Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time Frame.

In the World of Azeroth it has only been 30 years since the Dark Portal first opened.

In those thirty years we have seen three world shaking wars. We have seen the rise of the Scourge. The creation of two grand alliances. The end of immortallity for one race and the creation of another. Three races have fled permanantly their ancestral homelands. Two have only recently reclaimed the damaged remains theirs. Two races have been saved from extinction.

~130 years ago the Orcs were a relatively free shamanistic society.

~75 years ago their enslavement to demons began.

31 years ago the mostly demon-tainted orcs swelled into Azeroth for the first time.

23 years ago they were free of the taint but collapsing into a depression/lethargy and effectively dying.

21 years ago Thrall began uniting the Orc Clans and re-awakening his people.

16 years ago Thrall had moved his people to Kalimador and the Horde was now an alliance of three races.

1 year ago The horde was four races and a had been free of 'active' war for about a year.

A few months ago the Horde gained the tentitive alliance of the Blood Elves.

All this to show that in the last 30 years Azeroth has undergone more changes than any time in real-world history ever. Any Orcs over 30 years old remember -living- in Dreanor. 80 year old orcs(not sure if there are any) remember a time before the horde. 30 year old orcs remember slave camps. 22 year old orcs might remember the wars against the Centaur and living through the campaign to mount hyjal.

As an example of the time frame... The dark portal opened in 1977. World War Three Azeroth style started in 1990. And ended in 1992 when the World Tree destroyed. I never played Frozen throne so I am not familiar with those dates.

I'm not making any points with this. I just thought this was -really- interesting. All of my data comes from Wowwiki's Timelines.

Friday, May 23, 2008


So right now I have a level 22 Drenae priest I never play on a server I never play on.
I also have Zujoo my level 40~ warlock that I almost never play anymore.
I also have Dammerung my level 58 Shaman who I plan on playing again at some point but I fear I won't because he doesn't have a guild or people to talk to.
And I have Dammerung my level 37 Survival Hunter who I play currently and I'm not sure what to do with.

I'm thinking about sticking D-Shaman into Battlegrounds at 59 and just sitting there. Forever.

I'm wanting a low level twink for alliance battle grounds but very rightly this needs to wait until I have D-hunter up to 70.

I like battle grounds. I like them more than I like parties. I'm fairly certain I won't like Arena as it is too twitchy and closed in. I'm not sure how I'll feel about raids but I'm afraid of the time block commitment.

I'm thinking *I* will become a BG pvper while *she* will become a raider. Both of us thinking farming is crazy fun and cannot wait until we're level 70 so we can sit and make gold all day long.

I really really want to wear Plagueheart Raiment and Vestments of Absolution. Those sets look so amazing. Too bad I don't stand a chance of getting either one. Plagueheart is going to go away in a few months or six. And the Vestments are unlikely to suddenly drop in my lap either. Still they look amazing.

I also really want to have a Tauren Deathknight. This would be awesome.

In the meantime I'll be an agi whore and quietly and level myself up to where I can start twinking my toons.

Plans, Planning, and Loser Scrubs.

Alrighty... I know everyone is -incredibly- curious so... here you go:

My goals currently are in this order:
1) Exalted with the Horsey people. Currently about 5700 rep away. As of this morning 2900
2) Be able to mine IRON.
3) Get to level 39 and farm a ring and a sword and a bow from Arathi and Warsong.
4) Get to 40 and ride horsey.
5) level past 40.

What I expect to happen?:
1) Exalted with the Horsey people. Currently about 5700 rep away. As of this morning 2900.
2) Give up on leveling mining for now and get to 39
3) Play one game and think about horsey rest of the night.
4) get horsey
5) Suddenly want to level
6) Get to 46-47 and want to play bg's.
7) Make plans to stop at level 49 for bg's
8) Level to 51 for the xbow.
9) See the pattern?

Part of the problem is that all the other new SD people are passing me. I used to be one of the highest level n00bs. Now? I'm solidly middle of the pack. Stupid horsey people. Dang Xilah and Bluesummers are MACHINES. This sounded wrong when I read it this morning. I mean I'm highly motivated to level because I want to out level the other new Sidhe Devils. I'm whining that my goal of human rep exalted has slowed me down. I'm praising the XilBLue Ticket and their xp making prowess.

