Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Pictures of the Puppy ... Yet

Our new family member is a Red Heeler. I don't really know too much about the breed-Damm's dad really wanted one and one of the local shelters had a brother-sister pair. He wanted the boy. I looked at the girl and decided she was for me :D I named her Bambi. I wanted to go with Suki, a name that my favoritist car and a few WoW pets have shared but it just didn't fit her. Bambi totally did.

She's about a year old. She hasn't had any training to speak of but is remarkably well-behaved. Her biggest no-no is that she jumps up onto people. Wouldn't mind so much if it were just Damm and I but her paws are at Orclette-face level so huge big bad habit. She heeled beautifully for me on the one walk we've taken so far. She knew that when I patted her blanket next to the bed that it was her bed and stayed in it all night-no accidents either. She can sit, stay as long as I don't move away, and she comes about 50% of the time. So with a little training I'm going to have a beautiful, well-behaved animal on my hands.

I told her that her job was to protect the Orclette and so far she's taken me very seriously. At the shelter she and her brother (Max) got along VERY well but as soon as she arrived home with us she got defensive and territorial. Nothing really bad, just a bit of growling. I think-and bear in mind I'm not really in sync with the canine species' mind-that she was submissive because she had nothing to protect/do. As soon as she realized that she was in a different pack than her brother she came out of that submissiveness (at least with him) and let him know he was not boss anymore. With us and Damm's parents she's very submissive. With the Orclette she's patient, loves to follow her around, and thinks the greatest thing is to lick her face. I try to discourage that because Orclette can't tell her no and Bambi gets all excited and won't stop. The Orclette is never ever alone with the dogs, of course. Too many paws and teeth that, while I don't think they'd ever hurt any of us, could cause a lot of accidental damage.

So, I'm excited about Bambi. I'm also just a wee bit overwhelmed with all the learning I have to do. I know a bit-when my mom was training our dog Shelby she learned everything she could and passed it on to me (she doesn't do things halfway). She swears by the Monks of New Skeet (I think that's the correct spelling) and I'm going to be picking up one of their books soon.

So, that's it for now. Pictures will come later in the day, I hope-we still have loads of errands/chores to do. We're about halfway done with my list. Almost there ..... Also, impressions of Las Cruces Wulfa style is a post that will be written. Hopefully. Hehe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Part III

Our new office
The Kitchen
The blurry dining room.
Can you find the Orclette? Also thats my sword on my Dad's pooltable.

The house! We need to get all that grass outa our yard. But otherwise awesome. We live on the right side, my parents on the left.

Pictures of the new doggie will come later tonight.

Trip commentary part II

No pictures in this version... pictures of the house are coming in part III. This is just the events that happened in no particular order.

Orclette rode most of the 16-17 hours in the car happily mashing on this alphebet schoolbus that had elmo making stupid songs. That was about 50% of her trip. 40% was sleeping very cutely. 1% was ripping up a People Magazine. and 9% was fussing. Which was rather amazing I think.

Like I alluded to in part I we had a few difficulties. I had no rearview mirror due to packing and my rightside mirror is really just two of those bubble mirrors you stick on for better sideways vision(but horrible backwards vision). Then the mirror fell off and to change lanes I had to lean my head out of the window and look backwards.

Found out Wulfa can't really drive at night because her glasses are funny like that. So we stopped in Ok. City to sleep for the night. Found out the next day that she just doesn't like driving :p... 15 hours me the rest her.

We spent almost an hour and a half in Alberquerque. 30 min in walmart and eating. an hour in traffic. 30 min to drive 5 miles. Yay for 1 wreck and two lane closings.

Got into my parents house at 9pm Wednesday. Slept a little then woke up -early- due to wulfa and orclette. Unpacked a ton and drove around finding places.

And now I have to go. Parts III and IV coming later with more pictures. We're off to pick up a puppy for my dad and make sure that I like the puppy that Wulfa picked out.

Trip Pictures and commentary.

The Organ Mountains to the east.

Pichacho Peak to the west.

Above you can see the overpass where we get off for my parents house. Also in this pic is our hotfix for the mirror that fell off midway through Oklahoma City in the middle of traffic at 6am on a 4 lane highway.

This is where we walk the dog... also below you can see more of the area.
Wulfa liked the area at first but is seriously missing the green. I'm loving all of it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Safely here. Most pictures taken. Long story.

Ask Wufa about the mirror, or the construction, or how much room we had.

Sorry would have posted last night but sleep must have.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We drove for 5 hours. Got sleepy, stopped at hotel on the outskirts of Oklahoma City(the east side).

Just woke up. Wulfa said to say she feels fat because we had burgers two meals in a row.

Hotel rather obviously had wifi.

