Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pox or Poxed

My take:
So last night Green(the quiet recluses) set up shop in WC again. We managed a complete clear and several nice drops even with an incompetent tank. Despite misqueues due to lack of communication from the party leader our rogue died once and twice we attacked bosses thinking they were regular druids. Also the tank kept running off before people were regened.

The night was chaotic and stressful and many wishes were made for a paladin tank.

Raaksi's take(paraphrased as he won't write his own crap):
The night owned! We seriously rocked!! I healed everyone! Even bosses! Totem totem! I saved myself at least 3 times with Tremor! The loot was aesome! I was awesome! Our DPS was MAD crazy keen! Did you see abuto solo that guy! and Kitz was death on four meeps or something like that! Blah blah blah I'm so awesome! Listen to me talk about the awesome healing awesome awesome! Everyone had fun!

Wulfa's view(From what I heard at breakfast):
That was [mindflay] fun! MindFlay! I had so much [mindflay] fun! We should [mindflay] go again and [mindflay] get Kitz the shoulders we [mindflay] want her to [mindflay] have. Wow that [mindflay] was a blast!


I thought it odd our different views on the night. I actually enjoyed it but I focus a lot on what I'm -not- doing right and every small mistake mars my perception. Still this time was better, there was more joking around and Kitz is now solidly green eventhough everyone loves Meep more. Abuto brings some serious pain to mobs. If I faerie fire something..she makes it go away. Far far away very fast like wooosh. Wulfa... well [mindflay][mindflay][mindflay] she has now a very onesided point of view. Raaksi is estatic that he is a healer and a DANG good one.

It was good. Now if we could only get together with the other groups so I could learn their names and chat once in a while :P.....


Daxenos said...

Yay for Green! It's nice to see another group making some progress! TBH, I was starting to get a little worried.


Anonymous said...

The more I hear about all this fun everyone is having, the more I want to give my GM spot away so I can have the time to join you all.