I think thats it.

Oh and the loser scrub? Moonsongdown wants his AB boots for the speed increase... the problem is? He's level 31 and keeps dying horribly in BG's. Rather than level without them he's gotten stubborn and is going to keep playing for those marks. I'm calling him a scrub because he's pointing out that he doesn't care AT ALL about BG's and just wants the boots and is complaining that Alliance is making it take longer by keeping the horde from 4-5 capping. Note: He has 13/20 with 13 losses so far, WHILE TRYING TO WIN. So now he's talking about -trying to lose-. Not that being level 31 is helping anything.... sigh.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm not very familiar with the ban-hammer of Bliz. I do not know their procedures.

But this sounds like someone's name got on the wrong list some how:

Just voicing my support to the request that more effort be spent looking into this and hopefully explaining why Laama got banned and giving him a path to redemp-un-banning.

I agree with Kirk that the bans were necessary and I do not think they should be rolled back straight up. I am only requestion appeal.

Random Things that have occured/happened to me

No organization in this post! Not even an attempt at one!

So yesterday I had two freak outs. The first one I'll tell you last, and the latter I'll tell you now.

I signed on to Beowulfa last night, my bank priestess. There was conversation going on, something about BBB watching us all .... I said "yikes, that's scary" or something like that. Anyway, my loving and caring guildies started joshing that there was a hidden camera focused on the Orclette who, lets face it, is one of the cutest little things you could possibly hope to see. And I know there's no hidden camera. And I tell them that they're not allowed to look at me anyway 'cause I'm in my jammies. And then, the freak out occurs.

BBB knew exactly what my jammies looked like!

I think everything stopped for just a moment. I could not figure out HOW he would know such a thing. And then Dammy whispered me and told me that BBB had asked right beforehand, that no, there wasn't a hidden camera, and no, he shouldn't be in trouble because he didn't DO anything.

Second freak out that actually happened first.
(ok, I couldn't resist. I have to organize the post a little bit)

I was really, really tired yesterday afternoon. So tired that my lvl 58 hunter, who can easily handle 4-5 mobs her lvl, almost got killed by 4 lvl 50's. So I pushed until I dinged 59 and then signed off. I plunked myself down to Orclette, who had already fallen asleep. And the next thing I was aware of was her patting me. I groggily opened my right eye to make sure she wasn't about to fall off the bed, then closed the eye, 'cause it was too much effort to hold it open. I tried to move my right arm-I couldn't. I tried again, and it was just not moving. Upon closer inspection it turns out my arm had fallen completely asleep. And then I noticed that my left eye was blurry (the vision out of it). Rubbed my glasses to clear smudges, put them back on, and it was still there.


was my first reaction. My second was to calmly assess what could've gone wrong. Turns out there was an eyelash. So, I feel old. My body is rebelling against me. To top it all off, I apparently was drooling while asleep. Doesn't that paint a nice picture?

Alrighty. Next topic.

I forgot what I was going to say. Wait for it, wait for it. Ok, it's back.

My last few posts have had nothing to do with WOW. This has led me to consider creating my own blog, with no preconceptions on what it should be about. But that would take too much effort, and I'd probably ask Dammy to write guest posts, and then we'd end up having 2 blogs to keep up with. That idea was tossed. Mentioned my concern to Dammy and he actually thought it was a good thing. It lets people see the real Orcs. And seriously-I apparently have no qualms about letting anything and everything be known. You could say I was too trusting, but I know better. It's my dad's fault.

Really, it's his fault. He's a NASA engineer, and everyone knows they're slightly weird. A different breed, I used to say. Anyway, my dad will talk about anything and everything under the sun. And I am my father's daughter. His father was the same way. Maybe I was meant to be a boy. My mother certainly thought so-she was going to name me Benjamin Michael. I think she was happy she got me, even if I stopped liking girlie stuff at age 8 and she couldn't buy me cute little ruffly things anymore.

Back on topic. I have many wonderful bloggers in my AAA reader. Wonderful writing, excellent theory crafting, great math skills. But I must confess that I merely skim the posts that are only about WOW. If, however, there's a human element in it (i.e. story day by BBB) my attention is riveted. People are fascinating. So, I'm not going to start a new blog, I'm not going to consciously make an effort to write more about WOW. I'll stay as I am, and write personal stories/thoughts/anecdotes for those people like me who would much rather read stories.

