Friday, April 18, 2008

First Impressions

I figured I'd give everyone a view of my thoughts upon joining the Sidhe Devils.

BBB is Windshadow. I keep honestly expecting him to sign on as BBB. Its a shock.

Cassiean is quiet. I have no clue why this surprised me. It shouldn't have. I had never met the woman.

Pox has invaded. Lots of poxers: Ess, Harisan, Dax, Myself, Wulfa, someone else.

There are people I don't know in the guild! Honestly you wonder if I ever read what other people write the way I get surprised by things like this.

Windshadow is a professions fanatic. Everything I think I'm going to buy... he's all "send me mats I've got one of those". He even has a toon who crafts mounts! Epic flying mounts! For levle 10 noobs!

I like guns. I love the steady thunk thunk sound they make. I could play a hunter even if they didn't get the pet just for guns.

I'm a chatty person. I talk a lot on guild channel. I love having a guild channel. Leveling solo is so much easier when you can chat.

All in all I'm having a blast in the two nights I've been there. I'm starting to worry if my level 10 NE hunter is my main. Thats how scary this friendly guild junk is.
In other news I was talking with someone about joining their guild on a different(secret) character I have.(yay for vague).

They showed me their website and I was very impressed and said yay I'd love to join. Their response was that I should create an alt and actually -try- it out first. I was surprised at this, so I took another look at their guidelines.

AHA! Very rp. Sneaky guilds.

So I'm still pondering it and will -deffinitly- need to create an alt and test the waters first. My version of RP is not very good, polished.... mostly because I don't really enjoy the 'acting' part. I don't mind(and infact love) making character backgrounds and junk....but then I play my character as if I'm playing cards.... completely OOC.
All in all this week was huge on the guild side. New guilds all around. Yay for growing.


Trollin' said...

I keep seeing lots of good stuff about this Sidhe Devils thing. I'm seriously tempted, since I can get into it without the schedule of Pox that was the real reason I can't do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow I feel so left behind. I am sad and full of lonesome.