Friday, April 18, 2008

Lets blame TJ.

She's over there---->

Why blame her you say?

Well because we were told to:

Then she told us about the prairie dog.Before something awful happened to it.

Things that amuse Fio squish brains. Be warned.
How do you keep up with the woman....she's so awesome so fast.

Oh and here is me. The bear in the back is named IHB. This stands for "I hate people".....which was my sentiments about 5 seconds after I found out that abandoning CAIP(Charming As In Prince)[my level 12 fully trained orange ravager] to tame a level 11 green ravager wouldnt' work because MWR(Mania was right).
All in all...the night was full of win. Even though I'm being out leveled by Wulfa once again...and this time I'm the hunter and she's the priest. Sigh.

Secret awesome moon keyword RNDOMCOWJOKE. If you get'll understand the awesome.

First Impressions

I figured I'd give everyone a view of my thoughts upon joining the Sidhe Devils.

BBB is Windshadow. I keep honestly expecting him to sign on as BBB. Its a shock.

Cassiean is quiet. I have no clue why this surprised me. It shouldn't have. I had never met the woman.

Pox has invaded. Lots of poxers: Ess, Harisan, Dax, Myself, Wulfa, someone else.

There are people I don't know in the guild! Honestly you wonder if I ever read what other people write the way I get surprised by things like this.

Windshadow is a professions fanatic. Everything I think I'm going to buy... he's all "send me mats I've got one of those". He even has a toon who crafts mounts! Epic flying mounts! For levle 10 noobs!

I like guns. I love the steady thunk thunk sound they make. I could play a hunter even if they didn't get the pet just for guns.

I'm a chatty person. I talk a lot on guild channel. I love having a guild channel. Leveling solo is so much easier when you can chat.

All in all I'm having a blast in the two nights I've been there. I'm starting to worry if my level 10 NE hunter is my main. Thats how scary this friendly guild junk is.
In other news I was talking with someone about joining their guild on a different(secret) character I have.(yay for vague).

They showed me their website and I was very impressed and said yay I'd love to join. Their response was that I should create an alt and actually -try- it out first. I was surprised at this, so I took another look at their guidelines.

AHA! Very rp. Sneaky guilds.

So I'm still pondering it and will -deffinitly- need to create an alt and test the waters first. My version of RP is not very good, polished.... mostly because I don't really enjoy the 'acting' part. I don't mind(and infact love) making character backgrounds and junk....but then I play my character as if I'm playing cards.... completely OOC.
All in all this week was huge on the guild side. New guilds all around. Yay for growing.

War, Love, and Chocolate

On War.

Beowulfa is 60. I was excited, exhilarated, thrilled with my new mount, loving all the upgrades/new stuff hunters get at 60. I also felt quite a bit poorer. Then, newly armed with my new spells and my lightning-fast mount, I set out to conquer Hellfire Peninsula. And had a horrible realization.

I am undergeared. I am under-enchanted. I am under-supplied with food buffs for me and Twilight. I don't have enough potions. In short, I am not prepared.

Soooo, Beowulfa will be spending some time back in Azeroth gearing up, possibly getting enchants?! (I have never gotten any because I'm unsure of the procedure and hate looking like a noob or getting ripped off ......), skilling up leatherworking so I can use all the knothide stuff I've been getting. I'm at 292 so it won't take long at all.

Does anyone like Hellfire? I. Don't. Like. Hellfire. Peninsula. It feels like you're on a major slope and it messes with my balance. It isn't organized like any of the zones back on Azeroth (don't you love being able to say that-so flippantly, "Back in Azeroth"?) that I can tell. And everywhere I go I have to be on my guard because I'm an unprepared little hunter and there are mobs everywhere. Oh my gosh-I discovered the nasty little mana-burners. I could NOT figure out why my mana disappeared so fast. I'm a mana-conservationist, mana-friendly, mana-whore, however you want to spin it. I carefully use what I have because I hate having to regen it. And it was just going -poof!- instantaneously. And then I watched as the fel-thingy cast "mana burn." And I felt hot & heavy hate and loathing in Hellfire Peninsula. Oh-and what's with increasing the xp necessary to level? From 180,000 to 494,000? -Cry- I'm done ranting now.