An apology.

I realized that I don't have Nasirah's blog on my reader. And come to think of it, not all of the poxers are on it either. So, I apologize, and that shall be rectified, as soon as I find your addresses. BTW, my comp let me add this cool little "subscribe to this blog" button onto my bookmarks options. I have yet to find out how to do this on the Mac, but it's really handy. I don't have to remember/write down URL's (I think that's what they're called). And I discovered that Google has PAGES of cool display themes for your homepage. So now my homepage looks absoballylutely awesome.

The end.

Yeah, brain's empty, my fingers are tired.


I thought of something.

It has been commented that us Orcs have been over in the Alliance camp a lot lately. Our orcness has been called into question. I would like to assure you that we are still orcs. We are merely in disguise. And let me tell you, it hurts when we try to wave hello at former friends (especially the flight masters) and they start hacking at us. But we have some great friends Alliance-side, so for now we're staying put.

(thanks to Klaki for bringing this concern up =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On coffee, beauty, and well, coffee


I love coffee. Have since I was 12 years old, which may explain why I'm so short. At least, that's what my mother always told me. And this love for coffee is not an on-and-off thing, a habit picked up now and again. No, it is an ever-fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken (woot! I remember my shakespeare, or rather, my austen). It is an enduring passion, a flame, yet also a habit, a sacred ritual. Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I can convince myself to get up even when I'm dog-tired just to turn on my coffee pot and let loose the wonderful aroma. Without coffee, I'm irritable and my day just doesn't go right. Without coffee, my brain doesn't think it's supposed to be awake.

And now on to beauty, and then back to coffee.


(Just a disclaimer, this part is me musing on God and how he should be worshiped, at least by me.)

I could become a total, far-out radical. Today when we Christians say that we worshiped God, we frequently mean that we went to church and sang songs, did the meet-and-greet, and then sat down and listened to a dude expostulate on what he read in the Bible that week. But I don't think that's the only way, or even necessarily the best way, to worship God.

I think that God finds us beautiful. I think He finds our lives beautiful. I know I take immense joy in Orclette discovering new things, smiling, laughing, and I think God thinks the same way. It's my thought that our lives lived beautifully, with joy, peace, and all the fruits of the Spirit should be our song. I think that it's sad that on beautiful days we have to go inside a church to "worship" because that's where all the equipment is, that's where everyone is comfy. I would far rather go outside and enjoy what God made, contemplate on it, see how the beauty reflects its' Maker.

Remember the moments you wish would last forever? I do, and none of them happened in a church. They happened in life; in Orclette's first smile, in giving a simple gift of chocolate to a friend and seeing their face light up, in sitting in dappled sunlight and letting the breeze wash over you, in reading a book and wishing it would never end, in seeing a beautiful movie and wishing you could go there. I think those moments were how we were supposed to live, and I think we will live that way again. And I think that we should not confine ourselves to a building, to a requisite service (although those things are not bad and are necessary to some extent). I would love to see a church spontaneously move their service outside because it was a perfect day and damn the equipment! the lighting! etc. I would love to see a Sunday devoted to good works and charitable deeds.

Do I sound New-Ageish? Eh, sorry. But these thoughts were in my head and they would out.

coffee again

Not really. Actually, I was going to update everybody on the doings of my toons. Wulfa is 58, nearly 59, and is looking forward to her lvl 60 mount and fully exploring Outlands. Beowulfa is somewhat overwhelmed by her banking responsibilities and even with 4 bank slots, 3 18-slotters and numerous other good-sized bags finds that she cannot fully handle it all. But she's having fun. And looking forward to leveling again, although she realizes that Wulfa needs to go first, as she's a lot closer to 70 and their RL avatar wants a lvl 70. Like really wants. Really really.

And that's it folks.

Titles are difficult to come up with.

My dearest awesome hunter just tagged level 37 last monday night. Now sitting at 210 agi he's very happy with recent developments. I'm pondering spending a hour or two getting another 3 agi from RFK weapons. I'm also pondering spending a week or two doing battle grounds at 39 for rings and boots and things like that.

