Monday, October 27, 2008

On Hunters Part II



thank you for coming tonight. I invited you all here for an announcement[nervous laugh]. I know I said I hate the ugly hunters... and I do I really do! But....

Well when you party with a hunter you..... well they keep making it hard to stay in melee with things.... and there is a simple solution but...

I mean... its not like I -want- to play one. I don't. They are icky. But their not vile like a lock. If only lock's didn't come with that [shiver] rp. I mean... I'm a good guy... I just don't... lock. So I had to. I had no choice.

It was that or brainlessly follow his pet healing it. And his pet never gets hurt. Or back to the melee thing where he shoots a mob and I spent 8 seconds chasing it doing no damage because I'm not in range. Or play a caster and be out of mana and drinking ALWAYS.

And it is his fault too! He won't play a class that is easier to play with. NOOOOOO he wants to play the hunter.

So I was out of options. No one can blame me.

Xuun is temporarily dropped. Playing a rogue while teaming with a hunter is the most frustrating experiance I've ever had. I loved my rogue when the idiot wasn't around. But when he was... I felt like I was being kited all the time... by my own team mate.

Also at the same time our halo friends found out we were leaving to go to NM. They asked if we would be in Xbox live. I explained that I wouldn't as I spend most of my game time in WoW. Then we all found out that almost everyone in our halo group plays wow. So after breathlessly talking at once about which servers/classes/favorite ability rotations/zones, we(me and moon) decided to use our 300% xp bonus to get a toon up to 60 on Dragonmaw so we can hang with Printessa(the cool chick who heads up the halo get together) and her guild.

So I rolled a Dwarf Hunter with Moon. Much better. No kiting issues. No cussing him out for being stupid. I mean less cussing him out.

But I had to make a post about it, because well.... last week I may have said some things about this :p. But really, the only class I could find that I like playing with moon's hunter is hunter. Which is a crying shame and shows you what a horrible person Moon is. I never have this problem when I party with Wulfa.

We'll still be doing Horde toons on Lhoof. Just dropping Xuun and probably making a Xuune instead. Who will be a hunter for the same reason.*

*Jerkface won't play ANY toon other than hunter and I hate being kited.

Oh and apparently none of my RL friends play horde. None. I think I have the wrong friends.


Anonymous said...

As a former rogue who now plays a hunter, and loves it, welcome!

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

klaki said...

if you don't like playing a hunter, i would suggest playing a mage or elemental shammy (if you are willing to lvl another). I lvl a shammy with my wifes hunter and it's so nice to be able to dps/heal/rez/etc and burn through quests like its nothing. the thing is that eventually, moon might want to get a tank pet.

good luck with the move and drive safe.