Monday, April 14, 2008

Be warned-very ramblish

It's been awhile. Lots of jumbly thoughts in my head. Our purple sold! The gold put us well over our gold goal for lvl 60. I am happy for Dammy as he made it all possible. I am also awesome, if you want to know. I flipped several items over the weekend for major gold profit. Defias gear picked up at 50 silver and sold for 5 gold. Gear that cost me a gold to buy and for some reason people were willing to buy at 15 to 20 gold (they weren't blues-but I'm not complaining). While I'm waiting for Dammy to get to 58 I'm leveling up cooking. It's at 80 right now, I think. I'm being a good economic orc-wife and farming my own supplies for my cooking forays. Fishing is at 175 and I am slowly-ever so slowly-leveling that up. I do not have the temperament of a fisherman. Um, not much other news in the world of Beowulfa. Let's move on to her avatar.

I'm thinking of retiring from my beloved bookstore. I've been with the company for 8 years now. I enjoy my hours, we like the extra cash it brings in. But Dammy misses me and neither of us gets a break because he's on orclette-duty over the weekend and I'm on during the week. So, I'm going to retire. Ouch. I just can't bring myself to make the final decision. I think it's among the hardest I've had to make. To illustrate: After 2 weeks of dating Dammy asked my dad if he could marry me. I said yes without hesitation (both sets of parents weren't able to protest because their courtship's were similar in length). I uprooted myself and followed him here so he could get a new job. I had one crazy day that I wanted to have a kid and it happened. I knew what to name my daughter. I got tattooed several times (they were pretty, and I had JUST the right outfit to show them off .......) without mulling over the ramifications. Can you see why I'm sort of laughing at myself? I can't quit a retail job. To spend time with Orclette and take her to the zoo and show her all the raptors and lions and tigers and bears. To catch a matinee with Dammy. Sigh.

And a whole other issue associated with leaving my bookstore. I'll be an official Stay-At-Home-Mom. SAHM. I can't call myself that. I never wanted to be that. I never understood the females that were born wanting kids and being a "homemaker." And here I am. My bookstore let me say that I worked part-time and made all the full-time mothers envious. But upon leaving, I'll not have that option. I'm getting re-certified as a soccer referee and I'll be doing that but it's just not the same. On the other hand, I now am a chef, a personal accountant, a maid (with all the daring French outfits, of course=), full-time daycare, interior designer, personal shopper, life coach, teacher, and the list goes on. So maybe when people ask me what I do (and apparently they don't count Orclette as being any work, they want to know what I do) I'll answer with one of those and make myself sound really smart.

Thanks for listening. I've had no-one to spew this out to because people don't want to hear you talk, they want to talk to you. And I'm trying to be a better listener. So I don't force the issue. And then I'm left with lots of things to say and they will out.


Softi said...

well, at least as a SAHM you can play wow a little more... not much mind, since lil Orclette will no doubt demand your attention!

I find the best thing to do if you're desperate for that wow-time is teach them to help ya 'look for baddies', then it's fun for the kid too and yr both happy ;)

The SAHM badge isn't so bad ya know...

Dammerung said...

I want her to stay home so that we can have family days. Like trips to the river... or zoo... or some big library.


Also so that she can spend all saturday farming me gold [cracks whip] I N33DZ EPIK M0UN7Z PLZ.


On the otherhand. Herself has always personified herself as a working-type career woman. Quitting her job is so difficult I think because its changing something very core to her. Not because she doesn't want to watch the baby. She's actually excited about that.

Anyways. My 2 coppers and a piece of fuzz.

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way. There is always the future. You will not always be a stay at home mom. Your daughter will grow up, go to school that lasts all day long...and without a job you'll drive yourself bonkers! It's not that far off little lady. So smile and think of the wonderful days to come, and the future that will make you a busier woman!

Tazbutane said...

Good luck with whatever you decide to do about work.
Spending more time at home with the family is nice.
Having extra money to spend on the family is nice as well!
Congrats on selling the axe, that did not take long at all!

Mama Druid said...

Having the experience of raising our kids as two full time working parents and then having a parent at home for the past few years (not me, but The Hubby!) I can say having a parent home is the better option. The difference between two full time workers and just one is incredible. We eat better (yes, The Hubby cooks!), the kids are doing much better in school (especially The Son), and we can finally get a dog! =D