Survival so far has been very fun. I enjoy it more than BM mostly because my agi is higher as survival. Infact..thats the only real reason. I love stacking [x] stat. It makes me happy. My poor guildies get an update EVERY TIME my agi goes up. I don't say "ding level blah" I say "ding 210 agi!". Yeah I'm special like that. It would be really really cool to break 300 agi before level 60. I doubt it will happen though. Gear on this server is prohibitively expensive.

I'm pondering making a mage at the moment. And seeing how much int I can stack on it. A good old gnome mage. Frost. Although Arcane tempts me with Arcane mind.

I've never gotten a mage to the point where you gain talents. It would be interesting to see if I could.

My shaman, my poor poor shaman. Playing without friends to chat with just isn't fun. I miss him though.

Wulfa is hurting for bank slots now. Keeping up with 3 gatherers pooring all their loots on you to sell is a pain I hear. She's simultaneously happy and dejected about the work. Its good I guess though. We've had 1400-1600g at one point and are still well over 1k. And we're not farming for gold....we're just sending in what we get as we level.

Hmm.... In searching for a burst damage class/spec I've only come up with the following: Mage(I don't know what spec)?, Ele Shaman, Marksman hunter. Am I missing someone? Also what mage spec is the burst spec? Frost seems all about survival, Fire about long term dps, and arcane about I don't know... I just saw +15% int and stopped looking.

Green pox are taking a night off tonight(wednesday) I believe. We're level 26-27 and just about to start doing the SM bits although I'd like to do RFD once we hit 30 as I've never done that instance before. Ooo and uldaman is just around the corner.

Btw on the work front I've been more productive recently. Less browsing more getting things done. Still working on that though as this long post shows.

Also I've started walking more. Yay for not-winter. Sunday me and Orclette logged a good solid 8.5 miles with her in the stroller. Yay for walking with a stroller and a book.

Still about 15-20 pounds heavier than I would like to be. Still making horrible food choices.

I haven't started my evening writing like I had planned a week ago. I have an outline but have not made an effort to make time for writing.

The twitter experiment went fairly well, I like the tool, and it makes me feel very connected to the bloggers using it. However it greatly detracts from my ability to work productively and I will be trying to use it less and less.

If anyone has any suggestions at all for very high agi(15+) leather/mail gear that I could get between now and 50 please let me know. I'm trying to focus on that stat for my hunter and will swerve out of my xping if I can gain 5 or more agi.

I think thats it. See everyone around.

This is wednesday's post. I forgot to change the date/time before posting.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things you think of.

In the Jaws of the Dragon by Eamonn Fingleton

I read the first 1/5? of this book on Sunday while walking Orclette around in circles. It makes me think.

Now I don't care much for Eamonn's very harsh view of the East-Asian countries. He takes the information he has and paints a bleak picture of Asia abusing the US.

I agree that the trade/debt flows are not good. Are very very not good. But my first thought isn't that they are abusing us... its that we're being lazy.

When I, an economic layman, view our nation's economy/trade relationship I'm worried.

#1 We're in debt. Debt is -bad-. Not hmm okay.. but BAD. It is a lazy habit, borrowing is. It shows lack of patience.
#2 We're out of budget. I think. All I hear is that oh this side or that side will fix our budget. Not sure here but yeah. If we are out of budget then we need to stop spending money, or make more somewhere.
#3 We're operating with a trade deficit with other countries. Trade ideally should bet 50/50, sure we might have a 70 in/30 out with one country but we should make it up with others. If we are buying more than we're selling then obviously we're going to run low on money at some point.

Now for #1 and #2 the 'simple' solution is stop spending money, and make more. Obviously this isn't simple as different people have different views on what should be cut and where we should get money from.

My view is we should place trade taxes(these are called tariffs?) on the trade coming from countries where we have a deficit. This would fix the deficit a tiny bit I think.

I'm also in favor of withdrawing from overseas military commitments when possible. These never seem to be worth the cost in money or in lives.(Please note, I fully and entirely believe that our nations troops are doing a good job and deserve our full support. I just don't believe that many of our engagements have been necessary or productive.)