Leaving soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving day.

Just finished clearing out all my cases and cleaning out my cubicle. Now to do something with my last 5 hours at work.

Tonight we do the super-final-last-final-clean. Then we pile into the van squeeze between our stuff and drive a thousand miles.

I'm so fidgety. My brain is gone.

I reread my last 5-10 posts and hated them. I need to take more time in posting and it shows when I quickly write something up just to have something.

Meh. More to come later. Maybe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies in your soup?

BBB wrote a well thought out post here:

His commenters had some* nice replies both for and against. Go read it all. I don't have any real thoughts on the issue on way or another. I love reading everyone else's responses and stories though.

My feelings? Other than the overwhelming anti-zombie bias(CLEANSE KILL PURGE) I'm loving this event. Saturday night me and Moon went into an -empty- Silvermoon City and felt like we were in the ending scene of Resident evil. Everything dead and empty. Then Moon turned a corner and saw them. A *large* group of zombies headed right for him. We spent the next few minutes dodging in and around buildings trying to find a few surviving trainers and shoppies while not getting infected and dead-i-fied.

So yeah I love it. That doesn't stop me from foaming at the mouth and hating all zombies when I walk up to a flightpoint or AH and find it empty. Oh am I furious(CLEANSE KILL PURGE). But I'm just as furious when I get perma stunned while being ganked. And the next day I'll happily brag about my tribulations. So it is still positive.

Anyways I wanted to post my comments on the event.

*Some jerks ignored.

On Hunters Part II



thank you for coming tonight. I invited you all here for an announcement[nervous laugh]. I know I said I hate the ugly hunters... and I do I really do! But....

Well when you party with a hunter you..... well they keep making it hard to stay in melee with things.... and there is a simple solution but...

I mean... its not like I -want- to play one. I don't. They are icky. But their not vile like a lock. If only lock's didn't come with that [shiver] rp. I mean... I'm a good guy... I just don't... lock. So I had to. I had no choice.

It was that or brainlessly follow his pet healing it. And his pet never gets hurt. Or back to the melee thing where he shoots a mob and I spent 8 seconds chasing it doing no damage because I'm not in range. Or play a caster and be out of mana and drinking ALWAYS.

And it is his fault too! He won't play a class that is easier to play with. NOOOOOO he wants to play the hunter.

So I was out of options. No one can blame me.

Xuun is temporarily dropped. Playing a rogue while teaming with a hunter is the most frustrating experiance I've ever had. I loved my rogue when the idiot wasn't around. But when he was... I felt like I was being kited all the time... by my own team mate.

Also at the same time our halo friends found out we were leaving to go to NM. They asked if we would be in Xbox live. I explained that I wouldn't as I spend most of my game time in WoW. Then we all found out that almost everyone in our halo group plays wow. So after breathlessly talking at once about which servers/classes/favorite ability rotations/zones, we(me and moon) decided to use our 300% xp bonus to get a toon up to 60 on Dragonmaw so we can hang with Printessa(the cool chick who heads up the halo get together) and her guild.

So I rolled a Dwarf Hunter with Moon. Much better. No kiting issues. No cussing him out for being stupid. I mean less cussing him out.

But I had to make a post about it, because well.... last week I may have said some things about this :p. But really, the only class I could find that I like playing with moon's hunter is hunter. Which is a crying shame and shows you what a horrible person Moon is. I never have this problem when I party with Wulfa.

We'll still be doing Horde toons on Lhoof. Just dropping Xuun and probably making a Xuune instead. Who will be a hunter for the same reason.*

*Jerkface won't play ANY toon other than hunter and I hate being kited.

Oh and apparently none of my RL friends play horde. None. I think I have the wrong friends.

Moving Days

So tomorrow night is the big day :D Tonight we're packing the car. Tomorrow we're having a last meal with Damm's relatives. Tomorrow night our bed is being sold to a co-worker and we're taking off. I don't tolerate not sleeping on a bed. I had to do it whilst pregnant with the Orclette and I'm just never ever doing it again.

Damm, I know I'd said I'd go camping with you but unless you're going to put me up at a hotel for the night no-can-do.

Anyway, this way the Orclette will sleep for the majority of the trip. And we get there a day early which means more time for me to drag Damm around getting everything in order (his inclination is to relax for a day or two) before I start work on Monday. That will be interesting-it's been 2 years since I could say that I was actively in the work force. Once a week just doesn't count. I'm excited-I've decided that I'm not cut out for the stay-at-home thing. I like working part-time (full-time bleh).

Our WoW play will be limited these next few days. So will blogging, at least on my end. And my brain just gave out and I have ceased to be even remotely interesting so I'll stop the torture. Until we're in New Mexico, fairwell!