Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving Days

So tomorrow night is the big day :D Tonight we're packing the car. Tomorrow we're having a last meal with Damm's relatives. Tomorrow night our bed is being sold to a co-worker and we're taking off. I don't tolerate not sleeping on a bed. I had to do it whilst pregnant with the Orclette and I'm just never ever doing it again.

Damm, I know I'd said I'd go camping with you but unless you're going to put me up at a hotel for the night no-can-do.

Anyway, this way the Orclette will sleep for the majority of the trip. And we get there a day early which means more time for me to drag Damm around getting everything in order (his inclination is to relax for a day or two) before I start work on Monday. That will be interesting-it's been 2 years since I could say that I was actively in the work force. Once a week just doesn't count. I'm excited-I've decided that I'm not cut out for the stay-at-home thing. I like working part-time (full-time bleh).

Our WoW play will be limited these next few days. So will blogging, at least on my end. And my brain just gave out and I have ceased to be even remotely interesting so I'll stop the torture. Until we're in New Mexico, fairwell!

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Czanthar said...

Good Luck with the move guys!!