On Love

We are seriously enjoying BBB's guild. I was going to transfer over Angie, my hunter, and I think I still will, but I'm going to try and level this Beowulfa, whom we'll call Beo to avoid confusion. She's a wee priestie and will be going shadow because, well, have you heard of mindflay? I likes it. I loves it. I want some more of it. Such cool people to chat with. Daxe is always funny and makes me laugh. BBB and Cassie are cool and they mention things like "hey-you need a wand? I have an enchanter that can do that for you ..." Such nice guildies. And they answer questions that if asked in general chat or to some of my previous guild members would have gotten a "duh, you don't know that?" response. Oooh, and Ess, and Harisan/Nasirah are in the guild, and who else? I haven't been on much so I don't know everybody yet.

On Chocolate.

I really don't have much to say about chocolate except that I had some this morning. Dark chocolate (Hersheys). And if you like Dark Chocolate I recommend you try Lindt's 70% & 80% dark chocolate. Once you get used to it you won't want to go back (except if you're me and you have a MAJOR sweet tooth. This is why I run.). I wouldn't try the 90% until your palate has acclimated to the slightly bitter and not-very-sweet taste. And did you know that the milk chocolate commonly sold in stores is not really chocolate? It's got too much sugar, vanilla, etc. and not enough cocoa in it. I deny reading a book that was all about chocolate and becoming a chocolate connoisseur.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pox or Poxed

My take:
So last night Green(the quiet recluses) set up shop in WC again. We managed a complete clear and several nice drops even with an incompetent tank. Despite misqueues due to lack of communication from the party leader our rogue died once and twice we attacked bosses thinking they were regular druids. Also the tank kept running off before people were regened.

The night was chaotic and stressful and many wishes were made for a paladin tank.

Raaksi's take(paraphrased as he won't write his own crap):
The night owned! We seriously rocked!! I healed everyone! Even bosses! Totem totem! I saved myself at least 3 times with Tremor! The loot was aesome! I was awesome! Our DPS was MAD crazy keen! Did you see abuto solo that guy! and Kitz was death on four meeps or something like that! Blah blah blah I'm so awesome! Listen to me talk about the awesome healing awesome awesome! Everyone had fun!

Wulfa's view(From what I heard at breakfast):
That was [mindflay] fun! MindFlay! I had so much [mindflay] fun! We should [mindflay] go again and [mindflay] get Kitz the shoulders we [mindflay] want her to [mindflay] have. Wow that [mindflay] was a blast!


I thought it odd our different views on the night. I actually enjoyed it but I focus a lot on what I'm -not- doing right and every small mistake mars my perception. Still this time was better, there was more joking around and Kitz is now solidly green eventhough everyone loves Meep more. Abuto brings some serious pain to mobs. If I faerie fire something..she makes it go away. Far far away very fast like wooosh. Wulfa... well [mindflay][mindflay][mindflay] she has now a very onesided point of view. Raaksi is estatic that he is a healer and a DANG good one.

It was good. Now if we could only get together with the other groups so I could learn their names and chat once in a while :P.....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I blame Matt for having a site banned by my workplace.

So I couldn't click on his poll.

But here is me:

Keyboard to cast 85% of spells(working on the keybindings for the other 15%).

Keyboard to turn(I don't play board/mouse shooters).

Mouse almost exclusively to select objects. Targetting is 75% mouse 25% tab.

I just really hate using the mouse. If I could write a macro that would instantly 90, 180, and 270 turn me I would. Also I'd write a macro to look up with one button press. Then I'd tab target and keep my hands on home row. Life would be grand.

So this is why I don't read forums.


My first thought is absolute bafflement. If you want to give an epic to your human alt from your orc main... do the following:

1) Find out how much said epic costs.
2) Have your human alt list a piece of cloth for this much(or for a lower price that requests a bid).
3) Purchase it for this much using your Orc main.
4) Put your epic up for the 'correct' amount.
5) Have your human buy it with the gold you just gave him.


But if you put up an Epic for an extremely low price you COMPLETELY deserve to have someone else purchase it. Please stop whining stop complaining and SHUT UP!


In other news.... I found out that someone would rather melt faces and I am now planning to make a spacecow paladin instead of the level 5 hunter I have. Yay for the chance to tank(I'm planning on speed leveling to 70.. in terms of /played... still only playing 10-20 hrs a week).

Trying to think of a good name.

Also don't fret about Dammerung-Orc-Shaman. He is still gonna be totem dropping. I'm just taking a break and putting him on a much more relaxed schedule. Playing with a guild is -way- cooler.

Well... tonight is pox.. I just wanted to facebash the keyboard and had to post frustration about the whiners.

p.s. Don't even -dare- to suggest that I would be upset if someone pulled that on me. If I did that I deserve my fate too. /mumble-mutter-rant

So cool ....

