Monday, April 14, 2008

I think Frang sounds like a cool name. Pronounced Fray-ng.

[Edit btw this is b----- long. You might want to read later if you are timed constrained]

I think Frang sounds like a cool name. Pronounced Fray-ng. Like Fang but with an R. Or like Frank with a G. Anyways.


Engineering saved Trif.

Badgerman rep saved Dammerung.

Last week was burnout week. I was tired of shaman. I hated tanking. I just wanted to roll a hunter and mindlessly grind green mobs solo. No more questing no more tanking no more talking. I logged in Trif sighing repeatedly at not being able to reroll a paladin(F.o.T.W.). I started talking with Sal....and suddenly goggles. Yeah... goggles. So I abandoned Skinning, and started leveling my Engineering. Now I'm actually tempted to farm gold to purchase mats with on the days I'm not playing. (Need copper, copper and more copper).

As for Dammerung... well I hate questing. I really do. I only quest because ever since about level 35 its been -way- faster than grinding. But I still hate it. I cannot wait until level 70 when all I have to think about is rep/gold/fishing. No more trying to 'keep up' with people. I was really tired of being behind and having to slow walk everywhere and then ding I discovered the Timbermaw. They wanted me to purge their weak/sick/old cousins the deadwood and would give me 10 rep per kill + 150 rep per 5 quest items + other quest rep. I'm not even sure what the rep gets me but yeah... I likes it. REP REP REP REP REP.

Also the sick/weak/old deadwood or deadmaw people drop runecloth yay! For troll rep! REP REP. And there are demons here that do as well. How I love humanoid mobs. I'm over you Ung Crater. Winterspring and Felwood took me away.


My raptor that I badly wanted before visiting outlands may have to wait. Herself wants me to rush to 58 and let her go visit. We probably won't actually -go- there until level 60 but we're going to walk into the place at 58. Which meanas no raptor before outlands. But now that we have gold maybe she'll let me buy runecloth and I'll be able to get my raptor before 60!

That would be yay.

What is the mount that bounces like an antelope? I wants it. Even more than my raptor. Raptor comes first of course.

At 60 I'm going healing. No ifs ands or butts. Even if I have a crappy gear set I'm going resto. I'll collect gear while I sit at 60 farming AV. Yeah baby..... The only reason I've stayed Enh. as long as I have is because of the speed of leveling. At 60 I no longer care.

I tried AV once. I'm sold. It was fun... it was nice. It is now tied with AB in my mind and if healing goes the way I think it will.... well AV will be my new love and I'll do the others for marks.

A big shout out to Matticus for his healing gear list that I cannot link because of my work firewall preventing me from hunting down the URL. At about level 68 I intend to *start* working on it. I wish someone would do a similair list for PvP. Then I could collect both sets and swap them out whenever.

I think I'm going to be a BG's only kind of person. I don't relish the thought of how fast I'll need to be for Arena. It BG's I can be a B- player and not feel horrendous.... I don't have the reflexes or desire to become an A grade pvper. I'll settle for being well equiped and slowly healing/purging you. Some healing/purging is better than none I think. Btw... B- is me counting my connection/reflexes/time constraints. If I had a GOOD internet connection and more time I could easily become A- even with my horrible reflexes.... good planning can help a lot.


So the last thing in my huge ramble here is dalies. I plan to work on gold gold gold upon tagging 70. I -want- to have about 10-20k gold after my epic mount when Wrath hits. This sounds ambitious to me but I think it is doable. I've heard you can fairly easily make 100g a day doing dailies and my numbers are based on this.

I'm expecting to hit 70 in about 45 days. Which would be about the end of May. With each of us(myself and Herself) doing 100g worth of dailies + farming we should be able to make about 1500g a week. 20 weeks(roughly 5 months) would put us at 30k gold. Minus our epic mounts and other misc expeditures. would leave us with somewhere between 10-20k left. So as long as Wrath doesn't hit before the end of October I'm safe. Me personally? My money is on a November release.

Anyone able to tell me if expecting 100g from dailies is reasonable? And roughly how much actual -time- would be involved?

I think that this is it. See you guys around.


Nasirah said...

100g from dailies should be totally reasonable. I did dailies in the pre-2.4 world, and I made about 50g a day. And I didn't have my epic flyer, which ruled out the Netherwing dailies, so I was just doing Skyguard and Ogri'la (if this all means nothing to you now, don't worry about it).

Bottom line, I made about 50g a day for about 45 minutes of dailies. Now I know nothing about the craziness that 2.4 introduced, only that the daily quests have multiplied like bunnies. So while I can't comment on how much time it would take, I'm sure that 100g is more than doable.

Stale said...

As soon as 2.4 came out, I was making about 500g a day on 2 characters... Then I got the epic flyer on my priest and I have made 600g since lol. :P

Anonymous said...

Post-2.4 100g is possible just from doing SSO dailies. There are (on our server we are at phase 3) 14 SSO dailies currently. Depending on the person and if they are soloing them or grouping them, it may take 1-2 hours. But it is easily possible.

Ratshag said...

The antelope mount is called a Talbuk, and yer gonna love grinding fer that one. Ya earn rep with the Mag'har orcs by killing ogres. Big, stupids, don't run, don't call for help ogres, with lots of cash and cloth ta loot afters.

Timbermaw rep gets you crafting patterns (enchanting, leatherworking, etc., but no engineering). Argent Dawn rep is the same, plus they let you buy they's orange juice (???). Outland rep grinds is much more rewarding - mounts, weapons, and spiffy tabards.

Chronus said...

The easiest SSO daily Q (11) take about 30-40 mins max. They net you 103g or something + vendor trash. (and REP! whoo!)
Since the daily Q limit has been upped to 25, you can make a lot of gold. Input 2 hours and make 200+ g daily.

Good luck!