Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On coffee, beauty, and well, coffee


I love coffee. Have since I was 12 years old, which may explain why I'm so short. At least, that's what my mother always told me. And this love for coffee is not an on-and-off thing, a habit picked up now and again. No, it is an ever-fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken (woot! I remember my shakespeare, or rather, my austen). It is an enduring passion, a flame, yet also a habit, a sacred ritual. Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I can convince myself to get up even when I'm dog-tired just to turn on my coffee pot and let loose the wonderful aroma. Without coffee, I'm irritable and my day just doesn't go right. Without coffee, my brain doesn't think it's supposed to be awake.

And now on to beauty, and then back to coffee.


(Just a disclaimer, this part is me musing on God and how he should be worshiped, at least by me.)

I could become a total, far-out radical. Today when we Christians say that we worshiped God, we frequently mean that we went to church and sang songs, did the meet-and-greet, and then sat down and listened to a dude expostulate on what he read in the Bible that week. But I don't think that's the only way, or even necessarily the best way, to worship God.

I think that God finds us beautiful. I think He finds our lives beautiful. I know I take immense joy in Orclette discovering new things, smiling, laughing, and I think God thinks the same way. It's my thought that our lives lived beautifully, with joy, peace, and all the fruits of the Spirit should be our song. I think that it's sad that on beautiful days we have to go inside a church to "worship" because that's where all the equipment is, that's where everyone is comfy. I would far rather go outside and enjoy what God made, contemplate on it, see how the beauty reflects its' Maker.

Remember the moments you wish would last forever? I do, and none of them happened in a church. They happened in life; in Orclette's first smile, in giving a simple gift of chocolate to a friend and seeing their face light up, in sitting in dappled sunlight and letting the breeze wash over you, in reading a book and wishing it would never end, in seeing a beautiful movie and wishing you could go there. I think those moments were how we were supposed to live, and I think we will live that way again. And I think that we should not confine ourselves to a building, to a requisite service (although those things are not bad and are necessary to some extent). I would love to see a church spontaneously move their service outside because it was a perfect day and damn the equipment! the lighting! etc. I would love to see a Sunday devoted to good works and charitable deeds.

Do I sound New-Ageish? Eh, sorry. But these thoughts were in my head and they would out.

coffee again

Not really. Actually, I was going to update everybody on the doings of my toons. Wulfa is 58, nearly 59, and is looking forward to her lvl 60 mount and fully exploring Outlands. Beowulfa is somewhat overwhelmed by her banking responsibilities and even with 4 bank slots, 3 18-slotters and numerous other good-sized bags finds that she cannot fully handle it all. But she's having fun. And looking forward to leveling again, although she realizes that Wulfa needs to go first, as she's a lot closer to 70 and their RL avatar wants a lvl 70. Like really wants. Really really.

And that's it folks.


Rabbit Stew said...

I feel a similar pull...Cynishade is so near 70. I'm trying to hyper focus and get my man to that marker.

...and, sheesh mageesh, what a lovely post.

Beowulfa said...

aww, thanks Rabbit!

Mama Druid said...

No, you don't sound new-ageish. You sound like you have a very rational approach to how you think about God. Some church-goers will never reach that level of understanding and appreciation. Sad too because it's so very simple.

I love how parenting brings such observations to light.