Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I blame Matt for having a site banned by my workplace.

So I couldn't click on his poll.

But here is me:

Keyboard to cast 85% of spells(working on the keybindings for the other 15%).

Keyboard to turn(I don't play board/mouse shooters).

Mouse almost exclusively to select objects. Targetting is 75% mouse 25% tab.

I just really hate using the mouse. If I could write a macro that would instantly 90, 180, and 270 turn me I would. Also I'd write a macro to look up with one button press. Then I'd tab target and keep my hands on home row. Life would be grand.


Andrew Rowbottom said...

You can define a few preset camera views in WoW and bind them to keys. The default ones are the ones that home/insert (I think) cycle through.

Look in the keybindings options for "assign" keystrokes.

Also there's a macro command to turn the camera 180 degrees - flipcamera or flipview, I'll look it up when I go home.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of a 50/50 player...I use my keyboard a lot...but I use the mouse just as much.

/shakes fist @ matt's poll


I'm sure with a little searching, like andrew can really make it so you never have to use the mouse.

Daxenos said...

I'm a click click click click.....CLICKITY CLICKITY CLICKTY!!! DOH!

No thanks, Ms. Spirit Healer, I'll run...

Anonymous said...

Dammy or Wulfa - can either of you email me? I have some POX-like discussions that need to arise.


Innonexess said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post, but i remembered you saying something about this a while ago. I'm not sure if you read wowinsider, but in case you don't:

Dammerung said...

@Andrew Was hoping to flip the character...not the camera. For battle rogues.

@Many-around-one Yeah! and emailed!


@Innnnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxx Awesome! thanks for pointing that out. Thats freakin cool.