Friday, April 18, 2008

Lets blame TJ.

She's over there---->

Why blame her you say?

Well because we were told to:

Then she told us about the prairie dog.Before something awful happened to it.

Things that amuse Fio squish brains. Be warned.
How do you keep up with the woman....she's so awesome so fast.

Oh and here is me. The bear in the back is named IHB. This stands for "I hate people".....which was my sentiments about 5 seconds after I found out that abandoning CAIP(Charming As In Prince)[my level 12 fully trained orange ravager] to tame a level 11 green ravager wouldnt' work because MWR(Mania was right).
All in all...the night was full of win. Even though I'm being out leveled by Wulfa once again...and this time I'm the hunter and she's the priest. Sigh.

Secret awesome moon keyword RNDOMCOWJOKE. If you get'll understand the awesome.