Friday, May 23, 2008

Plans, Planning, and Loser Scrubs.

Alrighty... I know everyone is -incredibly- curious so... here you go:

My goals currently are in this order:
1) Exalted with the Horsey people. Currently about 5700 rep away. As of this morning 2900
2) Be able to mine IRON.
3) Get to level 39 and farm a ring and a sword and a bow from Arathi and Warsong.
4) Get to 40 and ride horsey.
5) level past 40.

What I expect to happen?:
1) Exalted with the Horsey people. Currently about 5700 rep away. As of this morning 2900.
2) Give up on leveling mining for now and get to 39
3) Play one game and think about horsey rest of the night.
4) get horsey
5) Suddenly want to level
6) Get to 46-47 and want to play bg's.
7) Make plans to stop at level 49 for bg's
8) Level to 51 for the xbow.
9) See the pattern?

Part of the problem is that all the other new SD people are passing me. I used to be one of the highest level n00bs. Now? I'm solidly middle of the pack. Stupid horsey people. Dang Xilah and Bluesummers are MACHINES. This sounded wrong when I read it this morning. I mean I'm highly motivated to level because I want to out level the other new Sidhe Devils. I'm whining that my goal of human rep exalted has slowed me down. I'm praising the XilBLue Ticket and their xp making prowess.

I think thats it.

Oh and the loser scrub? Moonsongdown wants his AB boots for the speed increase... the problem is? He's level 31 and keeps dying horribly in BG's. Rather than level without them he's gotten stubborn and is going to keep playing for those marks. I'm calling him a scrub because he's pointing out that he doesn't care AT ALL about BG's and just wants the boots and is complaining that Alliance is making it take longer by keeping the horde from 4-5 capping. Note: He has 13/20 with 13 losses so far, WHILE TRYING TO WIN. So now he's talking about -trying to lose-. Not that being level 31 is helping anything.... sigh.


Nasirah said...

Bah, Blu & Xiliah are leveling as fast as we are mostly because we have high-level mains to fund us with whatever might make that trip easier. Not to mention, we've done this a few times before. Oh, and I don't work. That helps too.

scotth said...

Well, Skiffens is working on Kitty rep, so that has slowed him down a lot. I'm hoping by getting started on it early that I will get some xp along the way. Plus real life has been cutting into my play time.

As far as battlegrounds go, I really like doing bg's, but time spent in there is time I am not getting xp. I went in the 20-29, got my necklace, and leveled out. I did the daily when I could starting at 27 so that I would get some xp while I was at it. There is a quest for AB too, that is picked up at Refuge Point, but you can only do it once.

The PvP gear is nice, but my opinion is that I am going to out level the gear before long, so it is not worth spending too much time pursuing it. I also think the speed bonus on the boots is a lot more useful in PvP than PvE. The bonus is modest, so you aren't going to get anywhere much faster, but when kiting or chasing another player it does make a difference.