Friday, May 23, 2008


So right now I have a level 22 Drenae priest I never play on a server I never play on.
I also have Zujoo my level 40~ warlock that I almost never play anymore.
I also have Dammerung my level 58 Shaman who I plan on playing again at some point but I fear I won't because he doesn't have a guild or people to talk to.
And I have Dammerung my level 37 Survival Hunter who I play currently and I'm not sure what to do with.

I'm thinking about sticking D-Shaman into Battlegrounds at 59 and just sitting there. Forever.

I'm wanting a low level twink for alliance battle grounds but very rightly this needs to wait until I have D-hunter up to 70.

I like battle grounds. I like them more than I like parties. I'm fairly certain I won't like Arena as it is too twitchy and closed in. I'm not sure how I'll feel about raids but I'm afraid of the time block commitment.

I'm thinking *I* will become a BG pvper while *she* will become a raider. Both of us thinking farming is crazy fun and cannot wait until we're level 70 so we can sit and make gold all day long.

I really really want to wear Plagueheart Raiment and Vestments of Absolution. Those sets look so amazing. Too bad I don't stand a chance of getting either one. Plagueheart is going to go away in a few months or six. And the Vestments are unlikely to suddenly drop in my lap either. Still they look amazing.

I also really want to have a Tauren Deathknight. This would be awesome.

In the meantime I'll be an agi whore and quietly and level myself up to where I can start twinking my toons.

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Anonymous said...

Well, okay. I've been playing Slig up to level 65 for the last couple of weeks and never seen you over there. I'd be happy to switch him to a server you guys will actually play on, but for whatever reason, I enjoy Horde more than Alliance. Not that I won't ever play my Sidhe Devils hunter -- she's a blast -- but I'm trying to get Sligger to 70 before Wrath. And it'll be a close race considering how slow Blizzard and I do things. Anyway, I won't bug you again about D-shaman. Just know that I'm available to do whatever on whatever server. Also, given the new job sitch (not officially posted due to lawyering at the moment), I will probably NEED more play time anyway. Gah!