We're in Outlands we're in outlands we're in outlands. I don't think I realized I'd actually make it there. Back when I started playing WOW (2 years ago) 60 seemed like so far away and then they raised it to 70. I'm almost lvl 60. I did decide to go back to Azeroth and finish up a few quests there before committing solely to Outlands, but I completed a few quests-and the rewards! Instant upgrades from what I had before. Just awesome. Although my new crossbow and axe need to be skilled up, which is part of the reason why Beowulfa will be back in Winterspring. It's kinda hard fighting 2-3 lvl 60's when your skill level ain't capped.

Other news: Dammy and I have joined BBB's guild, the Sidhe Devils. How is that pronounced? I forgot to ask last night. Is the dh a "th" sound? As in "this"? Dammy is thrilled that he can ponder which character/class/race to roll. He has until tonight to make up his mind =) I'm going to transfer over my first real hunter Angharad, that is, if they're accepting hunters .... I forgot to ask that. She's level 44, I think, and so would more realistically make it to 70. I rolled a Draenei priestess but I don't think I can get her to 70 anytime soon. And Cassy wants to do Kara, which I completely sympathize with since I'd like to experience it as well. And who better to do it with than a big lovable bear and his beautiful sharp-as-knives wife? (I would have said back-stabbing because that's what rogues do, I think, but it didn't sound very nice). So that's our latest endeavor. We're working out a schedule for Dammy so he can catch up to my hunter Angie. And he told me that one of our blogger friends has extended invitations to Horde-side Dammerung and Beowulfa on another server so a move might be in the works for them ...... sigh. Another $75 to an online game .......


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So it happened. And wow.

So many stars........

Its all very impressive. If I had been the first person through the portal I think I would have stopped and said... no no I'm not prepared.
First we show up here. Then we stop and take pics while Wulfa squirms with anticipation.
I stepped through and was soo zoomed in I could see anything. So I turned around and scrolled up and stared back in wonder.

Then when I turned around I saw this fight happening. I thought "cool I'll take a screenshot!" and alt-tabbed to post it here. And when I got back... I had been dead-made.

What a way to greet someone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I think Frang sounds like a cool name. Pronounced Fray-ng.

[Edit btw this is b----- long. You might want to read later if you are timed constrained]

I think Frang sounds like a cool name. Pronounced Fray-ng. Like Fang but with an R. Or like Frank with a G. Anyways.


Engineering saved Trif.

Badgerman rep saved Dammerung.

Last week was burnout week. I was tired of shaman. I hated tanking. I just wanted to roll a hunter and mindlessly grind green mobs solo. No more questing no more tanking no more talking. I logged in Trif sighing repeatedly at not being able to reroll a paladin(F.o.T.W.). I started talking with Sal....and suddenly goggles. Yeah... goggles. So I abandoned Skinning, and started leveling my Engineering. Now I'm actually tempted to farm gold to purchase mats with on the days I'm not playing. (Need copper, copper and more copper).

As for Dammerung... well I hate questing. I really do. I only quest because ever since about level 35 its been -way- faster than grinding. But I still hate it. I cannot wait until level 70 when all I have to think about is rep/gold/fishing. No more trying to 'keep up' with people. I was really tired of being behind and having to slow walk everywhere and then ding I discovered the Timbermaw. They wanted me to purge their weak/sick/old cousins the deadwood and would give me 10 rep per kill + 150 rep per 5 quest items + other quest rep. I'm not even sure what the rep gets me but yeah... I likes it. REP REP REP REP REP.

Also the sick/weak/old deadwood or deadmaw people drop runecloth yay! For troll rep! REP REP. And there are demons here that do as well. How I love humanoid mobs. I'm over you Ung Crater. Winterspring and Felwood took me away.


My raptor that I badly wanted before visiting outlands may have to wait. Herself wants me to rush to 58 and let her go visit. We probably won't actually -go- there until level 60 but we're going to walk into the place at 58. Which meanas no raptor before outlands. But now that we have gold maybe she'll let me buy runecloth and I'll be able to get my raptor before 60!

That would be yay.

What is the mount that bounces like an antelope? I wants it. Even more than my raptor. Raptor comes first of course.

At 60 I'm going healing. No ifs ands or butts. Even if I have a crappy gear set I'm going resto. I'll collect gear while I sit at 60 farming AV. Yeah baby..... The only reason I've stayed Enh. as long as I have is because of the speed of leveling. At 60 I no longer care.

