Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Things that have occured/happened to me

No organization in this post! Not even an attempt at one!

So yesterday I had two freak outs. The first one I'll tell you last, and the latter I'll tell you now.

I signed on to Beowulfa last night, my bank priestess. There was conversation going on, something about BBB watching us all .... I said "yikes, that's scary" or something like that. Anyway, my loving and caring guildies started joshing that there was a hidden camera focused on the Orclette who, lets face it, is one of the cutest little things you could possibly hope to see. And I know there's no hidden camera. And I tell them that they're not allowed to look at me anyway 'cause I'm in my jammies. And then, the freak out occurs.

BBB knew exactly what my jammies looked like!

I think everything stopped for just a moment. I could not figure out HOW he would know such a thing. And then Dammy whispered me and told me that BBB had asked right beforehand, that no, there wasn't a hidden camera, and no, he shouldn't be in trouble because he didn't DO anything.

Second freak out that actually happened first.
(ok, I couldn't resist. I have to organize the post a little bit)

I was really, really tired yesterday afternoon. So tired that my lvl 58 hunter, who can easily handle 4-5 mobs her lvl, almost got killed by 4 lvl 50's. So I pushed until I dinged 59 and then signed off. I plunked myself down to Orclette, who had already fallen asleep. And the next thing I was aware of was her patting me. I groggily opened my right eye to make sure she wasn't about to fall off the bed, then closed the eye, 'cause it was too much effort to hold it open. I tried to move my right arm-I couldn't. I tried again, and it was just not moving. Upon closer inspection it turns out my arm had fallen completely asleep. And then I noticed that my left eye was blurry (the vision out of it). Rubbed my glasses to clear smudges, put them back on, and it was still there.


was my first reaction. My second was to calmly assess what could've gone wrong. Turns out there was an eyelash. So, I feel old. My body is rebelling against me. To top it all off, I apparently was drooling while asleep. Doesn't that paint a nice picture?

Alrighty. Next topic.

I forgot what I was going to say. Wait for it, wait for it. Ok, it's back.

My last few posts have had nothing to do with WOW. This has led me to consider creating my own blog, with no preconceptions on what it should be about. But that would take too much effort, and I'd probably ask Dammy to write guest posts, and then we'd end up having 2 blogs to keep up with. That idea was tossed. Mentioned my concern to Dammy and he actually thought it was a good thing. It lets people see the real Orcs. And seriously-I apparently have no qualms about letting anything and everything be known. You could say I was too trusting, but I know better. It's my dad's fault.

Really, it's his fault. He's a NASA engineer, and everyone knows they're slightly weird. A different breed, I used to say. Anyway, my dad will talk about anything and everything under the sun. And I am my father's daughter. His father was the same way. Maybe I was meant to be a boy. My mother certainly thought so-she was going to name me Benjamin Michael. I think she was happy she got me, even if I stopped liking girlie stuff at age 8 and she couldn't buy me cute little ruffly things anymore.

Back on topic. I have many wonderful bloggers in my AAA reader. Wonderful writing, excellent theory crafting, great math skills. But I must confess that I merely skim the posts that are only about WOW. If, however, there's a human element in it (i.e. story day by BBB) my attention is riveted. People are fascinating. So, I'm not going to start a new blog, I'm not going to consciously make an effort to write more about WOW. I'll stay as I am, and write personal stories/thoughts/anecdotes for those people like me who would much rather read stories.

An apology.

I realized that I don't have Nasirah's blog on my reader. And come to think of it, not all of the poxers are on it either. So, I apologize, and that shall be rectified, as soon as I find your addresses. BTW, my comp let me add this cool little "subscribe to this blog" button onto my bookmarks options. I have yet to find out how to do this on the Mac, but it's really handy. I don't have to remember/write down URL's (I think that's what they're called). And I discovered that Google has PAGES of cool display themes for your homepage. So now my homepage looks absoballylutely awesome.

The end.

Yeah, brain's empty, my fingers are tired.


I thought of something.

It has been commented that us Orcs have been over in the Alliance camp a lot lately. Our orcness has been called into question. I would like to assure you that we are still orcs. We are merely in disguise. And let me tell you, it hurts when we try to wave hello at former friends (especially the flight masters) and they start hacking at us. But we have some great friends Alliance-side, so for now we're staying put.

(thanks to Klaki for bringing this concern up =)


Softi said...

I actually have 2 blogs - one for the wow stuff and one for real life and showing off my kids as most of our family lives too far away to see us often, feel free to have a nosey since you like the real life stuff too ;)

klaki said...

LOL, I was never questioning your orcness. I was merely stating observations. I'm glad you enjoy the Alliance. It means that I can actually quest/talk to you and Dammy. The good news is that recently my guild merged with another so I will have more free time to do such. :)

I'm thinking of starting a new blog (part of my ADHD thing) because I felt like I'm not truly expressing myself. However, I'm somewhat nervous because my views on things are kinda weird :) We'll see.

Nasirah said...

I realized that I don't have Nasirah's blog on my reader.

You WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! My epic flying druid shall peck your blurry orcish eyes out for that!

Rabbit Stew said...

yeah for real life stories...I dig them and glad you aren't getting rid of them.