certain, that I'm currently gluten-sensitive. Not intolerant, because I can still eat the stuff, but I definitely notice a difference in how I feel and what my skin looks like when I do indulge in foods with gluten. And that's pretty much as deep as I'm willing to delve into the whole gluten issue; I wore myself out researching the Paleo lifestyle and I don't like the feeling of jumping on and then jumping off a bandwagon. I don't even mention, usually, that I'm eating gluten-free because if I do choose to eat pizza I don't want people thinking that people with Celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten can handle it like I do.

I first looked at the whole gluten issue when I had my pizza encounter after one week of eating Paleo (it was interesting to note that Damm had a very similar experience, even though he was eating more carbs and more variety than I was). Apparently the alleviation of symptoms, in some cases, followed by a recurrence of symptoms clued people into the possibility of a gluten issue. Some of my relatives are gluten-sensitive and have had success following a gluten-free diet. I've completely cut out gluten for a couple of weeks now (with the exception of pizza night) and I feel awesome (and that's really the only way to determine a sensitivity/intolerance, by cutting out gluten and seeing how you feel). My skin is looking better and I have actually lost those last five pounds. I no longer suffer from any internal distress, and I no longer feel as if I'm a size larger after I eat food. Whether or not cutting out gluten was the reason I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing. Maybe I'll actually get to what I consider my "fighting" weight to be (120 pounds, in case you are curious).

The only drawback to the whole gluten-free thing is that I'm no chef. I can do eggs, nuke a potato and ask Damm to grill the chicken but I have no culinary aspirations beyond that. I'm content with that, but I suspect that Damm might need a bit more variety, especially since he's not following a gluten-free diet (just a lower carb one). I have relatives who are able to look at a pantry and come up with something edible; I just see separate ingredients. There are websites, of course, with plenty of recipes, but I usually lose steam after going to the grocery store. I did once make Vodka Pasta. That's as adventurous as I get.

On a related note, I am still successfully doing pullups. My next challenge for myself is to do one-arm pushups (that might take a while) and to find a nice barbell set so I can actually challenge myself while doing squats/deadlifts. I'm definitely in a minimalist phase of strength training; do some pullups, some pushups, deadlifts/squats and some core work using my suspension system and I'm good. A big change from the isolation exercises I was doing.

Anyway, happy Tuesday. Lift something heavy. You'll feel better. At least I do.