I tried AV once. I'm sold. It was fun... it was nice. It is now tied with AB in my mind and if healing goes the way I think it will.... well AV will be my new love and I'll do the others for marks.

A big shout out to Matticus for his healing gear list that I cannot link because of my work firewall preventing me from hunting down the URL. At about level 68 I intend to *start* working on it. I wish someone would do a similair list for PvP. Then I could collect both sets and swap them out whenever.

I think I'm going to be a BG's only kind of person. I don't relish the thought of how fast I'll need to be for Arena. It BG's I can be a B- player and not feel horrendous.... I don't have the reflexes or desire to become an A grade pvper. I'll settle for being well equiped and slowly healing/purging you. Some healing/purging is better than none I think. Btw... B- is me counting my connection/reflexes/time constraints. If I had a GOOD internet connection and more time I could easily become A- even with my horrible reflexes.... good planning can help a lot.


So the last thing in my huge ramble here is dalies. I plan to work on gold gold gold upon tagging 70. I -want- to have about 10-20k gold after my epic mount when Wrath hits. This sounds ambitious to me but I think it is doable. I've heard you can fairly easily make 100g a day doing dailies and my numbers are based on this.

I'm expecting to hit 70 in about 45 days. Which would be about the end of May. With each of us(myself and Herself) doing 100g worth of dailies + farming we should be able to make about 1500g a week. 20 weeks(roughly 5 months) would put us at 30k gold. Minus our epic mounts and other misc expeditures. would leave us with somewhere between 10-20k left. So as long as Wrath doesn't hit before the end of October I'm safe. Me personally? My money is on a November release.

Anyone able to tell me if expecting 100g from dailies is reasonable? And roughly how much actual -time- would be involved?

I think that this is it. See you guys around.

Be warned-very ramblish

It's been awhile. Lots of jumbly thoughts in my head. Our purple sold! The gold put us well over our gold goal for lvl 60. I am happy for Dammy as he made it all possible. I am also awesome, if you want to know. I flipped several items over the weekend for major gold profit. Defias gear picked up at 50 silver and sold for 5 gold. Gear that cost me a gold to buy and for some reason people were willing to buy at 15 to 20 gold (they weren't blues-but I'm not complaining). While I'm waiting for Dammy to get to 58 I'm leveling up cooking. It's at 80 right now, I think. I'm being a good economic orc-wife and farming my own supplies for my cooking forays. Fishing is at 175 and I am slowly-ever so slowly-leveling that up. I do not have the temperament of a fisherman. Um, not much other news in the world of Beowulfa. Let's move on to her avatar.

I'm thinking of retiring from my beloved bookstore. I've been with the company for 8 years now. I enjoy my hours, we like the extra cash it brings in. But Dammy misses me and neither of us gets a break because he's on orclette-duty over the weekend and I'm on during the week. So, I'm going to retire. Ouch. I just can't bring myself to make the final decision. I think it's among the hardest I've had to make. To illustrate: After 2 weeks of dating Dammy asked my dad if he could marry me. I said yes without hesitation (both sets of parents weren't able to protest because their courtship's were similar in length). I uprooted myself and followed him here so he could get a new job. I had one crazy day that I wanted to have a kid and it happened. I knew what to name my daughter. I got tattooed several times (they were pretty, and I had JUST the right outfit to show them off .......) without mulling over the ramifications. Can you see why I'm sort of laughing at myself? I can't quit a retail job. To spend time with Orclette and take her to the zoo and show her all the raptors and lions and tigers and bears. To catch a matinee with Dammy. Sigh.

And a whole other issue associated with leaving my bookstore. I'll be an official Stay-At-Home-Mom. SAHM. I can't call myself that. I never wanted to be that. I never understood the females that were born wanting kids and being a "homemaker." And here I am. My bookstore let me say that I worked part-time and made all the full-time mothers envious. But upon leaving, I'll not have that option. I'm getting re-certified as a soccer referee and I'll be doing that but it's just not the same. On the other hand, I now am a chef, a personal accountant, a maid (with all the daring French outfits, of course=), full-time daycare, interior designer, personal shopper, life coach, teacher, and the list goes on. So maybe when people ask me what I do (and apparently they don't count Orclette as being any work, they want to know what I do) I'll answer with one of those and make myself sound really smart.

Thanks for listening. I've had no-one to spew this out to because people don't want to hear you talk, they want to talk to you. And I'm trying to be a better listener. So I don't force the issue. And then I'm left with lots of things to say and they will out.