Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Titles are difficult to come up with.

My dearest awesome hunter just tagged level 37 last monday night. Now sitting at 210 agi he's very happy with recent developments. I'm pondering spending a hour or two getting another 3 agi from RFK weapons. I'm also pondering spending a week or two doing battle grounds at 39 for rings and boots and things like that.

Survival so far has been very fun. I enjoy it more than BM mostly because my agi is higher as survival. Infact..thats the only real reason. I love stacking [x] stat. It makes me happy. My poor guildies get an update EVERY TIME my agi goes up. I don't say "ding level blah" I say "ding 210 agi!". Yeah I'm special like that. It would be really really cool to break 300 agi before level 60. I doubt it will happen though. Gear on this server is prohibitively expensive.

I'm pondering making a mage at the moment. And seeing how much int I can stack on it. A good old gnome mage. Frost. Although Arcane tempts me with Arcane mind.

I've never gotten a mage to the point where you gain talents. It would be interesting to see if I could.

My shaman, my poor poor shaman. Playing without friends to chat with just isn't fun. I miss him though.

Wulfa is hurting for bank slots now. Keeping up with 3 gatherers pooring all their loots on you to sell is a pain I hear. She's simultaneously happy and dejected about the work. Its good I guess though. We've had 1400-1600g at one point and are still well over 1k. And we're not farming for gold....we're just sending in what we get as we level.

Hmm.... In searching for a burst damage class/spec I've only come up with the following: Mage(I don't know what spec)?, Ele Shaman, Marksman hunter. Am I missing someone? Also what mage spec is the burst spec? Frost seems all about survival, Fire about long term dps, and arcane about I don't know... I just saw +15% int and stopped looking.

Green pox are taking a night off tonight(wednesday) I believe. We're level 26-27 and just about to start doing the SM bits although I'd like to do RFD once we hit 30 as I've never done that instance before. Ooo and uldaman is just around the corner.

Btw on the work front I've been more productive recently. Less browsing more getting things done. Still working on that though as this long post shows.

Also I've started walking more. Yay for not-winter. Sunday me and Orclette logged a good solid 8.5 miles with her in the stroller. Yay for walking with a stroller and a book.

Still about 15-20 pounds heavier than I would like to be. Still making horrible food choices.

I haven't started my evening writing like I had planned a week ago. I have an outline but have not made an effort to make time for writing.

The twitter experiment went fairly well, I like the tool, and it makes me feel very connected to the bloggers using it. However it greatly detracts from my ability to work productively and I will be trying to use it less and less.

If anyone has any suggestions at all for very high agi(15+) leather/mail gear that I could get between now and 50 please let me know. I'm trying to focus on that stat for my hunter and will swerve out of my xping if I can gain 5 or more agi.

I think thats it. See everyone around.

This is wednesday's post. I forgot to change the date/time before posting.


klaki said...

So, if you don't play your Orcs that much anymore, does that warrant a blog name change? How can you be 2.5 Orcs when you play NElfs/Dwarves/BElfs more often?

Just thought I would give you something to ponder :)

As for WoW... Arcane/Fire I believe is the burst spec for Mages. If they can't kill you within that short time, they are hosed. However, you missed Rogues as being a great burst dmg class. I've seen some high end Enh Shammys do some great DPS.

Pablo said...

Have you looked at the Tough Scorpid set of armor for +AGI? I'm planning on making a set for my step-son if he can ever manage to get his hunter to 40. I think It's all AGI and Spirit, but you can always find rings/necklaces/trinkets, etc for INT, Stam and so forth.