I would like Maglev trains. Electricity isn't very dependant upon gas/oil that I can tell and electric trains are cool.

I would like the US to have a huge per-capita savings rate. Something like 20%. That would be nifty.

I would like to see the US debt free before I die.

I would like to see a 'tax' on Credit cards. Like an extra 1-3% intrest that goes to help pay off the US debt. Yeah that would be nice.

I agree with Rhys. Our gas prices are ridiculusly low compared to the rest of the world. I'm not sure how we pull that off but bleh stop whining about it. Instead whine that you can't think of a many American products that are better than anything any other country makes.

All I can come up with is the iPod, and I would have said Boeing but I believe they have outsourced their latest plane. Maybe personal computers. But those seem to be made entirely with pieces from other countries.

Btw... my facts might be entirely wrong on some or all of this. And I ramble. I just felt the need to express my worries/concerns out here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

*cough* Attention please...tap tap






Hehe. Sorry about that. Turns out that Teeej thought I didn't care too much about winning. So she was all sad and crying and Doom had to send her flowers.* So when I heard about this... I had no choice. I had to wait almost a full week or two and post a big loud post about how I'd won.

I seriously wouldn't shut up about this the day it happened. I told everyone I knew...I just didn't tell the interweb.

So thats what happened.

Also btw... while we're discussing T.I.(the Icky).

I have a theory:

Someone... seems to have a lot of conversations with “The Red(ponytail) Head”.

One ponytail red and one ponytail brown.

Maybe she's really TJ-the-Demonic-Ogre-Ponytails.

Maybe thats why she need TWO headbands and TWO anbu masks... huh?

Seriously you guys should be worried about this.

*Possibly made up completely almost uncertainly isn't completely not true.

Evolution of an Orclette

From thought to reality, apparently once was all it took.

Nine months growing, move to another city, one car between three adults. She sits in their apartment all day, wishing she could turn back time or give it up to another couple who would actually want this child, and occasionally, if she would admit it, getting rather excited about the whole thing.

24 hours labor, blessed epidural, best ice cream ever. Realization that hospitals have no privacy. Parents come, she lets everyone hold the baby. She is too tired to do anything else. To much fanfare she is escorted home, where she lets uncle and grandparents and husband hold the baby. Grandparents leave, she relies upon husband to tell her what to do, to help her walk, to fetch her food. Husband has to return to work, she is left with the baby. Reality sets in, she is alone, she does not know how to do this. Baby cries, she cries.

For the first 3 months, she and baby tolerate one another. She wakes up early to have baby-free time, baby and dad get up, dad leaves for work and an hour-long commute, she turns on VH1 and her favorite morning shows and makes sure the closed captioning is on so she can tell what's going on even while baby is crying. She works on the weekends and views it as her savior, those 8 hours of retail. She looks forward to dad's return to she can have a few moments of blessed baby-free time, and possibly eat a bowl of cereal.

From 3 to 6 months, she is beginning to think she might come to like this little person. Move back to town where dad works, start having lunch with him. Mood of both her and baby improves. Baby starts crawling, shares her first smile. Still likes her work, but begins to look forward to returning to baby. Looks forward to having dad home so she can tell him what she did that day, and do one of those instant family meal things.

From 6 to 9 months, she realizes that she's getting the hang of this baby thing. She can go almost anywhere and drives husband and brother to work each day so she can have her car. Baby starts walking and a whole new area of hurts, potential pitfalls, and worries is opened. Leaves baby with cousin, go to a movie, worry about baby the entire time. Contemplates quitting her job to spend more time with baby and dad. Looks forward to dad coming home so she can quickly do a scan of the AH and do her flipping, maybe do pasta for dinner.

10 months. She has switched her job schedule around so she can spend Saturdays with baby and dad, and had a blast actually doing so. She and dad go to a movie, she doesn't think about the baby at all, but has a smile on her face and eager arms when she sees her baby again. Baby is fully locomoted and very pleased with herself. She looks forward to dad coming home so she can try that Vodka Cream Pasta thing from Rachel Ray that she had been looking at.

This Sunday. She and baby spent the first part of the morning cuddling, watching the morning unfold. She and baby are content and very happy with each other, and she realizes that she is looking forward to the years ahead.

And thus is the evolution of an orclette.