Friday, April 5, 2013

I have found yet another side effect to having had a MC (not sad, just frustrating). Paleo diet, anyone?

I mean, other than the emotional and physical weirdness that occurs and that is completely normal. What I didn't expect was to suddenly gain three pounds and then not be able to take it off. I'm currently nine pounds heavier than I was pre-Cayden.

At this point if I expressed my angst most people would say not to worry about it, that I've been through a trauma and it just takes a while to go back to normal. I know this. It doesn't really help. For me, and I'm sure for countless others, getting back to normal, whatever that was for you, is a way of reasserting control in a situation that is out of your control. So it is hard to accept that yet another thing is not up to you, especially when you've had eating disorders in the past like I have (which is another way of trying to assert control over something). I won't return to those habits-God pulled me out of that way of life for a reason-and fortunately I have a set pattern of how to lose weight to return to: the paleo lifestyle.

I've done more reading on the subject and found some new blogs, new perspectives. Did you know you can subsist entirely on raw meat? Peggy the Primal Parent (who wrote the blog) is absolutely fascinating. I read about her experiences eating paleo during pregnancy and came away truly inspired. Of course, being inspired doesn't really help when you're in the throes of morning sickness (I'm not, but I keep on reading about this stuff. Haven't truly let go yet.). I've hit the whole9life website (the co-founder is pregnant and also writing about her experiences) and have started reading Mark Sisson's blog posts again (for awhile I couldn't read about meat. It was almost as bad as smelling it). And I've returned to my old favorite foods: eggs, bacon, eggs and bacon. With a few other things on the side.

We've also decided to be outside as often as possible. We bought an annual pass to a nearby park and have gone hiking there (photos of the Miniorc and Orclette hiking up a storm coming soon). We've continued walking to our favorite coffee place (about a four-mile round trip). My parents and I have taken our cool new jogging stroller (it's awesome-I'll take photos of it some day) out into the desert for some resistance training and my little container garden is coming along nicely. I'll take photos of that as well one of these days.

So, happy Friday. I'm always excited when this day comes around, because it means I get to #1 sleep in and #2 play outside. I think I had some sort of Vitamin D deficiency this winter because my cravings for sunshine have been pretty strong and I found it necessary to supplement. I might also need to buy some sunscreen that isn't expired ...